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Bone augmentation by replica-based bone formation.
Draenert, ME; Martini, C; Watts, DC; Draenert, K; Wittig-Draenert, A;
Dent Mater. 2020; 36(11):1388-1396
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beta-Tricalcium Phosphate Induces Apoptosis on Dental Follicle Cells
Viale-Bouroncle, S; Buergers, R; Morsczeck, C; Gosau, M
CALCIFIED TISSUE INT. 2013; 92(5): 412-417.
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Degradation behavior of composite pins made of tricalcium phosphate and poly(L,DL-lactide)
Ignatius, AA; Augat, P; Claes, LE
J BIOMAT SCI-POLYM E. 2001; 12(2): 185-194.
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Composites made of rapidly resorbable ceramics and poly(lactide) show adequate mechanical properties for use as bone substitute materials
Ignatius, AA; Wolf, S; Augat, P; Claes, LE
J BIOMED MATER RES. 2001; 57(1): 126-131.
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