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Validation of an active shape model-based semi-automated segmentation algorithm for the analysis of thigh muscle and adipose tissue cross-sectional areas.
Kemnitz, J; Eckstein, F; Culvenor, AG; Ruhdorfer, A; Dannhauer, T; Ring-Dimitriou, S; Sänger, AM; Wirth, W;
MAGMA. 2017; 30(5):489-503
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New techniques in CT angiography.
Lell, MM; Anders, K; Uder, M; Klotz, E; Ditt, H; Vega-Higuera, F; Boskamp, T; Bautz, WA; Tomandl, BF;
Radiographics. 2006; 26 Suppl 1:S45-S62
Biomechanical strength versus spinal trabecular bone structure assessed using contact radiography and texture analysis
Ouyang, XL; Lin, J; Link, T; Augat, P; Lu, Y; Newitt, D; Lang, T; Genant, HK; Majumdar, S
P SOC PHOTO-OPT INS. 1997; 3034: 165-174.
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