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Texture analysis of apparent diffusion coefficient maps for treatment response assessment in prostate cancer bone metastases-A pilot study.
Reischauer, C; Patzwahl, R; Koh, DM; Froehlich, JM; Gutzeit, A
EUR J RADIOL. 2018; 101: 184-190.
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Experimental hip fracture load can be predicted from plain radiography by combined analysis of trabecular bone structure and bone geometry.
Pulkkinen, P; Jämsä, T; Lochmüller, EM; Kuhn, V; Nieminen, MT; Eckstein, F;
Osteoporos Int. 2008; 19(4):547-558
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Trabecular bone structure obtained from multislice spiral computed tomography of the calcaneus predicts osteoporotic vertebral deformities.
Patel, PV; Prevrhal, S; Bauer, JS; Phan, C; Eckstein, F; Lochmüller, EM; Majumdar, S; Link, TM;
J Comput Assist Tomogr. 2005; 29(2):246-253
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Texture analysis of hand radiographs to assess bone structure
Klifa, C; Lin, J; Augat, P; Fuerst, T; Jiang, Y; Majumdar, S; Genant, HK
P SOC PHOTO-OPT INS. 1998; 3338: 1096-1105.
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Morphometric texture analysis of spinal trabecular bone structure assessed using orthogonal radiographic projections
Ouyang, XL; Majumdar, S; Link, TM; Lu, Y; Augat, P; Lin, J; Newitt, D; Genant, HK
MED PHYS. 1998; 25(10): 2037-2045.
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Biomechanical strength versus spinal trabecular bone structure assessed using contact radiography and texture analysis
Ouyang, XL; Lin, J; Link, T; Augat, P; Lu, Y; Newitt, D; Lang, T; Genant, HK; Majumdar, S
P SOC PHOTO-OPT INS. 1997; 3034: 165-174.
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