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Deep ROC Analysis and AUC as Balanced Average Accuracy, for Improved Classifier Selection, Audit and Explanation.
Carrington, AM; Manuel, DG; Fieguth, P; Ramsay, TO; Osmani, V; Wernly, B; Bennett, C; Hawken, S; Magwood, O; Sheikh, Y; Mcinnes, M; Holzinger, A;
IEEE Trans Pattern Anal Mach Intell. 2023; 45(1):329-341
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Clinical scores and clusters for prediction of outcomes in status epilepticus.
Lattanzi, S; Trinka, E; Brigo, F; Meletti, S
Epilepsy Behav. 2023; 140:109110
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Performance and reliability of two frequently used point-of-care blood gas analyzers at 423 and 4,559 m.
Treff, G; Treff, F; Sareban, M; Schiefer, LM; Schäfer, L; Schmidt, P; Niebauer, J; Steinacker, JM; Swenson, ER; Swenson, KE; Mayer, B; Berger, MM;
Clin Biochem. 2023; 116:38-41
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Ethical decision-making confidence scale for nurse leaders: Psychometric evaluation.
Birkholz, L; Kutschar, P; Kundt, FS; Beil-Hildebrand, M;
Nurs Ethics. 2022; 29(4): 988-1002.
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A new 3D software for analysis and planning of lower limb and patellofemoral alignment: Reliability and accuracy.
Degen, N; Daniel, T; Sass, J; Keppler, AM; Linhart, C; Ehrnthaller, C; Prall, WC; Bocker, W; Furmetz, J
KNEE. 2022; 34: 1-8.
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Psychometric Properties of the Safety Climate Survey in Austrian Acute Care: Factor Structure, Reliability, and Usability.
Glarcher, M; Kaiser, K; Nestler, N; Kutschar, P;
J Patient Saf. 2022; 18(3):193-200
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The Influence of Regional Differences on the Reliability of the AO Spine Sacral Injury Classification System.
Karamian, BA; Schroeder, GD; Lambrechts, MJ; Canseco, JA; Vialle, EN; Rajasekaran, S; Benneker, LM; Dvorak, MR; Kandziora, F; Oner, C; Schnake, K; Kepler, CK; Vaccaro, AR;
Global Spine J. 2022; 21925682211068419
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The AO spine upper cervical injury classification system: Do work setting or trauma center affiliation affect classification accuracy or reliability?
Lambrechts, MJ; Schroeder, GD; Karamian, BA; Canseco, JA; Bransford, R; Oner, C; Benneker, LM; Kandziora, F; Shanmuganathan, R; Kanna, R; Joaquim, AF; Chapman, JR; Vialle, E; El-Sharkawi, M; Dvorak, M; Schnake, K; Kepler, CK; Vaccaro, AR
INJURY. 2022; 53(10): 3248-3254.
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Clinical measures of communication limitations in dysarthria assessed through crowdsourcing: specificity, sensitivity, and retest-reliability.
Lehner, K; Ziegler, W;
Clin Linguist Phon. 2022; 36(11):988-1009
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Structural tissue damage and 24-month progression of semi-quantitative MRI biomarkers of knee osteoarthritis in the IMI-APPROACH cohort.
Roemer, FW; Jansen, M; Marijnissen, ACA; Guermazi, A; Heiss, R; Maschek, S; Lalande, A; Blanco, FJ; Berenbaum, F; van de Stadt, LA; Kloppenburg, M; Haugen, IK; Ladel, CH; Bacardit, J; Wisser, A; Eckstein, F; Lafeber, FPJG; Weinans, HH; Wirth, W;
BMC Musculoskelet Disord. 2022; 23(1): 988
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Global Validation of the AO Spine Upper Cervical Injury Classification
Vaccaro, AR; Lambrechts, MJ; Karamian, BA; Canseco, JA; Oner, C; Benneker, LM; Bransford, R; Kandziora, F; Shanmuganathan, R; El-Sharkawi, M; Kanna, R; Joaquim, A; Schnake, K; Kepler, CK; Schroeder, GD
SPINE. 2022; 47(22): 1541-1548.
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Comparing Online Webcam- and Laboratory-Based Eye-Tracking for the Assessment of Infants Audio-Visual Synchrony Perception.
Bánki, A; de Eccher, M; Falschlehner, L; Hoehl, S; Markova, G;
Front Psychol. 2021; 12:733933
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Regional variation of thigh muscle fat infiltration in patients with neuromuscular diseases compared to healthy controls.
Greve, T; Burian, E; Zoffl, A; Feuerriegel, G; Schlaeger, S; Dieckmeyer, M; Sollmann, N; Klupp, E; Weidlich, D; Inhuber, S; Löffler, M; Montagnese, F; Deschauer, M; Schoser, B; Bublitz, S; Zimmer, C; Karampinos, DC; Kirschke, JS; Baum, T;
Quant Imaging Med Surg. 2021; 11(6):2610-2621
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Graft Survivorship After Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction Based on Tibial Slope.
Gwinner, C; Janosec, M; Wierer, G; Wagner, M; Weiler, A
Am J Sports Med. 2021; 49(14):3802-3808
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Reliability and validity varies among smartphone apps for range of motion measurements of the lower extremity: a systematic review.
Hahn, S; Kröger, I; Willwacher, S; Augat, P;
Biomed Tech (Berl). 2021; 66(6): 537-555.
Quantitative EEG biomarkers for epilepsy and their relation to chemical biomarkers.
Höller, Y; Nardone, R;
Adv Clin Chem. 2021; 102: 271-336.
Serum Levels of Glial Fibrillary Acidic Protein and Neurofilament Light Protein Are Related to the Neurological Impairment and Spinal Edema after Traumatic Spinal Cord Injury.
Leister, I; Altendorfer, B; Maier, D; Mach, O; Wutte, C; Grillhösl, A; Arevalo-Martin, A; Garcia-Ovejero, D; Aigner, L; Grassner, L;
J Neurotrauma. 2021; 38(24):3431-3439
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Anteversion Angle Measurement in Suspected Torsional Malalignment of the Femur in 3-Dimensional EOS vs Computed Tomography-A Validation Study.
Mayr, HO; Schmidt, JP; Haasters, F; Bernstein, A; Schmal, H; Prall, WC
J ARTHROPLASTY. 2021; 36(1): 379-386.
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[The Pathological Buying Screener: Validation in a Clinical Sample].
Müller, A; Trotzke, P; Laskowski, NM; Brederecke, J; Georgiadou, E; Tahmassebi, N; Hillemacher, T; de Zwaan, M; Brand, M;
Psychother Psychosom Med Psychol. 2021; 71(7):294-300
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Accuracy and reliability of PBV ASPECTS, CBV ASPECTS and NCCT ASPECTS in acute ischaemic stroke: a matched-pair analysis.
Potreck, A; Falbesaner, A; Seker, F; Weyland, CS; Mundiyanapurath, S; Heiland, S; Bendszus, M; Pfaff, JA;
Neuroradiol J. 2021; 34(6): 58-592.
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Validation of the AO Spine Sacral Classification System: Reliability Among Surgeons Worldwide
Schroeder, GD; Karamian, BA; Canseco, JA; Vialle, LR; Kandziora, F; Benneker, LM; Rajasekaran, S; Holstein, JH; Schnake, KJ; Kurd, MF; Dvorak, MF; Vialle, EN; Joaquim, AF; Kanna, RM; Fehlings, M; Wilson, JR; Chapman, JR; Krieg, JC; Kleweno, CP; Firoozabadi, R; Oner, FC; Kepler, CK; Vaccaro, AR
J ORTHOP TRAUMA. 2021; 35(12): E496-E501.
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OF-Pelvis classification of osteoporotic sacral and pelvic ring fractures.
Ullrich, BW; Schnake, KJ; Spiegl, UJA; Schenk, P; Mendel, T; Behr, L; Bula, P; Flucht, LB; Franck, A; Gercek, E; Gruninger, S; Hartung, P; Jacobs, C; Katscher, S; Klauke, F; Liepold, K; Muller, CW; Muller, M; Osterhoff, G; Partenheimer, A; Piltz, S; Riehle, M; Sauer, D; Scheyerer, MJ; Schleicher, P; Schmeiser, G; Schmidt, R; Scholz, M; Siekmann, H; Sprengel, K; Stoevesandt, D; Verheyden, A; Zimmermann, V
BMC MUSCULOSKEL DIS. 2021; 22(1): 992
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ASPECTS Interobserver Agreement of 100 Investigators from the TENSION Study.
van Horn, N; Kniep, H; Broocks, G; Meyer, L; Flottmann, F; Bechstein, M; Gotz, J; Thomalla, G; Bendszus, M; Bonekamp, S; Pfaff, JAR; Dellani, PR; Fiehler, J; Hanning, U
CLIN NEURORADIOL. 2021; 31(4): 1093-1100.
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Artificial intelligence and radiomics in pediatric molecular imaging.
Wagner, MW; Bilbily, A; Beheshti, M; Shammas, A; Vali, R;
Methods. 2021; 188: 37-43.
The Reproducibility of Cerebrovascular Randomized Controlled Trials.
Adeeb, N; Terrell, DL; Whipple, SG; Thakur, JD; Griessenauer, CJ; Adeeb, A; Aslan, A; Mamilly, A; Mortazavi, MM; Dossani, RH; Guthikonda, B; Ogilvy, CS; Thomas, AJ; Moore, JM;
World Neurosurg. 2020; 140:e46-e52
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Data and methods to calculate cut-off values for serum potassium and core temperature at hospital admission for extracorporeal rewarming of avalanche victims in cardiac arrest.
Falk, M; Brugger, H; Bouzat, P; Pasquier, M; Mair, P; Fieler, J; Darocha, T; Blancher, M; de Riedmatten, M; Paal, P; Strapazzon, G; Zafren, K; Maeder, MB
DATA BRIEF. 2020; 28: 104913
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A comprehensive quality control system suitable for academic research: application in a pediatric study.
Makowski, N; Ciplea, AM; Ali, M; Burdman, I; Bartel, A; Burckhardt, BB;
Bioanalysis. 2020; 12(5): 319-333.
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Ultrasound Appearances of the Acrania-Anencephaly Sequence at 10 to 14 Weeks" Gestation.
Wertaschnigg, D; Reddy, M; Ramkrishna, J; da Silva Costa, F; Sepulveda, W; Rolnik, DL; Meagher, S;
J Ultrasound Med. 2020; 39(9): 1695-1700.
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The COSMED K5 in Breath-by-Breath and Mixing Chamber Mode at Low to High Intensities.
Winkert, K; Kirsten, J; Dreyhaupt, J; Steinacker, JM; Treff, G;
Med Sci Sports Exerc. 2020; 52(5):1153-1162
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Interrater Reliability of Ultrasound in the Diagnosis of Sialolithiasis.
Goncalves, M; Mantsopoulos, K; Schapher, ML; Zenk, J; Bozzato, A; Kuenzel, J; Zengel, P; Iro, H; Koch, M;
Ultraschall Med. 2019; 40(4):481-487
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Mothers With Postpartum Psychiatric Disorders: Proposal for an Adapted Method to Assess Maternal Sensitivity in Interaction With the Child.
Heinisch, C; Galeris, MG; Gabler, S; Simen, S; Junge-Hoffmeister, J; Fößel, J; Spangler, G;
Front Psychiatry. 2019; 10: 471
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Inter-rater reliability, sensitivity to change and responsiveness of the orthopaedic Wolf-Motor-Function-Test as functional capacity measure before and after rehabilitation in patients with proximal humeral fractures.
Nerz, C; Schwickert, L; Scholch, S; Gordt, K; Nolte, PC; Kroger, I; Augat, P; Becker, C
BMC MUSCULOSKEL DIS. 2019; 20(1): 315
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Is there any use? Validity of 4D rasterstereography compared to EOS 3D X-ray imaging in patients with degenerative disk disease.
Wanke-Jellinek, L; Heese, O; Krenauer, A; Würtinger, C; Siepe, CJ; Wiechert, K; Mehren, C;
Eur Spine J. 2019; 28(9):-2168.
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Arthroscopic Versus Open Iliac Crest Bone Grafting in Recurrent Anterior Shoulder Instability With Glenoid Bone Loss: A Computed Tomography-Based Quantitative Assessment.
Ernstbrunner, L; Plachel, F; Heuberer, P; Pauzenberger, L; Moroder, P; Resch, H; Anderl, W;
Arthroscopy. 2018; 34(2):352-359
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Retinal vascular resistance in arterial hypertension.
Kannenkeril, D; Harazny, JM; Bosch, A; Ott, C; Michelson, G; Schmieder, RE; Friedrich, S;
Blood Press. 2018; 27(2): 82-87.
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The Effect of Scapula Tilt and Best-Fit Circle Placement When Measuring Glenoid Bone Loss in Shoulder Instability Patients.
Moroder, P; Plachel, F; Huettner, A; Ernstbrunner, L; Minkus, M; Boehm, E; Gerhardt, C; Scheibel, M;
Arthroscopy. 2018; 34(2):398-404
Full papers/articles (Journal)
Inter-rater and intra-rater reliability of an adapted Wolf motor function test for older patients with shoulder injuries.
Oberle, C; Becker, C; Schölch, S; Lenz, JU; Studier-Fischer, S; Augat, P; Schwickert, L;
Z Gerontol Geriatr. 2018; 51(3):293-300
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Classification of Osteoporotic Thoracolumbar Spine Fractures: Recommendations of the Spine Section of the German Society for Orthopaedics and Trauma (DGOU).
Schnake, KJ; Blattert, TR; Hahn, P; Franck, A; Hartmann, F; Ullrich, B; Verheyden, A; Mörk, S; Zimmermann, V; Gonschorek, O; Müller, M; Katscher, S; Saman, AE; Pajenda, G; Morrison, R; Schinkel, C; Piltz, S; Partenheimer, A; Müller, CW; Gercek, E; Scherer, M; Bouzraki, N; Kandziora, F;
Global Spine J. 2018; 8(2 Suppl):46-49S
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The effect of density overrides on magnetic resonance-guided radiation therapy planning for lung cancer.
Schrenk, O; Spindeldreier, CK; Schmitt, D; Roeder, F; Bangert, M; Burigo, LN; Pfaffenberger, A;
Phys Imaging Radiat Oncol. 2018; 8:23-27
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Re: Auch mit DOAK bleibt es kompliziert
Engels, T; Hoppenrath, HG; Gosch, M; Heppner, HJ;
MMW Fortschr Med. 2017; 159(6): 26
Author reply
Comparison of
Erber, R; Stöhr, R; Herlein, S; Giedl, C; Rieker, RJ; Fuchs, F; Ficker, JH; Hartmann, A; Veltrup, E; Wirtz, RM; Brueckl, WM;
Anticancer Res. 2017; 37(12):6771-6778
Full papers/articles (Journal)
Reliability assessment of the Biffl Scale for blunt traumatic cerebrovascular injury as detected on computer tomography angiography.
Foreman, PM; Griessenauer, CJ; Kicielinski, KP; Schmalz, PGR; Rocque, BG; Fusco, MR; Sullivan, JC; Deveikis, JP; Harrigan, MR;
J Neurosurg. 2017; 127(1):32-35
Full papers/articles (Journal)
The International College of Neuropsychopharmacology (CINP) Treatment Guidelines for Bipolar Disorder in Adults (CINP-BD-2017), Part 4: Unmet Needs in the Treatment of Bipolar Disorder and Recommendations for Future Research.
Fountoulakis, KN; Vieta, E; Young, A; Yatham, L; Grunze, H; Blier, P; Moeller, HJ; Kasper, S
Int J Neuropsychopharmacol. 2017; 20(2):196-205
Reliability of EEG Interactions Differs between Measures and Is Specific for Neurological Diseases.
Höller, Y; Butz, K; Thomschewski, A; Schmid, E; Uhl, A; Bathke, AC; Zimmermann, G; Tomasi, SO; Nardone, R; Staffen, W; Höller, P; Leitinger, M; Höfler, J; Kalss, G; Taylor, AC; Kuchukhidze, G; Trinka, E;
Front Hum Neurosci. 2017; 11: 350
Full papers/articles (Journal)
Reliability of EEG Measures of Interaction: A Paradigm Shift Is Needed to Fight the Reproducibility Crisis
Holler, Y; Uhl, A; Bathke, A; Thomschewski, A; Butz, K; Nardone, R; Fell, J; Trinka, E
FRONT HUM NEUROSCI. 2017; 11: 441
Full papers/articles (Journal)
Assessment of subcutaneous adipose tissue using ultrasound in highly trained junior rowers.
Kelso, A; Trájer, E; Machus, K; Treff, G; Müller, W; Steinacker, JM;
Eur J Sport Sci. 2017; 17(5):576-585
Full papers/articles (Journal)
Reliability of the Infraspinatus Test in Carpal Tunnel Syndrome: A Clinical Study.
Meder, MA; Amtage, F; Lange, R; Rijntjes, M;
J Clin Diagn Res. 2017; 11(5): YC01-YC04.
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The Inter-Rater Reliability of the Observation Instrument for Assessing Pain in Elderly With Dementia: An Investigation in the Long-Term Care Setting.
Mueller, G; Schumacher, P; Holzer, E; Pallauf, M; Schulc, E;
J Nurs Meas. 2017; 25(3): 173-184.
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The pivotal role of the coronal fracture line for a new three-dimensional CT-based fracture classification of bicondylar proximal tibial fractures.
Pätzold, R; Friederichs, J; von Rüden, C; Panzer, S; Bühren, V; Augat, P;
Injury. 2017; 48(10): 2214-2220.
Full papers/articles (Journal)
Development and Validation of the iDI: A Short Self-Rating Disability Instrument for Low Back Pain Disorders.
Rolli Salathé, C; Elfering, A; Tuschel, A; Ogon, M; Mayer, HM; Boos, N;
Global Spine J. 2017; 7(2):-132.
Full papers/articles (Journal)
Reliability of echocardiographic speckle-tracking derived bi-atrial strain assessment under different hemodynamic conditions.
Sareban, M; Perz, T; Macholz, F; Reich, B; Schmidt, P; Fried, S; Mairbäurl, H; Berger, MM; Niebauer, J;
Int J Cardiovasc Imaging. 2017; 33(11):1685-1692
Full papers/articles (Journal)
AOSpine Classification Systems (Subaxial, Thoracolumbar).
Schnake, KJ; Schroeder, GD; Vaccaro, AR; Oner, C;
J Orthop Trauma. 2017; 31 Suppl 4:S14-S23
Reliability of dual- vs single-volume reconstruction of three-dimensional digital subtraction angiography for follow-up evaluation of endovascularly treated intracranial aneurysms.
Adeeb, N; Griessenauer, CJ; Patel, AS; Moore, J; Dolati-Ardejani, P; Gupta, R; Motiei-Langroudi, R; Ogilvy, CS; Thomas, AJ;
Interv Neuroradiol. 2016; 22(6): 687-692.
Full papers/articles (Journal)
Pattern of endothelial progenitor cells and apoptotic endothelial cell-derived microparticles in chronic heart failure patients with preserved and reduced left ventricular ejection fraction.
Berezin, AE; Kremzer, AA; Martovitskaya, YV; Berezina, TA; Gromenko, EA;
EBioMedicine. 2016; 4:86-94
Full papers/articles (Journal)
Scapular dyskinesis after Latarjet procedure.
Carbone, S; Moroder, P; Runer, A; Resch, H; Gumina, S; Hertel, R;
J Shoulder Elbow Surg. 2016; 25(3):422-427
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New Method for Monitoring Partial Weight Bearing (PWB) of Outpatients with an Independent Insole Sensor System.
Döbele, S; Deininger, C; Sandmann, GH; Schmitt, A; Freude, T; Stöckle, U; Lucke, M;
Acta Chir Orthop Traumatol Cech. 2016; 83(2):88-93
Full papers/articles (Journal)
Progression of brain atrophy in PSP and CBS over 6 months and 1 year.
Dutt, S; Binney, RJ; Heuer, HW; Luong, P; Attygalle, S; Bhatt, P; Marx, GA; Elofson, J; Tartaglia, MC; Litvan, I; McGinnis, SM; Dickerson, BC; Kornak, J; Waltzman, D; Voltarelli, L; Schuff, N; Rabinovici, GD; Kramer, JH; Jack, CR; Miller, BL; Rosen, HJ; Boxer, AL;
Neurology. 2016; 87(19): 2016-2025.
Full papers/articles (Journal)
Reliability analysis of the AOSpine thoracolumbar spine injury classification system by a worldwide group of naïve spinal surgeons.
Kepler, CK; Vaccaro, AR; Koerner, JD; Dvorak, MF; Kandziora, F; Rajasekaran, S; Aarabi, B; Vialle, LR; Fehlings, MG; Schroeder, GD; Reinhold, M; Schnake, KJ; Bellabarba, C; Cumhur Öner, F;
Eur Spine J. 2016; 25(4):1082-1086
Full papers/articles (Journal)
Redesign of the System for Evaluation of Teaching Qualities in Anesthesiology Residency Training (SETQ Smart).
Lombarts, KM; Ferguson, A; Hollmann, MW; Malling, B; Arah, OA; Berger, MM; van Gessel, E; Hoff, R; Houweling, P; Loer, S; Padosch, SA; Schramm, MJ; Schlack, WS; Steiner, LA; Stolker, RJ;
Anesthesiology. 2016; 125(5): 1056-1065.
Full papers/articles (Journal)
Inter-Laboratory Robustness of Next-Generation Bile Acid Study in Mice and Humans: International Ring Trial Involving 12 Laboratories.
Pham, HT; Arnhard, K; Asad, YJ; Deng, L; Felder, TK; St John-Williams, L; Kaever, V; Leadley, M; Mitro, N; Muccio, S; Prehn, C; Rauh, M; Rolle-Kampczyk, U; Thompson, JW; Uhl, O; Ulaszewska, M; Vogeser, M; Wishart, DS; Koal, T;
J Appl Lab Med. 2016; 1(2):129-142
Full papers/articles (Journal)
Between- and within-site variability of fMRI localizations.
Rath, J; Wurnig, M; Fischmeister, F; Klinger, N; Höllinger, I; Geißler, A; Aichhorn, M; Foki, T; Kronbichler, M; Nickel, J; Siedentopf, C; Staffen, W; Verius, M; Golaszewski, S; Koppelstaetter, F; Auff, E; Felber, S; Seitz, RJ; Beisteiner, R;
Hum Brain Mapp. 2016; 37(6): 2151-2160.
Full papers/articles (Journal)
Classification of proximal humeral fractures based on a pathomorphologic analysis.
Resch, H; Tauber, M; Neviaser, RJ; Neviaser, AS; Majed, A; Halsey, T; Hirzinger, C; Al-Yassari, G; Zyto, K; Moroder, P;
J Shoulder Elbow Surg. 2016; 25(3): 455-462.
Full papers/articles (Journal)
Thermal dosimetry for bladder hyperthermia treatment. An overview.
Schooneveldt, G; Bakker, A; Balidemaj, E; Chopra, R; Crezee, J; Geijsen, ED; Hartmann, J; Hulshof, MC; Kok, HP; Paulides, MM; Sousa-Escandon, A; Stauffer, PR; Maccarini, PF;
Int J Hyperthermia. 2016; 32(4):417-433
Functional and Morphological Parameters with Tissue Characterization of Cardiovascular Magnetic Imaging in Clinically Verified "Infarct-like Myocarditis".
Schwab, J; Rogg, HJ; Pauschinger, M; Fessele, K; Bareiter, T; Bär, I; Loose, R;
Rofo. 2016; 188(4):365-373
Full papers/articles (Journal)
Intra- and inter-observer reliability of quantitative analysis of the infra-patellar fat pad and comparison between fat- and non-fat-suppressed imaging--Data from the osteoarthritis initiative.
Steidle-Kloc, E; Wirth, W; Ruhdorfer, A; Dannhauer, T; Eckstein, F;
Ann Anat. 2016; 204:29-35
Full papers/articles (Journal)
Changes in ductus venosus flow profile in twin-twin transfusion syndrome: role in risk stratification.
Wohlmuth, C; Osei, FA; Moise, KJ; Wieser, I; Johnson, A; Papanna, R; Bebbington, M; Gardiner, HM;
Ultrasound Obstet Gynecol. 2016; 48(6): 744-751.
Full papers/articles (Journal)
Inpatient and Day-Clinic Experience Scale (IDES) - a Psychometric Evaluation.
Dinger, U; Schauenburg, H; Ehrenthal, JC; Nicolai, J; Mander, J; Sammet, I
Z Psychosom Med Psychother. 2015; 61(4):327-341
Full papers/articles (Journal)
The reliability of fetal MRI in the assessment of brain malformations.
Frick, N; Fazelnia, C; Kanzian, K; Hitzl, W; Fischer, T; Forstner, R; Bogner, G;
Fetal Diagn Ther. 2015; 37(2): 93-101.
Full papers/articles (Journal)
Assessment parameters for a novel simulator in minimally invasive spine surgery.
Fuerst, D; Hollensteiner, M; Schrempf, A;
Conf Proc IEEE Eng Med Biol Soc. 2015; 2015:5110-5113
Full papers/articles (Journal)
Care quality instruments.
Glarcher, M; Schumacher, P; Fritz, E;
Int J Health Care Qual Assur. 2015; 28(5):532-559
OARSI Clinical Trials Recommendations: Hip imaging in clinical trials in osteoarthritis.
Gold, GE; Cicuttini, F; Crema, MD; Eckstein, F; Guermazi, A; Kijowski, R; Link, TM; Maheu, E; Martel-Pelletier, J; Miller, CG; Pelletier, JP; Peterfy, CG; Potter, HG; Roemer, FW; Hunter, DJ
OSTEOARTHR CARTILAGE. 2015; 23(5): 716-731.
Carotid and vertebral injury study (CAVIS) technique for characterization of blunt traumatic aneurysms with reliability assessment.
Griessenauer, CJ; Foreman, P; Shoja, MM; Kicielinski, KP; Deveikis, JP; Walters, BC; Harrigan, MR;
Interv Neuroradiol. 2015; 21(2): 255-262.
Full papers/articles (Journal)
Reliability and reproducibility of the German version of the European Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgeons reading charts.
Hirnschall, N; Dexl, A; Zandanell, S; Motaabbed, JK; Grabner, G; Findl, O;
J Cataract Refract Surg. 2015; 41(7):1465-1469
Full papers/articles (Journal)
Fluorescence Guided Targeted Pelvic Lymph Node Dissection for Intermediate and High Risk Prostate Cancer.
Hruby, S; Englberger, C; Lusuardi, L; Schätz, T; Kunit, T; Abdel-Aal, AM; Hager, M; Janetschek, G;
J Urol. 2015; 194(2):357-363
Full papers/articles (Journal)
OARSI Clinical Trials Recommendations: Knee imaging in clinical trials in osteoarthritis.
Hunter, DJ; Altman, RD; Cicuttini, F; Crema, MD; Duryea, J; Eckstein, F; Guermazi, A; Kijowski, R; Link, TM; Martel-Pelletier, J; Miller, CG; Mosher, TJ; Ochoa-Albiztegui, RE; Pelletier, JP; Peterfy, C; Raynauld, JP; Roemer, FW; Totterman, SM; Gold, GE
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Printed peptide arrays identify prognostic TNC serumantibodies in glioblastoma patients.
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