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A longitudinal investigation of A beta, anxiety, depression, and mild cognitive impairment
Pink, A; Krell-Roesch, J; Syrjanen, JA; Vassilaki, M; Lowe, VJ; Vemuri, P; Stokin, GB; Christianson, TJ; Kremers, WK; Jack, CR; Knopman, DS; Petersen, RC; Geda, YE
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Classification accuracy of TMS for the diagnosis of mild cognitive impairment.
Benussi, A; Grassi, M; Palluzzi, F; Cantoni, V; Cotelli, MS; Premi, E; Di Lorenzo, F; Pellicciari, MC; Ranieri, F; Musumeci, G; Marra, C; Manganotti, P; Nardone, R; Di Lazzaro, V; Koch, G; Borroni, B
BRAIN STIMUL. 2021; 14(2): 241-249.
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Physical Activity and Exercise in Mild Cognitive Impairment and Dementia: An Umbrella Review of Intervention and Observational Studies.
Demurtas, J; Schoene, D; Torbahn, G; Marengoni, A; Grande, G; Zou, L; Petrovic, M; Maggi, S; Cesari, M; Lamb, S; Soysal, P; Kemmler, W; Sieber, C; Mueller, C; Shenkin, SD; Schwingshackl, L; Smith, L; Veronese, N;
J Am Med Dir Assoc. 2020; 21(10): 1415-1422.e6.
Hack, RJ; Rutten, JW; Person, TN; Li, J; Khan, A; Griessenauer, CJ; Abedi, V; Lesnik Oberstein, SAJ; Zand, R;
Stroke. 2020; 51(12): 3562-3569.
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An empirical assessment of appearance descriptors applied to MRI for automated diagnosis of TLE and MCI.
Hofer, C; Kwitt, R; Holler, Y; Trinka, E; Uhl, A
COMPUT BIOL MED. 2020; 117: 103592
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Effects of age and cognitive function on data quality of standardized surveys in nursing home populations.
Kutschar, P; Weichbold, M; Osterbrink, J;
BMC Geriatr. 2019; 19(1): 244
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The Newly Normed SKT Reveals Differences in Neuropsychological Profiles of Patients with MCI, Mild Dementia and Depression.
Lehfeld, H; Stemmler, M;
Diagnostics (Basel). 2019; 9(4):
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Combining SPECT and Quantitative EEG Analysis for the Automated Differential Diagnosis of Disorders with Amnestic Symptoms
Holler, Y; Bathke, AC; Uhl, A; Strobl, N; Lang, A; Bergmann, J; Nardone, R; Rossini, F; Zauner, H; Kirschner, M; Jahanbekam, A; Trinka, E; Staffen, W
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Reliability of EEG Interactions Differs between Measures and Is Specific for Neurological Diseases.
Höller, Y; Butz, K; Thomschewski, A; Schmid, E; Uhl, A; Bathke, AC; Zimmermann, G; Tomasi, SO; Nardone, R; Staffen, W; Höller, P; Leitinger, M; Höfler, J; Kalss, G; Taylor, AC; Kuchukhidze, G; Trinka, E;
Front Hum Neurosci. 2017; 11: 350
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EEG beta 2 power as surrogate marker for memory impairment: a pilot study.
Kaiser, AK; Doppelmayr, M; Iglseder, B;
Int Psychogeriatr. 2017; 29(9): 1515-1523.
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Individual Correspondence of Amyloid-β and Intrinsic Connectivity in the Posterior Default Mode Network Across Stages of Alzheimer"s Disease.
Pasquini, L; Benson, G; Grothe, MJ; Utz, L; Myers, NE; Yakushev, I; Grimmer, T; Scherr, M; Sorg, C
J ALZHEIMERS DIS. 2017; 58(3): 763-773.
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Impaired cholinergic transmission in patients with Parkinson"s disease and olfactory dysfunction.
Versace, V; Langthaler, PB; Sebastianelli, L; Holler, Y; Brigo, F; Orioli, A; Saltuari, L; Nardone, R
J NEUROL SCI. 2017; 377: 55-61.
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Increased Intrinsic Activity of Medial-Temporal Lobe Subregions is Associated with Decreased Cortical Thickness of Medial-Parietal Areas in Patients with Alzheimer"s Disease Dementia.
Pasquini, L; Scherr, M; Tahmasian, M; Myers, NE; Ortner, M; Kurz, A; Forstl, H; Zimmer, C; Grimmer, T; Akhrif, A; Wohlschlager, AM; Riedl, V; Song, C
J Alzheimers Dis. 2016; 51(1):313-326
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Subjective memory impairment and cholinergic transmission: a TMS study.
Nardone, R; Höller, Y; Bathke, AC; Höller, P; Lochner, P; Tezzon, F; Trinka, E; Brigo, F;
J Neural Transm (Vienna). 2015; 122(6):873-876
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Link between hippocampusxxx raised local and eased global intrinsic connectivity in AD
Pasquini, L; Scherr, M; Tahmasian, M; Meng, C; Myers, NE; Ortner, M; Muhlau, M; Kurz, A; Forstl, H; Zimmer, C; Grimmer, T; Wohlschlager, AM; Riedl, V; Sorg, C
ALZHEIMERS DEMENT. 2015; 11(5): 475-484.
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Neuropsychiatric symptoms, APOE ε4, and the risk of incident dementia: A population-based study.
Pink, A; Stokin, GB; Bartley, MM; Roberts, RO; Sochor, O; Machulda, MM; Krell-Roesch, J; Knopman, DS; Acosta, JI; Christianson, TJ; Pankratz, VS; Mielke, MM; Petersen, RC; Geda, YE
NEUROLOGY. 2015; 84(9): 935-943.
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Increased Acetylation of Histone H4 at Lysine 12 (H4K12) in Monocytes of Transgenic Alzheimers Mice and in Human Patients.
Plagg, B; Ehrlich, D; Kniewallner, KM; Marksteiner, J; Humpel, C;
Curr Alzheimer Res. 2015; 12(8): 752-760.
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Non-pegylated liposomal doxorubicin in lymphoma: patterns of toxicity and outcome in a large observational trial.
Wasle, I; Gamerith, G; Kocher, F; Mondello, P; Jaeger, T; Walder, A; Auberger, J; Melchardt, T; Linkesch, W; Fiegl, M; Mian, M;
Ann Hematol. 2015; 94(4): 593-601.
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What do temporal lobe epilepsy and progressive mild cognitive impairment have in common?
Höller, Y; Trinka, E;
Front Syst Neurosci. 2014; 8: 58
Transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS)/repetitive TMS in mild cognitive impairment and Alzheimer"s disease.
Nardone, R; Tezzon, F; Höller, Y; Golaszewski, S; Trinka, E; Brigo, F;
Acta Neurol Scand. 2014; 129(6):351-366
Caloric intake, aging, and mild cognitive impairment: a population-based study.
Geda, YE; Ragossnig, M; Roberts, LA; Roberts, RO; Pankratz, VS; Christianson, TJH; Mielke, MM; Levine, JA; Boeve, BF; Sochor, O; Tangalos, EG; Knopman, DS; Petersen, RC
J Alzheimers Dis. 2013; 34(2):501-507
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Functional evaluation of central cholinergic circuits in patients with Parkinson"s disease and REM sleep behavior disorder: a TMS study.
Nardone, R; Bergmann, J; Brigo, F; Christova, M; Kunz, A; Seidl, M; Tezzon, F; Trinka, E; Golaszewski, S;
J Neural Transm (Vienna). 2013; 120(3):413-422
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Short latency afferent inhibition differs among the subtypes of mild cognitive impairment
Nardone, R; Bergmann, J; Christova, M; Caleri, F; Tezzon, F; Ladurner, G; Trinka, E; Golaszewski, S
J NEURAL TRANSM. 2012; 119(4): 463-471.
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Cortical afferent inhibition is reduced in patients with idiopathic REM sleep behavior disorder and cognitive impairment: a TMS study.
Nardone, R; Bergmann, J; Kunz, A; Christova, M; Brigo, F; Tezzon, F; Trinka, E; Golaszewski, S;
Sleep Med. 2012; 13(7): 919-925.
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Brain activation disturbance for target detection in patients with mild cognitive impairment: an fMRI study.
Staffen, W; Ladurner, G; Höller, Y; Bergmann, J; Aichhorn, M; Golaszewski, S; Kronbichler, M;
NEUROBIOL AGING. 2012; 33(5): 1002.e-100216.
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Cerebral perfusion (HMPAO-SPECT) in patients with depression with cognitive impairment versus those with mild cognitive impairment and dementia of Alzheimer"s type: a semiquantitative and automated evaluation.
Staffen, W; Bergmann, J; Schönauer, U; Zauner, H; Kronbichler, M; Golaszewski, S; Ladurner, G;
EUR J NUCL MED MOL I. 2009; 36(5): 8-10.
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Brain perfusion SPECT in patients with mild cognitive impairment and Alzheimer"s disease: comparison of a semiquantitative and a visual evaluation.
Staffen, W; Schonauer, U; Zauner, H; Spindler, I; Mair, A; Iglseder, B; Bernroider, G; Ladurner, G
J Neural Transm (Vienna). 2006; 113(2):195-203
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Cognitive function and fMRI in patients with multiple sclerosis: evidence for compensatory cortical activation during an attention task.
Staffen, W; Mair, A; Zauner, H; Unterrainer, J; Niederhofer, H; Kutzelnigg, A; Ritter, S; Golaszewski, S; Iglseder, B; Ladurner, G
Brain. 2002; 125(Pt 6):1275-1282
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[Loss of activities of daily living function (ADL) and cognitive impairment in various stages of dementia. A comparison of ADL informant ratings, ADL self ratings and psychometric test results].
Lehfeld, H; Erzigkeit, H;
Fortschr Neurol Psychiatr. 2000; 68(6): 262-269.
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The Bayer activities of daily living scale (B-ABL)
Hindmarch, I; Lehfeld, H; de Jongh, P; Erzigkeit, H
DEMENT GERIATR COGN. 1998; 9: 20-26.
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