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Testicular descent revisited: a micro-computed tomography study in fetal rats
Markel, M; Peukert, N; Ginzel, M; Haak, R; Mayer, S; Lacher, M; Kluth, D; Gosemann, JH
PEDIATR SURG INT. 2023; 39(1): 149
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Quantification of anomalies in rats spinal cords using autoencoders.
Tschuchnig, ME; Zillner, D; Romanelli, P; Hercher, D; Heimel, P; Oostingh, GJ; Couillard-Després, S; Gadermayr, M;
Comput Biol Med. 2021; 138: 104939
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[Physical characterization of decellularized cartilage matrix for reconstructive rhinosurgery].
Goldberg-Bockhorn, E; Schwarz, S; Elsässer, A; Seitz, A; Körber, L; Dürselen, L; Ignatius, A; Feldmann, EM; Scheithauer, M; Breiter, R; Rotter, N;
Laryngorhinootologie. 2014; 93(11): 75-63.
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Scaling relations between trabecular bone volume fraction and microstructure at different skeletal sites.
Räth, C; Baum, T; Monetti, R; Sidorenko, I; Wolf, P; Eckstein, F; Matsuura, M; Lochmüller, EM; Zysset, PK; Rummeny, EJ; Link, TM; Bauer, JS;
Bone. 2013; 57(2): 377-383.
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Value and limits of μ-CT for nondemineralized bone tissue processing.
Draenert, ME; Draenert, AI; Forriol, F; Cerler, M; Kunzelmann, KH; Hickel, R; Draenert, K;
Microsc Res Tech. 2012; 75(4):416-424
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Quantification of Reaming Debris at the Fracture Gap of Diaphyseal A2 and A3 Fractures After Reamed Intramedullary Nailing of the Sheep Tibia
Hoegel, F; Abdulazim, A; Augat, P; Buehren, V
EUR J TRAUMA EMERG S. 2008; 34(6): 587-591.
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Prediction of fracture callus mechanical properties using micro-CT images and voxel-based finite element analysis.
Shefelbine, SJ; Simon, U; Claes, L; Gold, A; Gabet, Y; Bab, I; Müller, R; Augat, P;
Bone. 2005; 36(3):480-488
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