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Comparison of Epidemiological Data of Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) Patients in Relation to Disease Severity-A Retrospective Single-Center Study.
Diepold, J; Deininger, C; Von Amelunxen, BC; Deluca, A; Siegert, P; Freude, T; Wichlas, F;
Int J Environ Res Public Health. 2023; 20(2):
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[Input of the start on the result of a special interdisciplinary rehabilitation program for work-related injuries of the hand].
Millrose, M; Kim, S; Eichenauer, F; Gesslein, M; Eisenschenk, A; Asmus, A;
Handchir Mikrochir Plast Chir. 2021; 53(1): 61-66.
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Transcranial magnetic stimulation studies in complex regional pain syndrome type I: A review.
Nardone, R; Brigo, F; Höller, Y; Sebastianelli, L; Versace, V; Saltuari, L; Lochner, P; Trinka, E;
Acta Neurol Scand. 2018; 137(2):158-164
Surgical treatment of complex regional pain syndrome type II with regional subcutaneous venous sympathectomy.
Happak, W; Sator-Katzenschlager, S; Kriechbaumer, LK;
J Trauma Acute Care Surg. 2012; 72(6): 1647-1653.
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Lack of genetic association of neutral endopeptidase (NEP) with complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS).
Huehne, K; Schaal, U; Leis, S; Uebe, S; Gosso, MF; van den Maagdenberg, AM; Maihöfner, C; Birklein, F; Rautenstrauss, B; Winterpacht, A;
Neurosci Lett. 2010; 472(1):19-23
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Inhibition of neutral endopeptidase (NEP) facilitates neurogenic inflammation.
Krämer, HH; Schmidt, K; Leis, S; Schmelz, M; Sommer, C; Birklein, F;
Exp Neurol. 2005; 195(1):179-184
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A polymorphic locus in the intron 16 of the human angiotensin-converting enzyme (ACE) gene is not correlated with complex regional pain syndrome I (CRPS I).
Hühne, K; Leis, S; Schmelz, M; Rautenstrauss, B; Birklein, F;
Eur J Pain. 2004; 8(3):221-225
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Catecholamine release in human skin--a microdialysis study.
Leis, S; Drenkhahn, S; Schick, C; Arnolt, C; Schmelz, M; Birklein, F; Bickel, A;
Exp Neurol. 2004; 188(1):86-93
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Facilitated neurogenic inflammation in unaffected limbs of patients with complex regional pain syndrome.
Leis, S; Weber, M; Schmelz, M; Birklein, F;
Neurosci Lett. 2004; 359(3):163-166
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Tissue hypoxia in complex regional pain syndrome.
Koban, M; Leis, S; Schultze-Mosgau, S; Birklein, F;
Pain. 2003; 104(1-2):149-157
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Substance-P-induced protein extravasation is bilaterally increased in complex regional pain syndrome.
Leis, S; Weber, M; Isselmann, A; Schmelz, M; Birklein, F;
Exp Neurol. 2003; 183(1):197-204
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