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Co-Culture of Mesenchymal Stem Cells and Ligamentocytes on Triphasic Embroidered Poly(L-lactide-co-ε-caprolactone) and Polylactic Acid Scaffolds for Anterior Cruciate Ligament Enthesis Tissue Engineering.
Gögele, C; Vogt, J; Hahn, J; Breier, A; Bernhardt, R; Meyer, M; Schröpfer, M; Schäfer-Eckart, K; Schulze-Tanzil, G;
Int J Mol Sci. 2023; 24(7):
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The enhancer landscape predetermines the skeletal regeneration capacity of stromal cells.
Hochmann, S; Ou, K; Poupardin, R; Mittermeir, M; Textor, M; Ali, S; Wolf, M; Ellinghaus, A; Jacobi, D; Elmiger, JAJ; Donsante, S; Riminucci, M; Schäfer, R; Kornak, U; Klein, O; Schallmoser, K; Schmidt-Bleek, K; Duda, GN; Polansky, JK; Geissler, S; Strunk, D;
Sci Transl Med. 2023; 15(688):eabm7477
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Exploring the differences between radiographic joint space width and MRI cartilage thickness changes using data from the IMI-APPROACH cohort.
Jansen, MP; Roemer, FW; Marijnissen, AKCA; Kloppenburg, M; Blanco, FJ; Haugen, IK; Berenbaum, F; Lafeber, FPJG; Welsing, PMJ; Mastbergen, SC; Wirth, W;
Skeletal Radiol. 2023; 52(7):1339-1348
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Worsening of Articular Tissue Damage as Defined by Semi-Quantitative MRI Is Associated With Concurrent Quantitative Cartilage Loss Over 24 Months.
Roemer, F; Maschek, S; Wisser, A; Guermazi, A; Hunter, D; Eckstein, F; Wirth, W;
Cartilage. 2023; 14(1):39-47
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Evaluation of S201086/GLPG1972, an ADAMTS-5 inhibitor, for the treatment of knee osteoarthritis in ROCCELLA: a phase 2 randomized clinical trial.
Schnitzer, T; Pueyo, M; Deckx, H; van der Aar, E; Bernard, K; Hatch, S; van der Stoep, M; Grankov, S; Phung, D; Imbert, O; Chimits, D; Muller, K; Hochberg, MC; Bliddal, H; Wirth, W; Eckstein, F; Conaghan, PG;
Osteoarthritis Cartilage. 2023;
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Association between knee magnetic resonance imaging markers and knee symptoms over 6-9 years in young adults.
Singh, A; Venn, A; Blizzard, L; March, L; Eckstein, F; Jones, G; Wirth, W; Cicuttini, F; Ding, C; Antony, B;
Rheumatology (Oxford). 2023;
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Chondrocyte Isolation from Loose Bodies-An Option for Reducing Donor Site Morbidity for Autologous Chondrocyte Implantation
Textor, M; Hoburg, A; Lehnigk, R; Perka, C; Duda, GN; Reinke, S; Blankenstein, A; Hochmann, S; Stockinger, A; Resch, H; Wolf, M; Strunk, D; Geissler, S
INT J MOL SCI. 2023; 24(2): 1484
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Test-retest precision and longitudinal cartilage thickness loss in the IMI-APPROACH cohort.
Wirth, W; Maschek, S; Marijnissen, ACA; Lalande, A; Blanco, FJ; Berenbaum, F; van de Stadt, LA; Kloppenburg, M; Haugen, IK; Ladel, CH; Bacardit, J; Wisser, A; Eckstein, F; Roemer, FW; Lafeber, FPJG; Weinans, HH; Jansen, M;
Osteoarthritis Cartilage. 2023; 31(2): 238-248.
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Immuno-Modulatory Effects of Intervertebral Disc Cells.
Bermudez-Lekerika, P; Crump, KB; Tseranidou, S; Nüesch, A; Kanelis, E; Alminnawi, A; Baumgartner, L; Muñoz-Moya, E; Compte, R; Gualdi, F; Alexopoulos, LG; Geris, L; Wuertz-Kozak, K; Le Maitre, CL; Noailly, J; Gantenbein, B;
Front Cell Dev Biol. 2022; 10: 924692
Batch Effects during Human Bone Marrow Stromal Cell Propagation Prevail Donor Variation and Culture Duration: Impact on Genotype, Phenotype and Function.
Brachtl, G; Poupardin, R; Hochmann, S; Raninger, A; Jürchott, K; Streitz, M; Schlickeiser, S; Oeller, M; Wolf, M; Schallmoser, K; Volk, HD; Geissler, S; Strunk, D;
Cells. 2022; 11(6):
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Detection of Differences in Longitudinal Cartilage Thickness Loss Using a Deep-Learning Automated Segmentation Algorithm: Data From the Foundation for the National Institutes of Health Biomarkers Study of the Osteoarthritis Initiative.
Eckstein, F; Chaudhari, AS; Fuerst, D; Gaisberger, M; Kemnitz, J; Baumgartner, CF; Konukoglu, E; Hunter, DJ; Wirth, W;
Arthritis Care Res (Hoboken). 2022; 74(6): 929-936.
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Association of Superficial Cartilage Transverse Relaxation Time With Osteoarthritis Disease Progression: Data From the Foundation for the National Institutes of Health Biomarker Study of the Osteoarthritis Initiative.
Fuerst, D; Wirth, W; Gaisberger, M; Hunter, DJ; Eckstein, F;
Arthritis Care Res (Hoboken). 2022; 74(11):1888-1893
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Biodegradable Poly(D-L-lactide-co-glycolide) (PLGA)-Infiltrated Bioactive Glass (CAR12N) Scaffolds Maintain Mesenchymal Stem Cell Chondrogenesis for Cartilage Tissue Engineering.
Gogele, C; Muller, S; Belov, S; Pradel, A; Wiltzsch, S; Lenhart, A; Hornfeck, M; Kerling, V; Rubling, A; Kuhl, H; Schafer-Eckart, K; Minnich, B; Weiger, TM; Schulze-Tanzil, G
CELLS-BASEL. 2022; 11(9):
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Multivariable Modeling of Biomarker Data From the Phase I Foundation for the National Institutes of Health Osteoarthritis Biomarkers Consortium.
Hunter, DJ; Deveza, LA; Collins, JE; Losina, E; Nevitt, MC; Roemer, FW; Guermazi, A; Bowes, MA; Dam, EB; Eckstein, F; Lynch, JA; Katz, JN; Kwoh, CK; Hoffmann, S; Kraus, VB;
Arthritis Care Res (Hoboken). 2022; 74(7):1142-1153
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Imaging in Osteoarthritis.
Roemer, FW; Guermazi, A; Demehri, S; Wirth, W; Kijowski, R;
Osteoarthritis Cartilage. 2022; 30(7): 913-934.
Structural tissue damage and 24-month progression of semi-quantitative MRI biomarkers of knee osteoarthritis in the IMI-APPROACH cohort.
Roemer, FW; Jansen, M; Marijnissen, ACA; Guermazi, A; Heiss, R; Maschek, S; Lalande, A; Blanco, FJ; Berenbaum, F; van de Stadt, LA; Kloppenburg, M; Haugen, IK; Ladel, CH; Bacardit, J; Wisser, A; Eckstein, F; Lafeber, FPJG; Weinans, HH; Wirth, W;
BMC Musculoskelet Disord. 2022; 23(1): 988
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Association between osteoarthritis-related serum biochemical markers over 11 years and knee MRI-based imaging biomarkers in middle-aged adults.
Singh, A; Venn, A; Blizzard, L; Jones, G; Burgess, J; Parameswaran, V; Cicuttini, F; March, L; Eckstein, F; Wirth, W; Ding, C; Antony, B;
Osteoarthritis Cartilage. 2022; 30(5): 756-764.
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Glycan Epitope and Integrin Expression Dynamics Characterize Neural Crest Epithelial-to-Mesenchymal Transition (EMT) in Human Pluripotent Stem Cell Differentiation.
Thomas, R; Menon, V; Mani, R; Pruszak, J;
Stem Cell Rev Rep. 2022; 18(8): 2952-2965.
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The 3-triangle method preserves the posterior tibial slope during high tibial valgus osteotomy: first preliminary data using a mathematical model
Weissenberger, M; Wagenbrenner, M; Schote, F; Horas, K; Schafer, T; Rudert, M; Barthel, T; Heinz, T; Reppenhagen, S
J EXP ORTHOP. 2022; 9(1): 29
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Transpatellar bone tunnels perforating the lateral or anterior cortex increase the risk of patellar fracture in MPFL reconstruction: a finite element analysis and survey of the International Patellofemoral Study Group.
Wierer, G; Winkler, PW; Pomwenger, W; Plachel, F; Moroder, P; Seitlinger, G
Knee Surg Sports Traumatol Arthrosc. 2022; 30(5):1620-1628
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The Inflammation in the Cytopathology of Patients With Mucopolysaccharidoses- Immunomodulatory Drugs as an Approach to Therapy.
Wiesinger, AM; Bigger, B; Giugliani, R; Scarpa, M; Moser, T; Lampe, C; Kampmann, C; Lagler, FB;
FRONT PHARMACOL. 2022; 13: 863667
Quantitative measurement of cartilage morphology in osteoarthritis: current knowledge and future directions.
Wirth, W; Ladel, C; Maschek, S; Wisser, A; Eckstein, F; Roemer, F;
Skeletal Radiol. 2022;
MRI-based semi-quantitative grading allows to specifically select knees with subsequent cartilage thickness loss.
Wirth, W; Maschek, S; Wisser, A; Guermazi, A; Hunter, DJ; Kwoh, CK; Nevitt, MC; Eckstein, F; Roemer, FW;
Arthritis Care Res (Hoboken). 2022;
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Long-term structural and symptomatic effects of intra-articular sprifermin in patients with knee osteoarthritis: 5-year results from the FORWARD study.
Eckstein, F; Hochberg, MC; Guehring, H; Moreau, F; Ona, V; Bihlet, AR; Byrjalsen, I; Andersen, JR; Daelken, B; Guenther, O; Ladel, C; Michaelis, M; Conaghan, PG;
Ann Rheum Dis. 2021; 80(8):1062-1069
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Osteoarthritis year in review 2020: imaging.
Eckstein, F; Wirth, W; Culvenor, A;
Osteoarthritis Cartilage. 2021; 29(2):170-179
Arthroscopic findings and treatment of maisonneuve fracture complex.
Fraissler, L; Mattiassich, G; Brunnader, L; Holzer, LA
BMC MUSCULOSKEL DIS. 2021; 22(1): 821
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Endogenous anandamide and self-reported pain are significantly reduced after a 2-week multimodal treatment with and without radon therapy in patients with knee osteoarthritis: a pilot study.
Gaisberger, M; Fuchs, J; Riedl, M; Edtinger, S; Reischl, R; Grasmann, G; Hölzl, B; Landauer, F; Dobias, H; Eckstein, F; Offenbächer, M; Ritter, M; Winklmayr, M;
Int J Biometeorol. 2021; 65(7):1151-1160
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Highly porous novel chondro-instructive bioactive glass scaffolds tailored for cartilage tissue engineering
Gogele, C; Wiltzsch, S; Lenhart, A; Civilleri, A; Weiger, TM; Schafer-Eckart, K; Minnich, B; Forchheimer, L; Hornfeck, M; Schulze-Tanzil, G
MAT SCI ENG C-MATER. 2021; 130: 112421
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The effects of sprifermin on symptoms and structure in a subgroup at risk of progression in the FORWARD knee osteoarthritis trial.
Guehring, H; Moreau, F; Daelken, B; Ladel, C; Guenther, O; Bihlet, AR; Wirth, W; Eckstein, F; Hochberg, M; Conaghan, PG;
Semin Arthritis Rheum. 2021; 51(2): 450-456.
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Do Ahlback scores identify subgroups with different magnitudes of cartilage thickness loss in patients with moderate to severe radiographic osteoarthritis? One-year follow-up data from the Osteoarthritis Initiative
Hangaard, S; Boesen, M; Bliddal, H; Wirth, W
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Changes in Cartilage Thickness and Denuded Bone Area after Knee Joint Distraction and High Tibial Osteotomy-Post-Hoc Analyses of Two Randomized Controlled Trials
Jansen, MP; Maschek, S; van Heerwaarden, RJ; Mastbergen, SC; Wirth, W; Lafeber, FPJG; Eckstein, F
J CLIN MED. 2021; 10(2): 368
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Comparison between 2D radiographic weight-bearing joint space width and 3D MRI non-weight-bearing cartilage thickness measures in the knee using non-weight-bearing 2D and 3D CT as an intermediary.
Jansen, MP; Mastbergen, SC; Eckstein, F; van Heerwaarden, RJ; Spruijt, S; Lafeber, FPJG;
Ther Adv Chronic Dis. 2021; 12: 20406223211037868
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Is Laminar Cartilage Composition as Determined by T2 Relaxometry Associated with Incident and Worsening of Cartilage or Bone Marrow Abnormalities?
Roemer, FW; Eckstein, F; Duda, G; Guermazi, A; Maschek, S; Sharma, L; Wirth, W;
Cartilage. 2021; 13(1_suppl):757S-766S
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Early anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction does not affect 5 year change in knee cartilage thickness: secondary analysis of a randomized clinical trial.
Wirth, W; Eckstein, F; Culvenor, AG; Hudelmaier, MI; Stefan Lohmander, L; Frobell, RB;
Osteoarthritis Cartilage. 2021; 29(4): 518-526.
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Accuracy and longitudinal reproducibility of quantitative femorotibial cartilage measures derived from automated U-Net-based segmentation of two different MRI contrasts: data from the osteoarthritis initiative healthy reference cohort.
Wirth, W; Eckstein, F; Kemnitz, J; Baumgartner, CF; Konukoglu, E; Fuerst, D; Chaudhari, AS;
MAGMA. 2021; 34(3):337-354
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Longitudinal Change in Knee Cartilage Thickness and Function in Subjects with and without MRI-Diagnosed Cartilage Damage.
Wisser, A; Lapper, A; Roemer, F; Fuerst, D; Maschek, S; Wirth, W; Duda, GN; Eckstein, F;
Cartilage. 2021; 13(1_suppl):685S-693S
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The lymphangiogenic and hemangiogenic privilege of the human sclera.
Atta, G; Tempfer, H; Kaser-Eichberger, A; Guo, Y; Schroedl, F; Traweger, A; Heindl, LM;
Ann Anat. 2020; 230: 151485
Automated MRI assessment confirms cartilage thickness modification in patients with knee osteoarthritis: post-hoc analysis from a phase II sprifermin study.
Brett, A; Bowes, MA; Conaghan, PG; Ladel, C; Guehring, H; Moreau, F; Eckstein, F;
Osteoarthritis Cartilage. 2020; 28(11):1432-1436
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Longitudinal changes in location-specific cartilage thickness and T2 relaxation-times after posterior cruciate ligament reconstruction for isolated and multiligament injury.
Culvenor, AG; Wirth, W; Boeth, H; Duda, GN; Eckstein, F;
Clin Biomech (Bristol, Avon). 2020; 79:104935
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Association of baseline and change in tibial and femoral cartilage thickness and development of widespread full-thickness cartilage loss in knee osteoarthritis - data from the Osteoarthritis Initiative.
Dório, M; Hunter, DJ; Collins, JE; Asher, R; Eckstein, F; Guermazi, A; Roemer, FW; Deveza, LA;
Osteoarthritis Cartilage. 2020; 28(6): 811-818.
Full papers/articles (Journal)
Intra-articular sprifermin reduces cartilage loss in addition to increasing cartilage gain independent of location in the femorotibial joint: post-hoc analysis of a randomised, placebo-controlled phase II clinical trial.
Eckstein, F; Kraines, JL; Aydemir, A; Wirth, W; Maschek, S; Hochberg, MC;
Ann Rheum Dis. 2020; 79(4):-528.
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Layer-specific analysis of femorotibial cartilage t2 relaxation time based on registration of segmented double echo steady state (dess) to multi-echo-spin-echo (mese) images.
Fürst, D; Wirth, W; Chaudhari, A; Eckstein, F;
MAGMA. 2020; 33(6):819-828
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Acid- and Volume-Sensitive Chloride Currents in Human Chondrocytes.
Kittl, M; Winklmayr, M; Helm, K; Lettner, J; Gaisberger, M; Ritter, M; Jakab, M;
Front Cell Dev Biol. 2020; 8: 583131
Full papers/articles (Journal)
Predicting knee replacement in participants eligible for disease-modifying osteoarthritis drug treatment with structural endpoints.
Kwoh, CK; Guerhing, H; Aydemir, A; Hannon, MJ; Eckstein, F; Hochberg, MC;
Osteoarthritis Cartilage. 2020; 28(6): 782-791.
Full papers/articles (Journal)
Understanding the undulating pattern of the distal femoral growth plate: Implications for surgical procedures involving the pediatric knee: A descriptive MRI study.
Ladenhauf, HN; Jones, KJ; Potter, HG; Nguyen, JT; Green, DW;
Knee. 2020; 27(2): 315-323.
Full papers/articles (Journal)
[The Facet Wedge: a minimally invasive technique for posterior segmental intra-articular fusion].
Mehren, C; Sauer, D; Würtinger, C; Korge, A;
Oper Orthop Traumatol. 2020; 32(3):209-218
Full papers/articles (Journal)
Association of body composition, physical activity and physical performance with knee cartilage thickness and bone area in young adults.
Meng, T; Antony, B; Venn, A; Eckstein, F; Cicuttini, F; March, L; Cross, M; Dwyer, T; Blizzard, L; Jones, G; Laslett, LL; Ding, C;
Rheumatology (Oxford). 2020; 59(7):1607-1616
Full papers/articles (Journal)
Patient-Reported Outcomes One to Five Years After Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction: The Effect of Combined Injury and Associations With Osteoarthritis Features Defined on Magnetic Resonance Imaging.
Patterson, BE; Culvenor, AG; Barton, CJ; Guermazi, A; Stefanik, JJ; Crossley, KM;
Arthritis Care Res (Hoboken). 2020; 72(3):412-422
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Correlation of Biomechanical Alterations under Gonarthritis between Overlying Menisci and Articular Cartilage
Pordzik, J; Bernstein, A; Watrinet, J; Mayr, HO; Latorre, SH; Schmal, H; Seidenstuecker, M
APPL SCI-BASEL. 2020; 10(23): 8673
Full papers/articles (Journal)
Magnetic resonance imaging of human knee joint functionality under variable compressive in-situ loading and axis alignment.
Schad, P; Wollenweber, M; Thuring, J; Schock, J; Eschweiler, J; Palm, G; Radermacher, K; Eckstein, F; Prescher, A; Kuhl, C; Truhn, D; Nebelung, S
J MECH BEHAV BIOMED. 2020; 110: 103890
Full papers/articles (Journal)
[Technique of all arthroscopic autologous chondrocyte implantation (ACI) for the treatment of cartilage defects in the knee].
Schlumberger, M; Schuster, P; Bülow, HJ; Mayer, P; Eichinger, M; Immendörfer, M; Richter, J;
Oper Orthop Traumatol. 2020; 32(6):532-544
Full papers/articles (Journal)
Anatomical feature of knee joint in Aachen minipig as a novel miniature pig line for experimental research in orthopaedics.
Schulze-Tanzil, G; Silawal, S; Hoyer, M;
Ann Anat. 2020; 227:151411
Full papers/articles (Journal)
Excellent long-term results in combined high tibial osteotomy, anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction and chondral resurfacing in patients with severe osteoarthritis and varus alignment.
Schuster, P; Schlumberger, M; Mayer, P; Eichinger, M; Geßlein, M; Schulz-Jahrsdörfer, M; Richter, J;
Knee Surg Sports Traumatol Arthrosc. 2020; 28(4): 1085-1091.
Full papers/articles (Journal)
3D printing and characterization of human nasoseptal chondrocytes laden dual crosslinked oxidized alginate-gelatin hydrogels for cartilage repair approaches.
Schwarz, S; Kuth, S; Distler, T; Gögele, C; Stölzel, K; Detsch, R; Boccaccini, AR; Schulze-Tanzil, G;
Mater Sci Eng C Mater Biol Appl. 2020; 116: 111189
Full papers/articles (Journal)
Fate of the lateral femoral notch following early anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction.
Wierer, G; Simetinger, T; Hudelmaier, M; Moroder, P; Hoffelner, T
KNEE. 2020; 27(2): 414-419.
Full papers/articles (Journal)
Association between changes in molecular biomarkers of cartilage matrix turnover and changes in knee articular cartilage: a longitudinal pilot study.
Boeth, H; Raffalt, PC; MacMahon, A; Poole, AR; Eckstein, F; Wirth, W; Buttgereit, F; Önnerfjord, P; Lorenzo, P; Klint, C; Pramhed, A; Duda, GN;
J Exp Orthop. 2019; 6(1): 19
Full papers/articles (Journal)
Impact of exercise on articular cartilage in people at risk of, or with established, knee osteoarthritis: a systematic review of randomised controlled trials.
Bricca, A; Juhl, CB; Steultjens, M; Wirth, W; Roos, EM;
Br J Sports Med. 2019; 53(15): 940-947.
Moderate Physical Activity and Prevention of Cartilage Loss in People With Knee Osteoarthritis: Data From the Osteoarthritis Initiative.
Bricca, A; Wirth, W; Juhl, CB; Kemnitz, J; Hunter, DJ; Kwoh, CK; Eckstein, F; Culvenor, AG;
Arthritis Care Res (Hoboken). 2019; 71(2):218-226
Full papers/articles (Journal)
Human nasoseptal chondrocytes maintain their differentiated phenotype on PLLA scaffolds produced by thermally induced phase separation and supplemented with bioactive glass 1393.
Conoscenti, G; Carfì Pavia, F; Ongaro, A; Brucato, V; Goegele, C; Schwarz, S; Boccaccini, AR; Stoelzel, K; La Carrubba, V; Schulze-Tanzil, G;
Connect Tissue Res. 2019; 60(4):344-357
Full papers/articles (Journal)
Loss of patellofemoral cartilage thickness over 5 years following ACL injury depends on the initial treatment strategy: results from the KANON trial.
Culvenor, AG; Eckstein, F; Wirth, W; Lohmander, LS; Frobell, R;
Br J Sports Med. 2019; 53(18): 1168-1173.
Full papers/articles (Journal)
Prevalence of knee osteoarthritis features on magnetic resonance imaging in asymptomatic uninjured adults: a systematic review and meta-analysis.
Culvenor, AG; Øiestad, BE; Hart, HF; Stefanik, JJ; Guermazi, A; Crossley, KM;
Br J Sports Med. 2019; 53(20): 1268-1278.
Sex-Specific Influence of Quadriceps Weakness on Worsening Patellofemoral and Tibiofemoral Cartilage Damage: A Prospective Cohort Study.
Culvenor, AG; Segal, NA; Guermazi, A; Roemer, F; Felson, DT; Nevitt, MC; Lewis, CE; Stefanik, JJ;
Arthritis Care Res (Hoboken). 2019; 71(10): 1360-1365.
Full papers/articles (Journal)
Trajectories of femorotibial cartilage thickness among persons with or at risk of knee osteoarthritis: development of a prediction model to identify progressors.
Deveza, LA; Downie, A; Tamez-Peña, JG; Eckstein, F; Van Spil, WE; Hunter, DJ;
Osteoarthritis Cartilage. 2019; 27(2):257-265
Full papers/articles (Journal)
Cartilage loss in radiographically normal knees depends on radiographic status of the contralateral knee - data from the Osteoarthritis Initiative.
Eckstein, F; Maschek, S; Roemer, FW; Duda, GN; Sharma, L; Wirth, W;
Osteoarthritis Cartilage. 2019; 27(2):273-277
Full papers/articles (Journal)
Modular Lattice Constructs for Biological Joint Resurfacing.
Gelse, K; Biggemann, J; Stumpf, M; Halmheu, M; Grüneboom, A; Kleyer, A; Scholtysek, C; Pachowsky, ML; Hueber, A; Krönke, G; Fey, T;
Tissue Eng Part A. 2019; 25(13-14):1053-1062
Full papers/articles (Journal)
Effect of Intra-Articular Sprifermin vs Placebo on Femorotibial Joint Cartilage Thickness in Patients With Osteoarthritis: The FORWARD Randomized Clinical Trial.
Hochberg, MC; Guermazi, A; Guehring, H; Aydemir, A; Wax, S; Fleuranceau-Morel, P; Reinstrup Bihlet, A; Byrjalsen, I; Ragnar Andersen, J; Eckstein, F;
JAMA. 2019; 322(14): 136-1370.
Full papers/articles (Journal)
Limiting angiogenesis to modulate scar formation.
Korntner, S; Lehner, C; Gehwolf, R; Wagner, A; Grütz, M; Kunkel, N; Tempfer, H; Traweger, A;
Adv Drug Deliv Rev. 2019; 146: 170-189.
Full papers/articles (Journal)
Association of adiposity measures in childhood and adulthood with knee cartilage thickness, volume and bone area in young adults.
Meng, T; Venn, A; Eckstein, F; Wirth, W; Cicuttini, F; March, L; Dwyer, T; Cross, M; Laslett, LL; Jones, G; Ding, C; Antony, B;
Int J Obes (Lond). 2019; 43(7):1411-1421
Full papers/articles (Journal)
Validation of a novel blinding method for measuring postoperative knee articular cartilage using magnetic resonance imaging.
Moyer, R; Birmingham, T; Eckstein, F; Wirth, W; Maschek, S; Chronik, B; Giffin, JR;
MAGMA. 2019; 32(6):693-702
Full papers/articles (Journal)
Non-invasive diagnostics of the talus in osteochondral lesions
Panzer, S; Bohndorf, K
ARTHROSKOPIE. 2019; 32(2): 118-124.
Full papers/articles (Journal)
Baseline structural tissue pathology is not strongly associated with longitudinal change in transverse relaxation time (T2) in knees without osteoarthritis.
Roemer, FW; Eckstein, F; Duda, GN; Guermazi, A; Maschek, S; Wirth, W;
Eur J Radiol. 2019; 118: -168.
Full papers/articles (Journal)
Arthroscopic autologous chondrocyte implantation in the knee with an in situ crosslinking matrix: minimum 4-year clinical results of 15 cases and 1 histological evaluation.
Schlumberger, M; Schuster, P; Bülow, HJ; Mayer, P; Eichinger, M; Richter, J;
Arch Orthop Trauma Surg. 2019; 139(11):1607-1615
Full papers/articles (Journal)
Viscoelasticity and histology of the human cartilage in healthy and degenerated conditions of the knee.
Seidenstuecker, M; Watrinet, J; Bernstei, A; Suedkamp, NP; Latorre, SH; Maks, A; Mayr, HO
J ORTHOP SURG RES. 2019; 14(1): 256
Full papers/articles (Journal)
Cartilage regeneration using decellularized cartilage matrix: Long-term comparison of subcutaneous and intranasal placement in a rabbit model.
von Bomhard, A; Elsaesser, A; Riepl, R; Pippich, K; Faust, J; Schwarz, S; Koerber, L; Breiter, R; Rotter, N;
J Craniomaxillofac Surg. 2019; 47(4): 682-694.
Full papers/articles (Journal)
Differences between human septal and alar cartilage with respect to biomechanical features and biochemical composition.
Wiggenhauser, PS; Schwarz, S; Freutel, M; Koerber, L; Wolf, N; Dürselen, L; Rotter, N;
J Mech Behav Biomed Mater. 2019; 96: 236-243.
Full papers/articles (Journal)
Radiographically normal knees with contralateral joint space narrowing display greater change in cartilage transverse relaxation time than those with normal contralateral knees: a model of early OA? - data from the Osteoarthritis Initiative (OAI).
Wirth, W; Maschek, S; Roemer, FW; Sharma, L; Duda, GN; Eckstein, F;
Osteoarthritis Cartilage. 2019; 27(11): 1663-1668.
Full papers/articles (Journal)
Cartilage Morphological and Histological Findings After Reconstruction of the Glenoid With an Iliac Crest Bone Graft.
Auffarth, A; Resch, H; Matis, N; Hudelmaier, M; Wirth, W; Forstner, R; Neureiter, D; Traweger, A; Moroder, P;
Am J Sports Med. 2018; 46(5):1039-1045
Full papers/articles (Journal)
Identification of the Human Skeletal Stem Cell.
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keine Übereinstimmung
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