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Consequences of applying the new EWGSOP2 guideline instead of the former EWGSOP guideline for sarcopenia case finding in older patients.
Reiss, J; Iglseder, B; Alzner, R; Mayr-Pirker, B; Pirich, C; Kässmann, H; Kreutzer, M; Dovjak, P; Reiter, R;
Age Ageing. 2019; 48(5):719-724
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Sarcopenia and osteoporosis are interrelated in geriatric inpatients.
Reiss, J; Iglseder, B; Alzner, R; Mayr-Pirker, B; Pirich, C; Kässmann, H; Kreutzer, M; Dovjak, P; Reiter, R;
Z Gerontol Geriatr. 2019; 52(7):688-693
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Quantifying appendicular muscle mass in geriatric inpatients: Performance of different single frequency BIA equations in comparison to dual X-ray absorptiometry.
Reiter, R; Iglseder, B; Treschnitzer, W; Alzner, R; Mayr-Pirker, B; Kreutzer, M; Pirich, C; Kässmann, H; Dovjak, P; Reiss, J;
Arch Gerontol Geriatr. 2018; 80:98-103
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Fitness and fatness in relation with attention capacity in European adolescents: The HELENA study.
Cadenas-Sanchez, C; Vanhelst, J; Ruiz, JR; Castillo-Gualda, R; Libuda, L; Labayen, I; De Miguel-Etayo, P; Marcos, A; Molnár, E; Catena, A; Moreno, LA; Sjöström, M; Gottrand, F; Widhalm, K; Ortega, FB;
J Sci Med Sport. 2017; 20(4): 373-379.
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Impact of Diet and/or Exercise Intervention on Infrapatellar Fat Pad Morphology: Secondary Analysis from the Intensive Diet and Exercise for Arthritis (IDEA) Trial.
Pogacnik Murillo, AL; Eckstein, F; Wirth, W; Beavers, D; Loeser, RF; Nicklas, BJ; Mihalko, SL; Miller, GD; Hunter, DJ; Messier, SP;
Cells Tissues Organs. 2017; 203(4): 258-266.
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Case finding for sarcopenia in geriatric inpatients: performance of bioimpedance analysis in comparison to dual X-ray absorptiometry.
Reiss, J; Iglseder, B; Kreutzer, M; Weilbuchner, I; Treschnitzer, W; Kässmann, H; Pirich, C; Reiter, R;
BMC Geriatr. 2016; 16:52
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Imaging techniques for the assessment of fracture repair.
Augat, P; Morgan, EF; Lujan, TJ; MacGillivray, TJ; Cheung, WH
Injury. 2014; 45 Suppl 2:S16-S22
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The CXCR4 and adhesion molecule expression of CD34+ hematopoietic cells mobilized by "on-demand" addition of plerixafor to granulocyte-colony-stimulating factor.
Girbl, T; Lunzer, V; Greil, R; Namberger, K; Hartmann, TN
TRANSFUSION. 2014; 54(9): 2325-2335.
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Thermogenic changes after gastric bypass, adjustable gastric banding or diet alone.
Rabl, C; Rao, MN; Schwarz, JM; Mulligan, K; Campos, GM
SURGERY. 2014; 156(4): 806-813.
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Improving bone strength prediction in human proximal femur specimens through geometrical characterization of trabecular bone microarchitecture and support vector regression
Yang, CC; Nagarajan, MB; Huber, MB; Carballido-Gamio, J; Bauer, JS; Baum, T; Eckstein, F; Lochmuller, E; Majumdar, S; Link, TM; Wismuller, A
J ELECTRON IMAGING. 2014; 23(1): 013013
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Quantitative imaging of musculoskeletal tissue.
Augat, P; Eckstein, F;
ANNU REV BIOMED ENG. 2008; 10: 36-90.
Body composition of preterm infants measured during the first months of life: bioelectrical impedance provides insignificant additional information compared to anthropometry alone.
Dung, NQ; Fusch, G; Armbrust, S; Jochum, F; Fusch, C;
Eur J Pediatr. 2007; 166(3):215-222
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Use of bioelectrical impedance analysis and anthropometry to measure fat-free mass in children and adolescents with Crohn disease.
Dung, NQ; Fusch, G; Armbrust, S; Jochum, F; Fusch, C;
J Pediatr Gastroenterol Nutr. 2007; 44(1):130-135
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Impedance index or standard anthropometric measurements, which is the better variable for predicting fat-free mass in sick children?
Nguyen, QD; Fusch, G; Armbrust, S; Jochum, F; Fusch, C;
Acta Paediatr. 2007; 96(6):869-873
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Birth weight categorization according to gestational age does not reflect percentage body fat in term and preterm newborns.
Schmelzle, HR; Quang, DN; Fusch, G; Fusch, C;
Eur J Pediatr. 2007; 166(2):161-167
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Improved performance of hip DXA using a novel region of interest in the upper part of the femoral neck: in vitro study using bone strength as a standard of reference.
Boehm, HF; Eckstein, F; Wunderer, C; Kuhn, V; Lochmueller, EM; Schreiber, K; Mueller, D; Rummeny, EJ; Link, TM;
J Clin Densitom. 2005; 8(4): 488-494.
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Gender differences in trabecular bone architecture of the distal radius assessed with magnetic resonance imaging and implications for mechanical competence.
Hudelmaier, M; Kollstedt, A; Lochmüller, EM; Kuhn, V; Eckstein, F; Link, TM;
OSTEOPOROSIS INT. 2005; 16(9): 1124-1133.
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Can geometry-based parameters from pQCT and material parameters from quantitative ultrasound (QUS) improve the prediction of radial bone strength over that by bone mass (DXA)?
Hudelmaier, M; Kuhn, V; Lochmüller, EM; Well, H; Priemel, M; Link, TM; Eckstein, F;
OSTEOPOROSIS INT. 2004; 15(5): 375-381.
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Image-based micro-finite-element modeling for improved distal radius strength diagnosis: moving from bench to bedside.
Pistoia, W; van Rietbergen, B; Lochmüller, EM; Lill, CA; Eckstein, F; Rüegsegger, P;
J CLIN DENSITOM. 2004; 7(2): 153-160.
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Resting energy expenditure in obese children aged 4 to 15 years: measured versus predicted data.
Schmelzle, H; Schröder, C; Armbrust, S; Unverzagt, S; Fusch, C;
Acta Paediatr. 2004; 93(6):739-746
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Body composition, bone mass and microstructural analysis in GH-transgenic mice reveals that skeletal changes are specific to bone compartment and gender.
Eckstein, F; Lochmüller, EM; Koller, B; Wehr, U; Weusten, A; Rambeck, W; Hoeflich, A; Wolf, E;
Growth Horm IGF Res. 2002; 12(2): 116-125.
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Bone strength at clinically relevant sites displays substantial heterogeneity and is best predicted from site-specific bone densitometry.
Eckstein, F; Lochmüller, EM; Lill, CA; Kuhn, V; Schneider, E; Delling, G; Müller, R;
J Bone Miner Res. 2002; 17(1): 162-171.
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Estimation of distal radius failure load with micro-finite element analysis models based on three-dimensional peripheral quantitative computed tomography images.
Pistoia, W; van Rietbergen, B; Lochmüller, EM; Lill, CA; Eckstein, F; Rüegsegger, P;
Bone. 2002; 30(6): 842-848.
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Body fat in neonates and young infants: validation of skinfold thickness versus dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry.
Schmelzle, HR; Fusch, C;
Am J Clin Nutr. 2002; 76(5): 1096-1100.
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[Sex-specific analysis of bone mass in normal and growth hormone transgenic mice using dual energy x-ray absorptiometry (DXA)].
Lochmüller, EM; Weusten, A; Wolf, E; Cindik, E; Renner-Müller, I; Eikmeier, T; Eckstein, F;
Ann Anat. 1999; 181(2): 191-198.
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Quantitative bone mineral assessment at the forearm: A review
Augat, P; Fuerst, T; Genant, HK
OSTEOPOROSIS INT. 1998; 8(4): 299-310.
Trochanteric hip fracture: Strong association with spinal trabecular bone mineral density measured with quantitative CT
Lang, TF; Augat, P; Lane, NE; Genant, HK
RADIOLOGY. 1998; 209(2): 525-530.
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Proximal femur: Assessment for osteoporosis with T2* decay characteristics at MR imaging
Link, TM; Majumdar, S; Augat, P; Lin, JC; Newitt, D; Lane, NE; Genant, HK
RADIOLOGY. 1998; 209(2): 531-536.
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Prediction of vertebral failure loads from spinal and femoral dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry, and calcaneal ultrasound: an in situ analysis with intact soft tissues.
Lochmüller, EM; Eckstein, F; Kaiser, D; Zeller, JB; Landgraf, J; Putz, R; Steldinger, R;
Bone. 1998; 23(5): 417-424.
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Direct comparison of contact areas, contact stress and subchondral mineralization in human hip joint specimens.
von Eisenhart-Rothe, R; Eckstein, F; Müller-Gerbl, M; Landgraf, J; Rock, C; Putz, R;
Anat Embryol (Berl). 1997; 195(3): 279-288.
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Subchondral bone density in the human elbow assessed by computed tomography osteoabsorptiometry: a reflection of the loading history of the joint surfaces.
Eckstein, F; Müller-Gerbl, M; Steinlechner, M; Kierse, R; Putz, R;
J Orthop Res. 1995; 13(2): 268-278.
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Impact of chronic cigarette smoking on body composition and fuel metabolism.
Jensen, EX; Fusch, C; Jaeger, P; Peheim, E; Horber, FF;
J Clin Endocrinol Metab. 1995; 80(7):2181-2185
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Stress distribution in the trochlear notch. A model of bicentric load transmission through joints.
Eckstein, F; Löhe, F; Müller-Gerbl, M; Steinlechner, M; Putz, R;
J Bone Joint Surg Br. 1994; 76(4): 647-653.
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[Areas of contact in human humero-ulnar joints as a function of pressure, their connection through subchondral mineralization and joint surface morphology of the incisura trochlearis].
Eckstein, F; Löhe, F; Steinlechner, M; Müller-Gerbl, M; Putz, R;
Ann Anat. 1993; 175(6): 545-552.
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Cartilage degeneration in the human patellae and its relationship to the mineralisation of the underlying bone: a key to the understanding of chondromalacia patellae and femoropatellar arthrosis?
Eckstein, F; Putz, R; Müller-Gerbl, M; Steinlechner, M; Benedetto, KP;
Surg Radiol Anat. 1993; 15(4): 279-286.
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[Mechanical stress and subchondral mineralization of the human elbow joint. A CT-osteoabsorptiometric study].
Eckstein, F; Steinlechner, M; Müller-Gerbl, M; Putz, R;
Unfallchirurg. 1993; 96(8): 399-404.
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Distribution of subchondral bone density and cartilage thickness in the human patella.
Eckstein, F; Müller-Gerbl, M; Putz, R;
J Anat. 1992; 180 ( Pt 3): 425-433.
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