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Wrist actigraphic approach in primary, secondary and tertiary care based on the principles of predictive, preventive and personalised (3P) medicine.
Acker, J; Golubnitschaja, O; Buttner-Teleaga, A; Richter, K
EPMA J. 2021; 12(3):349-363
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Sleep Disorders in Cancer-A Systematic Review.
Büttner-Teleagă, A; Kim, YT; Osel, T; Richter, K;
Int J Environ Res Public Health. 2021; 18(21):
Sleep quality and COVID-19 outcomes: the evidence-based lessons in the framework of predictive, preventive and personalised (3P) medicine.
Richter, K; Kellner, S; Hillemacher, T; Golubnitschaja, O;
EPMA J. 2021; 12(2):-241
Insomnia Associated with Tinnitus and Gender Differences.
Richter, K; Zimni, M; Tomova, I; Retzer, L; Höfig, J; Kellner, S; Fries, C; Bernstein, K; Hitzl, W; Hillemacher, T; Miloseva, L; Acker, J;
Int J Environ Res Public Health. 2021; 18(6):
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Sleep improvement after hip arthroplasty: a study on short-stem prosthesis.
Hochreiter, J; Kindermann, H; Georg, M; Ortmaier, R; Mitterer, M;
Int Orthop. 2020; 44(1): 69-73.
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Sleep disorders in migrants and refugees: a systematic review with implications for personalized medical approach.
Richter, K; Baumgärtner, L; Niklewski, G; Peter, L; Köck, M; Kellner, S; Hillemacher, T; Büttner-Teleaga, A;
EPMA J. 2020; 11(2):251-260
The impact of sleep characteristics and epilepsy variables on memory performance in patients with focal seizures.
van Schalkwijk, FJ; Ricci, M; Nikpour, A; Miller, LA
Epilepsy Behav. 2018; 87:152-158
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Assessment of a wireless headband for automatic sleep scoring.
Griessenberger, H; Heib, DPJ; Kunz, AB; Hoedlmoser, K; Schabus, M
Sleep Breath. 2013; 17(2):747-752
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Restless legs syndrome in Friedreich ataxia: a polysomnographic study.
Frauscher, B; Hering, S; Högl, B; Gschliesser, V; Ulmer, H; Poewe, W; Boesch, SM;
Mov Disord. 2011; 26(2):302-306
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Levetiracetam in children with refractory epilepsy: A multicenter open label study in Germany
Opp, J; Tuxhorn, I; May, T; Kluger, G; Wiemer-Kruel, A; Kurlemann, G; Gross-Selbeck, G; Rating, D; Brandl, U; Bettendorf, U; Hartel, C; Korn-Merker, E
SEIZURE-EUR J EPILEP. 2005; 14(7): 476-484.
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The impact of hemoglobin levels on fatigue and quality of life in cancer patients.
Holzner, B; Kemmler, G; Greil, R; Kopp, M; Zeimet, A; Raderer, M; Hejna, M; Zöchbauer, S; Krajnik, G; Huber, H; Fleischhacker, WW; Sperner-Unterweger, B;
Ann Oncol. 2002; 13(6): 965-973.
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[Chronification of sleep disorders. Results of a representative survey in West Germany].
Simen, S; Hajak, G; Schlaf, G; Westenhöfer, J; Rodenbeck, A; Bandelow, B; Pudel, V; Rüther, E;
Nervenarzt. 1995; 66(9): 686-695.
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