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Sustained improvements in EQ-5D utility scores and self-rated health status in patients with ankylosing spondylitis after spa treatment including low-dose radon - an analysis of prospective radon indication registry data
van der Zee-neuen, A; Strobl, V; Dobias, H; Fuchs, J; Untner, J; Foisner, W; Knapp, M; Edtinger, S; Offenbacher, M; Ritter, M; Holzl, B; Gaisberger, M
BMC MUSCULOSKEL DIS. 2022; 23(1): 743
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Endogenous anandamide and self-reported pain are significantly reduced after a 2-week multimodal treatment with and without radon therapy in patients with knee osteoarthritis: a pilot study.
Gaisberger, M; Fuchs, J; Riedl, M; Edtinger, S; Reischl, R; Grasmann, G; Hölzl, B; Landauer, F; Dobias, H; Eckstein, F; Offenbächer, M; Ritter, M; Winklmayr, M;
Int J Biometeorol. 2021; 65(7):1151-1160
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[The Gastein Healing Gallery and a Potential Risk of Viral Infections in the Treatment Area].
Offenbächer, M; Hölzl, B; Gaisberger, M; Untner, H; Würzner, R;
Rheuma Plus. 2020; 19(4):144-151
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Radon transfer from thermal water to human organs in radon therapy: exhalation measurements and model simulations.
Hofmann, W; Winkler-Heil, R; Lettner, H; Hubmer, A; Gaisberger, M;
Radiat Environ Biophys. 2019; 58(4): 513-529.
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Radon in the Exhaled Air of Patients in Radon Therapy.
Lettner, H; Hubmer, A; Hofmann, W; Landrichinger, J; Gaisberger, M; Winkler-Heil, R;
Radiat Prot Dosimetry. 2017; 177(1-2):78-82
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Radon balneotherapy and physical activity for osteoporosis prevention: a randomized, placebo-controlled intervention study.
Winklmayr, M; Kluge, C; Winklmayr, W; Küchenhoff, H; Steiner, M; Ritter, M; Hartl, A;
Radiat Environ Biophys. 2015; 54(1): 12-36.
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Communities of archaea and bacteria in a subsurface radioactive thermal spring in the Austrian Central Alps, and evidence of ammonia-oxidizing Crenarchaeota.
Weidler, GW; Dornmayr-Pfaffenhuemer, M; Gerbl, FW; Heinen, W; Stan-Lotter, H;
Appl Environ Microbiol. 2007; 73(1):259-270
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