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Patient-reported outcomes on empagliflozin treatment in glycogen storage disease type Ib: An international questionnaire study.
Grünert, SC; Venema, A; LaFreniere, J; Schneider, B; Contreras, E; Wortmann, SB; Derks, TGJ;
JIMD Rep. 2023; 64(3):-258
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Long-Term Effects of Mountain Hiking vs. Forest Therapy on Physical and Mental Health of Couples: A Randomized Controlled Trial.
Huber, D; Freidl, J; Pichler, C; Bischof, M; Kiem, M; Weisböck-Erdheim, R; Squarra, G; De Nigris, V; Resnyak, S; Neberich, M; Bordin, S; Zechner, R; Hartl, A;
Int J Environ Res Public Health. 2023; 20(2):
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Associations of Age and Sex with the Efficacy of Inpatient Cancer Rehabilitation: Results from a Longitudinal Observational Study Using Electronic Patient-Reported Outcomes
Lehmann, J; Riedl, D; Nickels, A; Sanio, G; Hassler, M; Rumpold, G; Holzner, B; Licht, T
CANCERS. 2023; 15(6): 1637
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Effect of Chamomile on the Complications of Cancer: A Systematic Review.
Maleki, M; Mardani, A; Manouchehri, M; Ashghali Farahani, M; Vaismoradi, M; Glarcher, M;
Integr Cancer Ther. 2023; 22:15347354231164600
The involvement of palliative care with neurology - a comparison of UK, Switzerland and Italy.
Oliver, D; Baker, I; Borasio, GD; Cras, P; Faull, C; Hepgul, N; Lorenzl, S; Stockdale, C; de Visser, M; Vanopdenbosch, L; Voltz, R; Veronese, S;
Amyotroph Lateral Scler Frontotemporal Degener. 2023; 24(3-4):256-262
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Health-Related Quality of Life as Assessed by the EQ-5D-5L Predicts Outcomes of Patients Treated with Azacitidine-A Prospective Cohort Study by the AGMT.
Pleyer, L; Heibl, S; Tinchon, C; Vallet, S; Schreder, M; Melchardt, T; Stute, N; Föhrenbach Quiroz, KT; Leisch, M; Egle, A; Scagnetti, L; Wolf, D; Beswick, R; Drost, M; Larcher-Senn, J; Grochtdreis, T; Vaisband, M; Hasenauer, J; Zaborsky, N; Greil, R; Stauder, R;
Cancers (Basel). 2023; 15(5):
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Patient-reported outcomes for the Intergroup Sentinel Mamma study (INSEMA): A randomised trial with persistent impact of axillary surgery on arm and breast symptoms in patients with early breast cancer.
Reimer, T; Stachs, A; Veselinovic, K; Polata, S; Müller, T; Kühn, T; Heil, J; Ataseven, B; Reitsamer, R; Hildebrandt, G; Knauer, M; Golatta, M; Stefek, A; Zahm, DM; Thill, M; Nekljudova, V; Krug, D; Loibl, S; Gerber, B;
EClinicalMedicine. 2023; 55: 101756
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Locked-in syndrome revisited.
Schnetzer, L; McCoy, M; Bergmann, J; Kunz, A; Leis, S; Trinka, E;
Ther Adv Neurol Disord. 2023; 16:17562864231160873
Quality of life in patients with Fabry?s disease: a cross-sectional study of 86 adults
Andonian, C; Beckmann, J; Mayer, O; Ewert, P; Freiberger, A; Huber, M; Kaemmerer, H; Kurschat, C; Lagler, F; Nagdyman, N; Pieper, L; Regenbogen, C; Freilinger, S
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Thick Mucus in ALS: A Mixed-Method Study on Associated Factors and Its Impact on Quality of Life of Patients and Caregivers.
Bublitz, SK; Mie, E; Wasner, M; Hapfelmeier, A; Geiseler, J; Lorenzl, S; Winkler, AS;
Brain Sci. 2022; 12(2):
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Neurological consultations via telemedicine for specialized outpatient palliative care (SOPC) at home and in hospice (TANNE project): study protocol for a randomized controlled trial.
Gatter, S; Brukamp, K; Adolf, D; Zerth, J; Lorenzl, S; Weck, C;
BMC Palliat Care. 2022; 21(1): 218
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Systemic Immune Profile Predicts the Development of Infections in Patients with Spinal Cord Injuries.
Grassner, L; Klein, B; Garcia-Ovejero, D; Mach, O; Scheiblhofer, S; Weiss, R; Vargas-Baquero, E; Kramer, JLK; Leister, I; Rohde, E; Oeller, M; Molina-Holgado, E; Griessenauer, CJ; Maier, D; Aigner, L; Arevalo-Martin, A
J NEUROTRAUM. 2022; 39(23-24): 1678-1686.
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Meta-Analysis of Randomized Controlled Trials on Yoga, Psychosocial, and Mindfulness-Based Interventions for Cancer-Related Fatigue: What Intervention Characteristics Are Related to Higher Efficacy?
Haussmann, A; Schmidt, ME; Illmann, ML; Schroter, M; Hielscher, T; Cramer, H; Maatouk, I; Horneber, M; Steindorf, K
CANCERS. 2022; 14(8):
Estimates of the minimal important difference to evaluate the clinical significance of antidepressants in the acute treatment of moderate-to-severe depression.
Hengartner, MP; Plöderl, M;
BMJ Evid Based Med. 2022; 27(2):69-73
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Sustainability of Hiking in Combination with Coaching in Cardiorespiratory Fitness and Quality of Life.
Huber, D; Mayr, M; Hartl, A; Sittenthaler, S; Traut-Mattausch, E; Weisbock-Erdheim, R; Freidl, J
INT J ENV RES PUB HE. 2022; 19(7):
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Cochlear implant-specific risks should be considered, when assessing the quality of life of children and adolescents with hearing loss and cochlear implants-not just cochlear implant-specific benefits-Perspective
Huber, M
FRONT NEUROSCI-SWITZ. 2022; 16: 985230
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Editorial: Quality of life in young cochlear implant recipients: Are there controlling factors and regional differences?
Huber, M; Lee, HJ; Langereis, M; Vermeulen, A
FRONT PSYCHOL. 2022; 13: 1109242
Effects of whole body vibration in postmenopausal osteopenic women on bone mineral density, muscle strength, postural control and quality of life: the T-bone randomized trial.
Kienberger, Y; Sassmann, R; Rieder, F; Johansson, T; Kässmann, H; Pirich, C; Wicker, A; Niebauer, J;
Eur J Appl Physiol. 2022; 122(11):2331-2342
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Recovery of gait and function during the first six months after tibial shaft fractures.
Kroger, I; Mussig, J; Brand, A; Patzold, R; Wackerle, H; Klopfer-Kramer, I; Augat, P
Gait Posture. 2022; 91:66-72
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Piloting of the virtual telecare technology Addison Care to promote self-management in persons with chronic diseases in a community setting: protocol for a mixed-methods user experience, user engagement and usability pilot study.
Krutter, S; Schuessler, N; Kutschar, P; Šabić, E; Dellinger, J; Klausner, T; Nestler, N; Beasley, M; Henderson, B; Pitzer, S; Mitterlehner, B; Langegger, D; Winkler, A; Kloesch, M; Eßl-Maurer, R; van der Zee-Neuen, A; Osterbrink, J;
BMJ Open. 2022; 12(9): e062159
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Are quality promotion initiatives in Austrian and Italian general practices associated with higher patient satisfaction and quality of life? Results from the interventional study "IQuaB".
Mahlknecht, A; Abuzahra, ME; Piccoliori, G; Engl, A; Sönnichsen, A;
Health Soc Care Community. 2022; 30(2):e397-e409
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The clinical characterization of the adult patient with bipolar disorder aimed at personalization of management.
McIntyre, RS; Aida, M; Baldessarini, RJ; Bauer, M; Berk, M; Correll, CU; Fagiolini, A; Fountoulakis, K; Frye, MA; Grunze, H; Kessing, LV; Iklowitz, DJM; Parker, G; Post, RM; Swann, AC; Suppes, T; Vieta, E; Young, A; Maj, M
WORLD PSYCHIATRY. 2022; 21(3): 364-387.
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Normofractionated and moderately hypofractionated proton therapy: comparison of acute toxicity and early quality of life outcomes.
Pelak, MJ; Flechl, B; Hug, E; Galalae, R; Konrath, L; Góra, J; Fossati, P; Lütgendorf-Caucig, C; Tubin, S; Konstantinovic, R; Mock, U; Fussl, C; Georg, P;
Front Oncol. 2022; 12: 962697
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Mountain Hiking vs. Forest Therapy: A Study Protocol of Novel Types of Nature-Based Intervention.
Pichler, C; Freidl, J; Bischof, M; Kiem, M; Weissbock-Erdheim, R; Huber, D; Squarra, G; Murschetz, PC; Hartl, A
INT J ENV RES PUB HE. 2022; 19(7):
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[Loneliness in nursing homes-Experience and measures for amelioration : A literature review].
Plattner, L; Brandstötter, C; Paal, P;
Z Gerontol Geriatr. 2022; 55(1):5-10
Assessment of Subjective Well-Being in a Cohort of University Students and Staff Members: Association with Physical Activity and Outdoor Leisure Time during the COVID-19 Pandemic.
Quarta, S; Levante, A; García-Conesa, MT; Lecciso, F; Scoditti, E; Carluccio, MA; Calabriso, N; Damiano, F; Santarpino, G; Verri, T; Pinto, P; Siculella, L; Massaro, M;
Int J Environ Res Public Health. 2022; 19(8):
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A Phase 1/2 Single-arm Clinical Trial of Recombinant Bacillus Calmette-Guérin (BCG) VPM1002BC Immunotherapy in Non-muscle-invasive Bladder Cancer Recurrence After Conventional BCG Therapy: SAKK 06/14.
Rentsch, CA; Thalmann, GN; Lucca, I; Kwiatkowski, M; Wirth, GJ; Strebel, RT; Engeler, D; Pedrazzini, A; Hüttenbrink, C; Schultze-Seemann, W; Torpai, R; Bubendorf, L; Wicki, A; Roth, B; Bosshard, P; Püschel, H; Boll, DT; Hefermehl, L; Roghmann, F; Gierth, M; Ribi, K; Schäfer, S; Hayoz, S;
Eur Urol Oncol. 2022; 5(2): 195-202.
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Pembrolizumab alone or with chemotherapy for recurrent or metastatic head and neck squamous cell carcinoma: Health-related quality-of-life results from KEYNOTE-048.
Rischin, D; Harrington, KJ; Greil, R; Soulieres, D; Tahara, M; de Castro, G; Psyrri, A; Brana, I; Neupane, P; Bratland, A; Fuereder, T; Hughes, BGM; Mesia, R; Ngamphaiboon, N; Rordorf, T; Ishak, WZW; Hong, RL; Mendoza, RG; Jia, LY; Chirovsky, D; Norquist, J; Jin, F; Burtness, B
ORAL ONCOL. 2022; 128: 105815
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Health-related quality of life in older patients surviving ICU treatment for COVID-19: results from an international observational study of patients older than 70 years.
Soliman, IW; Leaver, S; Flaatten, H; Fjølner, J; Wernly, B; Bruno, RR; Artigas, A; Bollen Pinto, B; Schefold, JC; Beil, M; Sviri, S; van Heerden, PV; Szczeklik, W; Elhadi, M; Joannidis, M; Oeyen, S; Zafeiridis, T; Wollborn, J; Banzo, MJA; Fuest, K; Marsh, B; Andersen, FH; Moreno, R; Boumendil, A; Guidet, B; Jung, C; De Lange, DW;
Age Ageing. 2022; 51(2):
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Exploring the relationships between composite scores of disease severity, seizure-freedom and quality of life in Dravet syndrome.
Strzelczyk, A; Kurlemann, G; Bast, T; Bettendorf, U; Kluger, G; Mayer, T; Neubauer, BA; Polster, T; von Spiczak, S; Trollmann, R; Wolff, M; Toward, T; Gruenert, J; Gibson, E; Pritchard, C; Carroll, J; Rosenow, F; Schubert-Bast, S;
Neurol Res Pract. 2022; 4(1): 22
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Surgery for the treatment of obesity in children and adolescents.
Torbahn, G; Brauchmann, J; Axon, E; Clare, K; Metzendorf, MI; Wiegand, S; Pratt, JS; Ells, LJ;
Cochrane Database Syst Rev. 2022; 9: CD011740
Identification of Risk Factors for Sexual Dysfunction after Multimodal Therapy of Locally Advanced Rectal Cancer and Their Impact on Quality of Life: A Single-Center Trial.
Tschann, P; Weigl, M; Brock, T; Frick, J; Sturm, O; Presl, J; Jäger, T; Weitzendorfer, M; Schredl, P; Clemens, P; Eiter, H; Szeverinski, P; Attenberger, C; Tschann, V; Brunner, W; De Vries, A; Emmanuel, K; Königsrainer, I;
Cancers (Basel). 2022; 14(23):
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Sustained improvements in EQ-5D utility scores and self-rated health status in patients with ankylosing spondylitis after spa treatment including low-dose radon - an analysis of prospective radon indication registry data
van der Zee-neuen, A; Strobl, V; Dobias, H; Fuchs, J; Untner, J; Foisner, W; Knapp, M; Edtinger, S; Offenbacher, M; Ritter, M; Holzl, B; Gaisberger, M
BMC MUSCULOSKEL DIS. 2022; 23(1): 743
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Utilisation of complementary medicine in cancer patients and survivors: Expected benefits and its association to psychosocial factors
Weis, J; Gschwendtner, K; Guthlin, C; Holmberg, C; Horneber, M
EUR J CANCER CARE. 2022; e13690
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Quality of life and outcome of patients with metastatic pancreatic cancer receiving first-line chemotherapy with nab-paclitaxel and gemcitabine: Real-life results from the prospective QOLIXANE trial of the Platform for Outcome, Quality of Life and Translational Research on Pancreatic Cancer registry.
Al-Batran, SE; Hofheinz, RD; Reichart, A; Pauligk, C; Schonherr, C; Schlag, R; Siegler, G; Dorfel, S; Koenigsmann, M; Zahn, MO; Schubert, J; Aldaoud, A; Hoffkes, HG; Schulz, H; Hahn, L; Uhlig, J; Blau, W; Stauch, M; Weniger, J; Wolf, M; Jacobasch, L; Bildat, S; Wehmeyer, J; Homann, N; Trojan, J; Waidmann, O; Fietz, T; Feustel, HP; Groschek, M; Wierecky, J; Waibel, K; Mahlmann, S; Schwindel, U; Peters, U; Schuch, G; Pink, D; Eschenburg, H; Worns, MA; Harich, HD; von Weikersthal, LF; Dassler, KU; Behringer, DM; Messmann, H; Kretzschmar, A; Gallmeier, E; Forstbauer, H; Kunzmann, V; Papke, J; Buchner-Steudel, P; Vehling-Kaiser, U; Springfeld, C; Vogel, A; Ettrich, TJ; Schaaf, M; zur Hausen, GZ; Gotze, TO
Int J Cancer. 2021; 148(6):1478-1488
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Current Activities Centered on Healthy Living and Recommendations for the Future: A Position Statement from the HL-PIVOT Network.
Arena, R; Myers, J; Kaminsky, LA; Williams, M; Sabbahi, A; Popovic, D; Axtell, R; Faghy, MA; Hills, AP; Olivares Olivares, SL; Lopez, M; Pronk, NP; Laddu, D; Babu, AS; Josephson, R; Whitsel, LP; Severin, R; Christle, JW; Dourado, VZ; Niebauer, J; Savage, P; Austford, LD; Lavie, CJ;
Curr Probl Cardiol. 2021; 46(6):100823
Survival and quality of life after early discharge in low-risk pulmonary embolism.
Barco, S; Schmidtmann, I; Ageno, W; Anusic, T; Bauersachs, RM; Becattini, C; Bernardi, E; Beyer-Westendorf, J; Bonacchini, L; Brachmann, J; Christ, M; Czihal, M; Duerschmied, D; Empen, K; Espinola-Klein, C; Ficker, JH; Fonseca, C; Genth-Zotz, S; Jimenez, D; Harjola, VP; Held, M; Prat, LI; Lange, TJ; Lankeit, M; Manolis, A; Meyer, A; Munzel, T; Mustonen, P; Rauch-Kroehnert, U; Ruiz-Artacho, P; Schellong, S; Schwaiblmair, M; Stahrenberg, R; Valerio, L; Westerweel, PE; Wild, PS; Konstantinides, SV
EUR RESPIR J. 2021; 57(2):
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Psychosocial factors, mental health, and coordination capacity in patients with heart failure with preserved ejection fraction compared with heart failure with reduced ejection fraction.
Bekfani, T; Nisser, J; Derlien, S; Hamadanchi, A; Fröb, E; Dannberg, G; Lichtenauer, M; Smolenski, UC; Lehmann, G; Möbius-Winkler, S; Schulze, PC;
ESC Heart Fail. 2021; 8(4):3268-3278
Full papers/articles (Journal)
Myokines and Heart Failure: Challenging Role in Adverse Cardiac Remodeling, Myopathy, and Clinical Outcomes.
Berezin, AE; Berezin, AA; Lichtenauer, M;
Dis Markers. 2021; 2021:6644631
Geriatric fracture centre vs usual care after proximal femur fracture in older patients: what are the benefits? Results of a large international prospective multicentre study.
Blauth, M; Joeris, A; Rometsch, E; Espinoza-Rebmann, K; Wattanapanom, P; Jarayabhand, R; Poeze, M; Wong, MK; Kwek, EBK; Hegeman, JH; Perez-Uribarri, C; Guerado, E; Revak, TJ; Zohner, S; Joseph, D; Gosch, M;
BMJ Open. 2021; 11(5): e039960
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Chimeric antigen receptor-engineered natural killer cells: a promising cancer immunotherapy.
Chaudhuri, KR; Rukavina, K; McConvey, V; Antonini, A; Lorenzl, S; Bhidayasiri, R; Piemonte, MEP; Lim, SY; Richfield, E; Walker, R; Bouca-Machado, R; Bajwah, S; Gao, W; Trivedi, D; Miyasaki, J
EXPERT REV NEUROTHER. 2021; 17(6): 643-659.
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Endobronchial Valve (Zephyr) Treatment in Homogeneous Emphysema: One-Year Results from the IMPACT Randomized Clinical Trial
Eberhardt, R; Slebos, DJ; Herth, FJF; Darwiche, K; Wagner, M; Ficker, JH; Petermann, C; Hubner, RH; Stanzel, F; Shargill, NS; Valipour, A
Full papers/articles (Journal)
Quality of Life and Psychopathology in Lichen Planus: A Neglected Disease Burden.
Fiocco, Z; Kupf, S; Patzak, L; Kämmerer, T; Pumnea, T; French, LE; Reinholz, M;
Acta Derm Venereol. 2021; 101(12): adv00619
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Rehabilitation for children and adolescents after cancer: importance and implementation in Austria
Fischmeister, G; Riedl, D; Sanio, G; Bogendorfer, T; Holzner, B; Rumpold, G; Nickels, A; Licht, T; Sperl, W
The relationship between emotional intelligence and quality of life in schizophrenia and bipolar I disorder.
Frajo-Apor, B; Pardeller, S; Kemmler, G; Muhlbacher, M; Welte, AS; Hortnagl, C; Derntl, B; Hofer, A
Qual Life Res. 2021; 30(9):2475-2485
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Benefits of pulmonary rehabilitation in COVID-19: a prospective observational cohort study.
Gloeckl, R; Leitl, D; Jarosch, I; Schneeberger, T; Nell, C; Stenzel, N; Vogelmeier, CF; Kenn, K; Koczulla, AR
ERJ OPEN RES. 2021; 7(2):
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[Aspects of multimodal pain therapy in old age].
Gosch, M; Pils, K; Venkat, S; Singler, K;
Z Gerontol Geriatr. 2021; 54(8):823-832
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[Reflux Symptoms - No Difference in Severity and Intensity in Patients with and without Functional Verified Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease].
Grechenig, M; Gruber, R; Weitzendorfer, M; von Rahden, BHA; Widmann, B; Emmanuel, K; Koch, O;
Zentralbl Chir. 2021; 146(2):170-175
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Single-Center Evaluation of Treatment Success Using Two Different Protocols for MRI-Guided Transurethral Ultrasound Ablation of Localized Prostate Cancer.
Hatiboglu, G; Popeneciu, V; Bonekamp, D; Burtnyk, M; Staruch, R; Distler, F; Radtke, JP; Motsch, J; Schlemmer, HP; Pahernik, S; Nyarangi-Dix, J;
Front Oncol. 2021; 11: 782546
Full papers/articles (Journal)
A global view of comorbidity in multiple sclerosis: a systematic review with a focus on regional differences, methodology, and clinical implications.
Hauer, L; Perneczky, J; Sellner, J
J Neurol. 2021; 268(11):4066-4077
Effect of BMI on the clinical outcome following microsurgical decompression in over-the-top technique: bi-centric study with an analysis of 744 patients.
Herold, T; Kothe, R; Siepe, CJ; Heese, O; Hitzl, W; Korge, A; Wuertz-Kozak, K;
Eur Spine J. 2021; 30(4): 936-945.
Full papers/articles (Journal)
Prepectoral versus subpectoral implant-based breast reconstruction after skin-sparing mastectomy or nipple-sparing mastectomy (OPBC-02/ PREPEC): a pragmatic, multicentre, randomised, superiority trial.
Kappos, EA; Schulz, A; Regan, MM; Moffa, G; Harder, Y; Ribi, K; Potter, S; Pusic, AL; Fehr, MK; Hemkens, LG; Holzbach, T; Farhadi, J; Simonson, C; Knauer, M; Verstappen, R; Bucher, HC; Zwahlen, D; Zimmermann, F; Schwenkglenks, M; Mucklow, R; Shaw, J; Bjelic-Radisic, V; Chiorescu, A; Chun, YS; Farah, S; Xiaosong, C; Nigard, L; Kuemmel, S; Reitsamer, R; Hauschild, M; Fulco, I; Tausch, C; Fischer, T; Sarlos, D; Constantinescu, MA; Lupatsch, JE; Fitzal, F; Heil, J; Matrai, Z; de Boniface, J; Kurzeder, C; Haug, M; Weber, WP;
BMJ Open. 2021; 11(9): e045239
Full papers/articles (Journal)
Protocol for an observational study to identify potential predictors of an acute exacerbation in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (the PACE Study).
Kenn, K; Gloeckl, R; Leitl, D; Schneeberger, T; Jarosch, I; Hitzl, W; Alter, P; Sczepanski, B; Winterkamp, S; Boensch, M; Schade-Brittinger, C; Skevaki, C; Holz, O; Jones, PW; Vogelmeier, CF; Koczulla, AR
BMJ Open. 2021; 11(2):e043014
Full papers/articles (Journal)
[Rehabilitation in pneumology].
Leitl, D; Jarosch, I; Glockl, R; Schneeberger, T; Koczulla, AR
Pneumologe (Berl). 2021; 18(4):241-250
Expert-based medication reviews to reduce polypharmacy in older patients in primary care: a northern-Italian cluster-randomised controlled trial.
Mahlknecht, A; Wiedermann, CJ; Sandri, M; Engl, A; Valentini, M; Vögele, A; Schmid, S; Deflorian, F; Montalbano, C; Koper, D; Bellmann, R; Sönnichsen, A; Piccoliori, G;
BMC Geriatr. 2021; 21(1):659
Full papers/articles (Journal)
To the Operating Room! Positive Effects of a Healthcare Clown Intervention on Children Undergoing Surgery.
Markova, G; Houdek, L; Kocabova, Z;
Front Public Health. 2021; 9:653884
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[Input of the start on the result of a special interdisciplinary rehabilitation program for work-related injuries of the hand].
Millrose, M; Kim, S; Eichenauer, F; Gesslein, M; Eisenschenk, A; Asmus, A;
Handchir Mikrochir Plast Chir. 2021; 53(1): 61-66.
Full papers/articles (Journal)
Patients-centered SurvivorShIp care plan after Cancer treatments based on Big Data and Artificial Intelligence technologies (PERSIST): a multicenter study protocol to evaluate efficacy of digital tools supporting cancer survivors.
Mlakar, I; Lin, S; Aleksandravica, I; Arcimovica, K; Eglitis, J; Leja, M; Barreira, AS; Gomez, JG; Salgado, M; Mata, JG; Batorek, D; Horvat, M; Molan, M; Ravnik, M; Kaux, JF; Bleret, V; Loly, C; Maquet, D; Sartini, E; Smrke, U
BMC MED INFORM DECIS. 2021; 21(1): 243
Full papers/articles (Journal)
Catheter, surgical, or hybrid procedure: what future for atrial fibrillation ablation?
Nasso, G; Lorusso, R; Moscarelli, M; De Martino, G; DellAquila, AM; Motekallemi, A; Di Bari, N; Condello, I; Mastroroberto, P; Santarpino, G; Speziale, G;
J Cardiothorac Surg. 2021; 16(1): 186
Full papers/articles (Journal)
The fate of patients after failed epicardial ablation of atrial fibrillation.
Nasso, G; Lorusso, R; Motekallemi, A; DellAquila, AM; Di Bari, N; Condello, I; Moscarelli, M; Iacopino, S; Serraino, GF; Mastroroberto, P; Santarpino, G; Speziale, G;
J Cardiothorac Surg. 2021; 16(1): 249
Full papers/articles (Journal)
Impact of exercise training and supplemental oxygen on submaximal exercise performance in patients with COPD.
Neunhäuserer, D; Reich, B; Mayr, B; Kaiser, B; Lamprecht, B; Niederseer, D; Ermolao, A; Studnicka, M; Niebauer, J;
Scand J Med Sci Sports. 2021; 31(3):710-719
Full papers/articles (Journal)
Impact of Proportionality of Secondary Mitral Regurgitation on Outcome After Transcatheter Mitral Valve Repair.
Orban, M; Karam, N; Lubos, E; Kalbacher, D; Braun, D; Deseive, S; Neuss, M; Butter, C; Praz, F; Kassar, M; Petrescu, A; Pfister, R; Iliadis, C; Unterhuber, M; Lurz, P; Thiele, H; Baldus, S; Stephan von Bardeleben, R; Blankenberg, S; Massberg, S; Windecker, S; Hausleiter, J;
JACC Cardiovasc Imaging. 2021; 14(4):715-725
Full papers/articles (Journal)
Cognitive Ability as a Non-modifiable Risk Factor for Post-prostatectomy Urinary Incontinence: A Double-Blinded, Prospective, Single-Center Trial.
Reichert, M; Popeneciu, IV; Uhlig, A; Trojan, L; Mohr, MN;
Front Surg. 2021; 8:812197
Full papers/articles (Journal)
Anonymous online cognitive behavioral therapy for sleep disorders in shift workers-a study protocol for a randomized controlled trial.
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Full papers/articles (Journal)
Factors Associated with Health-Related Quality of Life in Late-Stage Parkinsons Disease.
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Impact of COVID-19 on wound care in Germany.
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Full papers/articles (Journal)
Comprehensive pulmonary rehabilitation (PR) decreases frailty in lung transplant recipients - a prospective observational study
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Abstracts (Journal)
Effect of Different Endurance Training Protocols During Cardiac Rehabilitation on Quality of Life.
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Full papers/articles (Journal)
Low complication rate and better results for intramedullary nail - arthrodesis for infected knee joints compared to external fixator-a series of one hundred fifty two patients.
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Outcome Quality of Inpatient and Day-Clinic Treatment in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry-A Naturalistic Study.
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Full papers/articles (Journal)
Childhood Stroke: Long-Term Outcomes and Health-Related Quality of Life with a Special Focus on the Development of Epilepsy.
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Health-related quality of life in children and adolescents with tuberous sclerosis complex and their caregivers: A multicentre cohort study from Germany.
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Full papers/articles (Journal)
Long-Term Quality of Life after Pancreatic Surgery for Intraductal Papillary Mucinous Neoplasm.
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Secondary prevention through comprehensive cardiovascular rehabilitation: From knowledge to implementation. 2020 update. A position paper from the Secondary Prevention and Rehabilitation Section of the European Association of Preventive Cardiology.
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Correction to: The relative risk of second primary cancers in Switzerland: a population-based retrospective cohort study.
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Quality of life in nursing home residents with pain: pain interference, depression and multiple pain-related diseases as important determinants.
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Full papers/articles (Journal)
Long-term (up to 16 months) health-related quality of life after adjuvant tailored dose-dense chemotherapy vs. standard three-weekly chemotherapy in women with high-risk early breast cancer.
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Full papers/articles (Journal)
Simultaneous Vestibular Schwannoma Resection and Cochlear Implantation Using Electrically Evoked Auditory Brainstem Response Audiometry for Decision-making.
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Full papers/articles (Journal)
Winter Exercise and Speleotherapy for Allergy and Asthma: A Randomized Controlled Clinical Trial.
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Full papers/articles (Journal)
Early prevention of diabetes microvascular complications in people with hyperglycaemia in Europe. ePREDICE randomized trial. Study protocol, recruitment and selected baseline data.
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Full papers/articles (Journal)
Does the separation from marital partners of Syrian refugees with a residence permit in Germany have an impact on their quality of life?
Georgiadou, E; Schmitt, GM; Erim, Y;
J Psychosom Res. 2020; 130:109936
Full papers/articles (Journal)
Benefits of pulmonary rehabilitation in patients with advanced lymphangioleiomyomatosis (LAM) compared with COPD - a retrospective analysis.
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Quality of Life, Anxiety, and Depression in Patients With Early-Stage Mycosis Fungoides and the Effect of Oral Psoralen Plus UV-A (PUVA) Photochemotherapy on it.
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Full papers/articles (Journal)
Pulmonary function decreases moderately after accelerated high-dose irradiation for stage III non-small cell lung cancer.
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Full papers/articles (Journal)
The Impact of Subsyndromal Bipolar Symptoms on Patient"s Functionality and Quality of Life.
Grunze, H; Born, C
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Midostaurin improves quality of life and mediator-related symptoms in advanced systemic mastocytosis.
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Full papers/articles (Journal)
Magnetic resonance imaging-guided transurethral ultrasound ablation of prostate tissue in patients with localized prostate cancer: single-center evaluation of 6-month treatment safety and functional outcomes of intensified treatment parameters.
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Full papers/articles (Journal)
Optimizing Treatment in Undertreated Late-Stage Parkinsonism: A Pragmatic Randomized Trial.
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Full papers/articles (Journal)
Discordant perception of global health between COPD outpatients and their physicians - real world data from the CLARA project
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Abstracts (Journal)
Quality of Life and Limitations in Daily Life of Stable COPD Outpatients in a Real-World Setting in Austria - Results from the CLARA Project.
Horner, A; Burghuber, OC; Hartl, S; Studnicka, M; Merkle, M; Olschewski, H; Kaiser, B; Wallner, EM; Lamprecht, B;
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Full papers/articles (Journal)
More Than 500 Kids Could Be Saved Each Year! Ten Consensus Actions to Improve Quality of Pediatric Resuscitation in DACH-Countries (Austria, Germany, and Switzerland).
Jung, P; Brenner, S; Bachmann, I; Both, C; Cardona, F; Dohna-Schwake, C; Eich, C; Eifinger, F; Huth, R; Heimberg, E; Landsleitner, B; Olivieri, M; Sasse, M; Weisner, T; Wagner, M; Warnke, G; Ziegler, B; Boettiger, BW; Nadkarni, V; Hoffmann, F;
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Full papers/articles (Journal)
Secukinumab leads to shifts from stage-based towards response-based disease clusters-comparative data from very early and established psoriatic arthritis.
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Full papers/articles (Journal)
The inguinal region revisited: the surgical point of view : An anatomical-surgical mapping and sonographic approach regarding postoperative chronic groin pain following open hernia repair.
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Full papers/articles (Journal)
Health-Related Quality of Life in Patients With Hodgkin Lymphoma: A Longitudinal Analysis of the German Hodgkin Study Group.
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Full papers/articles (Journal)
Evidence-based guidelines on the therapeutic use of repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation (rTMS): An update (2014-2018).
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Quality of life in patients with relapsed/refractory multiple myeloma during ixazomib-thalidomide-dexamethasone induction and ixazomib maintenance therapy and comparison to the general population.
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Full papers/articles (Journal)
Impact of Education on COPD Severity and All-Cause Mortality in Lifetime Never-Smokers and Longtime Ex-Smokers: Results of the COSYCONET Cohort.
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Full papers/articles (Journal)
Targeted Palliative Radionuclide Therapy for Metastatic Bone Pain.
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Effects of Olive Oil on Blood Pressure: Epidemiological, Clinical, and Mechanistic Evidence.
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Effects of active commuting on health-related quality of life and sickness-related absence.
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Full papers/articles (Journal)
Current collaboration between palliative care and neurology: a survey of clinicians in Europe.
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Full papers/articles (Journal)
Patient-Reported Outcomes One to Five Years After Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction: The Effect of Combined Injury and Associations With Osteoarthritis Features Defined on Magnetic Resonance Imaging.
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Full papers/articles (Journal)
Translational perspectives to treat Epidermolysis bullosa-Where do we stand?
Prodinger, C; Bauer, JW; Laimer, M;
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Full papers/articles (Journal)
Improving the Lives of Patients with Alpha-1 Antitrypsin Deficiency.
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Comparison of high tone therapy and transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation therapy in chemotherapy-induced polyneuropathy.
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Full papers/articles (Journal)
Dose-response relationship of active commuting to work: Results of the GISMO study.
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Full papers/articles (Journal)
Increased asthma control after a 3-week inpatient pulmonary rehabilitation program.
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Full papers/articles (Journal)
Short-term safety, function, and quality of life in patients treated with Univers Revers prosthesis: a multicenter 2-year follow-up case series.
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Full papers/articles (Journal)
Immunological consequences of "immune reconstitution therapy" in multiple sclerosis: A systematic review.
Sellner, J; Rommer, PS
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Efficacy and safety of the therapeutic cancer vaccine tecemotide (L-BLP25) in early breast cancer: Results from a prospective, randomised, neoadjuvant phase II study (ABCSG 34).
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Full papers/articles (Journal)
PREDICtors for health-related quality of life after elective sigmoidectomy for DIVerticular disease: the PREDIC-DIV study protocol of a prospective multicentric transnational observational study.
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Full papers/articles (Journal)
Artificial lungs--Where are we going with the lung replacement therapy?
Swol, J; Shigemura, N; Ichiba, S; Steinseifer, U; Anraku, M; Lorusso, R;
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Nutritional status according to the mini nutritional assessment (MNA)® as potential prognostic factor for health and treatment outcomes in patients with cancer - a systematic review.
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Small molecule drug development for rare genodermatoses - evaluation of the current status in epidermolysis bullosa.
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Pepsin and oropharyngeal pH monitoring to diagnose patients with laryngopharyngeal reflux.
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Full papers/articles (Journal)
[Depression as comorbidity of rheumatoid arthritis].
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Contralateral prophylactic mastectomy in women with breast cancer without a family history or genetic predisposition : Consensus statement from the Austrian Gynecologic Oncology Working Group of the Austrian Society of Obstetrics and Gynecology.
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EPOS2020: development strategy and goals for the latest European Position Paper on Rhinosinusitis.
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Full papers/articles (Journal)
Unipolar versus bipolar hemiarthroplasty for displaced femoral neck fractures: A pooled analysis of 30,250 participants data.
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Psychopharmacology in transplantation medicine.
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Unresponsive Wakefulness Syndrome in Children after Near-Drowning: Long-Term Outcome and Impact on the Families.
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Full papers/articles (Journal)
[Minimally invasive decompression techniques for spinal cord stenosis].
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Aortic Valve Surgery in Nonelderly Patients: Insights Gained From AVIATOR.
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Development, behaviour and autism in individuals with SMC1A variants.
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Full papers/articles (Journal)
Burden-of-illness and cost-driving factors in Dravet syndrome patients and carers: A prospective, multicenter study from Germany.
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Full papers/articles (Journal)
A multicenter, matched case-control analysis comparing burden-of-illness in Dravet syndrome to refractory epilepsy and seizure remission in patients and caregivers in Germany.
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Full papers/articles (Journal)
Lenalidomide maintenance for diffuse large B-cell lymphoma patients responding to R-CHOP: quality of life, dosing, and safety results from the randomised controlled REMARC study
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Epilepsy in Asia: Disease burden, management barriers, and challenges.
Trinka, E; Kwan, P; Lee, B; Dash, A;
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Earlier Decompression (< 8 Hours) Results in Better Neurological and Functional Outcome after Traumatic Thoracolumbar Spinal Cord Injury.
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Full papers/articles (Journal)
Study protocol: Care of Late-Stage Parkinsonism (CLaSP): a longitudinal cohort study.
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Full papers/articles (Journal)
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Deep brain stimulation of the pedunculopontine nucleus for treatment of gait and balance disorder in progressive supranuclear palsy: Effects of frequency modulations and clinical outcome.
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Prospective Multicenter Phase II Study on Focal Therapy (Hemiablation) of the Prostate with High Intensity Focused Ultrasound
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Development and psychometric validation of a shorter version of the Breast Cancer Treatment Outcome Scale (BCTOS-12).
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Near-death experiences, attacks by family members, and absence of health care in their home countries affect the quality of life of refugee women in Germany: a multi-region, cross-sectional, gender-sensitive study.
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Visualization and quantification of tongue movement during articulation: Is ultrasound a valid alternative to magnetic resonance imaging?
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Full papers/articles (Journal)
Impact of Nocturnal Noninvasive Ventilation on Pulmonary Rehabilitation in Patients with End-Stage Lung Disease Awaiting Lung Transplantation.
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Using tube feeding and levodopa-carbidopa intestinal gel application in advanced Parkinsons disease.
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A proposal for a tailored approach to diverting ostomy for colorectal anastomosis.
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Intentional Weight Loss in Overweight and Obese Patients With Knee Osteoarthritis: Is More Better?
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Cardiac rehabilitation in Austria.
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Clinical feasibility of a new full-thickness endoscopic plication device (GERDx™) for patients with GERD: results of a prospective trial.
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Renal Autotransplantation in Metachronous Solitary Contralateral Ureteral Metastasis from Renal Cell Carcinoma: A Case Report.
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Case Reports
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Knee arthrodesis versus above-the-knee amputation after septic failure of revision total knee arthroplasty: comparison of functional outcome and complication rates.
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The Arthroscopic All-Inside Tibial-Inlay Reconstruction of the Posterior Cruciate Ligament: Medium-Term Functional Results and Complication Rate.
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Improvement of quality of life and psychological distress after inpatient cancer rehabilitation
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High Amplitude EEG Motor Potential during Repetitive Foot Movement: Possible Use and Challenges for Futuristic BCIs That Restore Mobility after Spinal Cord Injury.
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Midostaurin: a magic bullet that blocks mast cell expansion and activation.
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Role of Pepsin and Oropharyngeal pH-Monitoring to Assess the Postoperative Outcome of Patients with Laryngopharyngeal Reflux: Results of a Pilot Trial.
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Interim Report of a Prospective Trial on the Clinical Efficiency of a New Full-thickness Endoscopic Plication Device for Patients With GERD: Impact of Changed Suture Material.
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Effectiveness of a Peer Support Programme versus Usual Care in Disease Management of Diabetes Mellitus Type 2 regarding Improvement of Metabolic Control: A Cluster-Randomised Controlled Trial
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