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Does the presence of a specialist doctor reduce the burden of disease in people with epilepsy in low-resource settings? A comparison of two epilepsy clinics in rural Tanzania.
Klein, A; Berger, TC; Hapfelmeier, A; Schaffert, M; Matuja, W; Schmutzhard, E; Winkler, AS;
Epilepsy Behav. 2023; 139: 109030
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Connectivity Analysis during Rubber Hand Illusion-A Pilot TMS-EEG Study in a Patient with SCI.
Frey, VN; Thomschewski, A; Langthaler, PB; Kunz, AB; Höller, Y; Trinka, E; Nardone, R;
Neural Plast. 2021; 2021: 6695530
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Gait analysis - Available platforms for outcome assessment.
Klöpfer-Krämer, I; Brand, A; Wackerle, H; Müßig, J; Kröger, I; Augat, P;
Injury. 2020; 51 Suppl 2:S90-S96
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Utility of Whole Blood Thiamine Pyrophosphate Evaluation in TPK1-Related Diseases
Bugiardini, E; Pope, S; Feichtinger, RG; Poole, OV; Pittman, AM; Woodward, CE; Heales, S; Quinlivan, R; Houlden, H; Mayr, JA; Hanna, MG; Pitceathly, RDS;
J Clin Med. 2019; 8(7):
Case Reports
The Blood-Brain Barrier and Its Intercellular Junctions in Age-Related Brain Disorders.
Costea, L; Mészáros, Á; Bauer, H; Bauer, HC; Traweger, A; Wilhelm, I; Farkas, AE; Krizbai, IA;
Int J Mol Sci. 2019; 20(21):
Clinical and genetic spectrum of SCN2A-associated episodic ataxia.
Schwarz, N; Bast, T; Gaily, E; Golla, G; Gorman, KM; Griffiths, LR; Hahn, A; Hukin, J; King, M; Korff, C; Miranda, MJ; Moller, RS; Neubauer, B; Smith, RA; Smol, T; Striano, P; Stroud, B; Vaccarezza, M; Kluger, G; Lerche, H; Fazeli, W
EUR J PAEDIATR NEURO. 2019; 23(3): 438-447.
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Why do people search Wikipedia for information on multiple sclerosis?
Brigo, F; Lattanzi, S; Bragazzi, N; Nardone, R; Moccia, M; Lavorgna, L
MULT SCLER RELAT DIS. 2018; 20: 210-214.
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[Parkinson"s disease, Alzheimer"s disease and oncological diseases in residential geriatric care : Pain frequency and selected healthcare features in comparison].
Kutschar, P; Lex, K; Osterbrink, J; Lorenzl, S
Schmerz. 2018; 32(5):356-363
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Inter-rater and intra-rater reliability of an adapted Wolf motor function test for older patients with shoulder injuries.
Oberle, C; Becker, C; Schölch, S; Lenz, JU; Studier-Fischer, S; Augat, P; Schwickert, L;
Z Gerontol Geriatr. 2018; 51(3):293-300
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Clinical diagnosis of progressive supranuclear palsy: The movement disorder society criteria.
Höglinger, GU; Respondek, G; Stamelou, M; Kurz, C; Josephs, KA; Lang, AE; Mollenhauer, B; Müller, U; Nilsson, C; Whitwell, JL; Arzberger, T; Englund, E; Gelpi, E; Giese, A; Irwin, DJ; Meissner, WG; Pantelyat, A; Rajput, A; van Swieten, JC; Troakes, C; Antonini, A; Bhatia, KP; Bordelon, Y; Compta, Y; Corvol, JC; Colosimo, C; Dickson, DW; Dodel, R; Ferguson, L; Grossman, M; Kassubek, J; Krismer, F; Levin, J; Lorenzl, S; Morris, HR; Nestor, P; Oertel, WH; Poewe, W; Rabinovici, G; Rowe, JB; Schellenberg, GD; Seppi, K; van Eimeren, T; Wenning, GK; Boxer, AL; Golbe, LI; Litvan, I;
Mov Disord. 2017; 32(6): 853-864.
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[Focal point emergency departments].
Lange, R; Popp, S; Erbguth, F;
Nervenarzt. 2016; 87(6): 59-602.
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Free-thiamine is a potential biomarker of thiamine transporter-2 deficiency: a treatable cause of Leigh syndrome.
Ortigoza-Escobar, JD; Molero-Luis, M; Arias, A; Oyarzabal, A; Darín, N; Serrano, M; Garcia-Cazorla, A; Tondo, M; Hernández, M; Garcia-Villoria, J; Casado, M; Gort, L; Mayr, JA; Rodríguez-Pombo, P; Ribes, A; Artuch, R; Pérez-Dueñas, B;
Brain. 2016; 139(Pt 1): 31-38.
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Wikipedia and neurological disorders.
Brigo, F; Igwe, SC; Nardone, R; Lochner, P; Tezzon, F; Otte, WM
J Clin Neurosci. 2015; 22(7):1170-1172
Vitamin D deficiency decreases survival of bacterial meningoencephalitis in mice.
Djukic, M; Sostmann, N; Bertsch, T; Mecke, M; Nessler, S; Manig, A; Hanisch, UK; Triebel, J; Bollheimer, LC; Sieber, C; Nau, R
J Neuroinflammation. 2015; 12:208
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Anti-Hu Antibody Associated Paraneoplastic Cerebellar Degeneration in Head and Neck Cancer.
Huemer, F; Melchardt, T; Tränkenschuh, W; Neureiter, D; Moser, G; Magnes, T; Weiss, L; Schlattau, A; Hufnagl, C; Ricken, G; Höftberger, R; Greil, R; Egle, A;
BMC Cancer. 2015; 15:996
Case Reports
On the Path toward Classifying Hormones of the Vasoinhibin-Family.
Triebel, J; Bertsch, T; Martínez de la Escalera, G; Clapp, C;
Front Endocrinol (Lausanne). 2015; 6(16): 1-2.
Bilateral symmetrical basal ganglia and thalamic lesions in children: an update (2015).
Zuccoli, G; Yannes, MP; Nardone, R; Bailey, A; Goldstein, A;
Neuroradiology. 2015; 57(10): 973-989.
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"You Shall Not Pass"-tight junctions of the blood brain barrier
Bauer, HC; Krizbai, IA; Bauer, H; Traweger, A
The impact of neurological disorders on the risk for falls in the community dwelling elderly: a case-controlled study
Homann, B; Plaschg, A; Grundner, M; Haubenhofer, A; Griedl, T; Ivanic, G; Hofer, E; Fazekas, F; Homann, CN
BMJ OPEN. 2013; 3(11):
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Delayed diagnosed posterior interosseous nerve palsy due to intramuscular myxoma.
Kursumovic, A; Mattiassich, G; Rath, S;
BMJ Case Rep. 2013; 2013:
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Brain pericyte plasticity as a potential drug target in CNS repair.
Lange, S; Trost, A; Tempfer, H; Bauer, HC; Bauer, H; Rohde, E; Reitsamer, HA; Franklin, RJ; Aigner, L; Rivera, FJ;
Drug Discov Today. 2013; 18(9-10):456-463
NEUROBID--an EU-funded project to study the developing brain barriers.
Bueter, W; Saunders, NR; Mallard, C; Bauer, HC; Stolp, HB; Kavelaars, A; Dammann, O;
INT J DEV NEUROSCI. 2010; 28(5): 411-412.
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Aquaporin 4 antibody positive central nervous system autoimmunity and multiple sclerosis are characterized by a distinct profile of antibodies to herpes viruses.
Sellner, J; Cepok, S; Kalluri, SR; Nestler, A; Kleiter, I; Kümpfel, T; Linker, R; Melms, A; Menge, T; Tumani, H; Paul, F; Hemmer, B; Berthele, A;
Neurochem Int. 2010; 57(6): 662-667.
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Changes of teaching in the interdisciplinary subject "Rehabilitation, Physical Medicine, Naturopathic Treatment" in the German medical faculties 2004 to 2006/07
Kusak, G; Gulich, M; Lay, W; Morfeld, M; Schwarzkopf, SR; Mau, W
REHABILITATION. 2008; 47(1): 2-7.
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Protein S-100B--a prognostic marker for cerebral damage.
Stroick, M; Fatar, M; Ragoschke-Schumm, A; Fassbender, K; Bertsch, T; Hennerici, MG
Curr Med Chem. 2006; 13(25):3053-3060
[Itching following therapy with hydroxyethyl starch (HES) in otoneurological diseases].
WIEN MED WOCHENSCHR. 1992; 142(1): 1-7.
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