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Haploidentical γδ T Cells Induce Complete Remission in Chemorefractory B-cell Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma.
Bold, A; Gaertner, J; Bott, A; Mordstein, V; Schaefer-Eckart, K; Wilhelm, M;
J Immunother. 2023; 46(2):56-58
Case Reports
Minimally invasive plate osteosynthesis (MIPO) for distal humeral fractures: a cadaveric study and first clinical application.
Hofmann, V; Diepold, J; Moursy, M; Birke, MT; Deininger, C; Wichlas, F;
BMC Musculoskelet Disord. 2023; 24(1):206
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Dataset on acute stroke risk stratification from CT angiographic radiomics.
Avery, EW; Behland, J; Mak, A; Haider, SP; Zeevi, T; Sanelli, PC; Filippi, CG; Malhotra, A; Matouk, CC; Griessenauer, CJ; Zand, R; Hendrix, P; Abedi, V; Falcone, GJ; Petersen, N; Sansing, LH; Sheth, KN; Payabvash, S;
Data Brief. 2022; 44: 108542
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Feasibility and Safety of Whole-Body Electromyostimulation in Frail Older People-A Pilot Trial.
Bloeckl, J; Raps, S; Weineck, M; Kob, R; Bertsch, T; Kemmler, W; Schoene, D;
Front Physiol. 2022; 13: 856681
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Vein Bypass versus Nitinol Stent in Long Femoropopliteal Lesions: 4-Year Results of a Randomized Controlled Trial.
Enzmann, FK; Nierlich, P; Hölzenbein, T; Aspalter, M; Kluckner, M; Hitzl, W; Opperer, M; Linni, K;
Ann Surg. 2022;
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Accuracy and tolerability of self-sampling of capillary blood for analysis of inflammation and autoantibodies in rheumatoid arthritis patients-results from a randomized controlled trial.
Knitza, J; Tascilar, K; Vuillerme, N; Eimer, E; Matusewicz, P; Corte, G; Schuster, L; Aubourg, T; Bendzuck, G; Korinth, M; Elling-Audersch, C; Kleyer, A; Boeltz, S; Hueber, AJ; Krönke, G; Schett, G; Simon, D;
Arthritis Res Ther. 2022; 24(1): 125
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Comparison of a full sternotomy with a minimally invasive approach for concomitant mitral and tricuspid valve surgery.
Paparella, D; Margari, V; Santarpino, G; Moscarelli, M; Guida, P; Fattouch, K; Albertini, A; Martinelli, L; Mikus, E; Gregorini, R; Speziale, G;
Eur J Cardiothorac Surg. 2022; 62(3):
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Spiral 3D time-of-flight MR angiography for rapid non-contrast carotid artery imaging: Clinical feasibility and protocol optimization.
Sartoretti, E; Sartoretti-Schefer, S; van Smoorenburg, L; Binkert, CA; Gutzeit, A; Wyss, M; Sartoretti, T;
Phys Med. 2022; 93:20-28
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Checkpoint inhibitors in metastatic gastric and GEJ cancer: a multi-institutional retrospective analysis of real-world data in a Western cohort.
Schlintl, V; Huemer, F; Rinnerthaler, G; Melchardt, T; Winder, T; Reimann, P; Riedl, J; Amann, A; Eisterer, W; Romeder, F; Piringer, G; Ilhan-Mutlu, A; Wöll, E; Greil, R; Weiss, L;
BMC Cancer. 2022; 22(1): 51
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A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis of Chemoablation for Non-muscle-invasive Bladder Cancer.
Yanagisawa, T; Quhal, F; Kawada, T; Mostafaei, H; Motlagh, RS; Laukhtina, E; Rajwa, P; Deimling, MV; Bianchi, A; Pallauf, M; Majdoub, M; Pradere, B; Moschini, M; Karakiewicz, PI; Teoh, JY; Miki, J; Kimura, T; Shariat, SF;
Eur Urol Focus. 2022;
QR-313, an Antisense Oligonucleotide, Shows Therapeutic Efficacy for Treatment of Dominant and Recessive Dystrophic Epidermolysis Bullosa: A Preclinical Study.
Bornert, O; Hogervorst, M; Nauroy, P; Bischof, J; Swildens, J; Athanasiou, I; Tufa, SF; Keene, DR; Kiritsi, D; Hainzl, S; Murauer, EM; Marinkovich, MP; Platenburg, G; Hausser, I; Wally, V; Ritsema, T; Koller, U; Haisma, EM; Nyström, A;
J Invest Dermatol. 2021; 141(4):883-893.e6
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Benefits of pulmonary rehabilitation in COVID-19: a prospective observational cohort study.
Gloeckl, R; Leitl, D; Jarosch, I; Schneeberger, T; Nell, C; Stenzel, N; Vogelmeier, CF; Kenn, K; Koczulla, AR
ERJ OPEN RES. 2021; 7(2):
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A Virtual Reality-Based App to Educate Health Care Professionals and Medical Students About Inflammatory Arthritis: Feasibility Study.
Klemm, P; Kleyer, A; Tascilar, K; Schuster, L; Meinderink, T; Steiger, F; Lange, U; Müller-Ladner, U; Knitza, J; Sewerin, P; Mucke, J; Pfeil, A; Schett, G; Hartmann, F; Hueber, AJ; Simon, D;
JMIR Serious Games. 2021; 9(2): e23835
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Individual 3D-printed fixation masks for radiotherapy: first clinical experiences.
Mattke, M; Rath, D; Häfner, MF; Unterhinninghofen, R; Sterzing, F; Debus, J; Giesel, FL;
Int J Comput Assist Radiol Surg. 2021; 16(6): 1043-1049.
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Integrative analysis of cell state changes in lung fibrosis with peripheral protein biomarkers.
Mayr, CH; Simon, LM; Leuschner, G; Ansari, M; Schniering, J; Geyer, PE; Angelidis, I; Strunz, M; Singh, P; Kneidinger, N; Reichenberger, F; Silbernagel, E; Böhm, S; Adler, H; Lindner, M; Maurer, B; Hilgendorff, A; Prasse, A; Behr, J; Mann, M; Eickelberg, O; Theis, FJ; Schiller, HB;
EMBO Mol Med. 2021; 13(4):e12871
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High-frequency monitoring of personalized psychological variables during outpatient psychotherapy in people with seizures: An uncontrolled feasibility study.
Michaelis, R; Edelhauser, F; Hulsner, Y; Trinka, E; Viol, K; Schiepek, G
EPILEPSY BEHAV. 2021; 122: 108119
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Effects of COVID-19 protective measures on the ophthalmological patient examination with an emphasis on gender-specific differences.
Rauchegger, T; Osl, A; Nowosielski, Y; Angermann, R; Palme, C; Haas, G; Steger, B;
BMJ Open Ophthalmol. 2021; 6(1): e000841
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Anonymous online cognitive behavioral therapy for sleep disorders in shift workers-a study protocol for a randomized controlled trial.
Retzer, L; Feil, M; Reindl, R; Richter, K; Lehmann, R; Stemmler, M; Graessel, E;
Trials. 2021; 22(1):539
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Evaluation of circulating cell-free KRAS mutational status as a molecular monitoring tool in patients with pancreatic cancer.
Schlick, K; Markus, S; Huemer, F; Ratzinger, L; Zaborsky, N; Clemens, H; Neureiter, D; Neumayer, B; Beate, AS; Florian, S; Martin, V; Grundbichler, M; Weiss, L; Melchardt, T; Greil, R; Egle, A;
Pancreatology. 2021; 21(8):1466-1471
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Leukocyte-Reactive Antibodies in Female Blood Donors: The Austrian Experience.
Schönbacher, M; Aichinger, N; Weidner, L; Jungbauer, C; Grabmer, C; Schuha, B; Rohde, E; Mayr, W; Körmöczi, G;
Transfus Med Hemother. 2021; 48(2): 99-108.
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Periprocedural Safety and Feasibility of the New LVIS EVO Device for Stent-Assisted Coiling of Intracranial Aneurysms: An Observational Multicenter Study.
Vollherbst, DF; Berlis, A; Maurer, C; Behrens, L; Sirakov, S; Sirakov, A; Fischer, S; Maus, V; Holtmannspötter, M; Rautio, R; Sinisalo, M; Poncyljusz, W; Janssen, H; Wodarg, F; Kabbasch, C; Trenkler, J; Herweh, C; Bendszus, M; Möhlenbruch, MA;
AJNR Am J Neuroradiol. 2021; 42(2):319-326
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[F18] FDG-PET/CT for manual or semiautomated GTV delineation of the primary tumor for radiation therapy planning in patients with esophageal cancer: is it useful?
Walter, F; Jell, C; Zollner, B; Andrae, C; Gerum, S; Ilhan, H; Belka, C; Niyazi, M; Roeder, F;
Strahlenther Onkol. 2021; 197(9):78-790
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Impella versus extracorporal life support in cardiogenic shock: a propensity score adjusted analysis.
Wernly, B; Karami, M; Engström, AE; Windecker, S; Hunziker, L; Lüscher, TF; Henriques, JP; Ferrari, MW; Binnebößel, S; Masyuk, M; Niederseer, D; Abel, P; Fuernau, G; Franz, M; Kelm, M; Busch, MC; Felix, SB; Thiele, H; Lauten, A; Jung, C;
ESC Heart Fail. 2021; 8(2): 953-961.
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Transferring MINDACT to Daily Routine: Implementation of the 70-Gene Signature in Luminal Early Breast Cancer - Results from a Prospective Registry of the Austrian Group Medical Tumor Therapy (AGMT)
Westphal, T; Gampenrieder, SP; Rinnerthaler, G; Balic, M; Posch, F; Dandachi, N; Hauser-Kronberger, C; Reitsamer, R; Sotlar, K; Radl, B; Suppan, C; Stoger, H; Greil, R
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Dog-Assisted Therapy in Neurorehabilitation of Children with Severe Neurological Impairment: An Explorative Study.
Hediger, K; Boek, F; Sachers, J; Blankenburg, U; Antonius-Kluger, E; Rist, B; Schaudek, M; Staudt, M; Kluger, G
NEUROPEDIATRICS. 2020; 51(4): 267-274.
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A virtual reality paradigm to assess episodic memory: Validation-dataset for six parallel versions and a structured behavioral assessment.
Höller, Y; Höhn, C; Schwimmbeck, F; Plancher, G; Trinka, E;
Data Brief. 2020; 29:105279
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Educational Program in Complementary and Alternative Medicine for Cancer Self-Help Groups.
Jablotschkin, M; Bartsch, HH; Gschwendtner, K; Hauer, J; Horneber, M; Weis, J;
Complement Med Res. 2020; 27(4):222-229
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Extracorporeal life support system during cardiovascular procedures: Insights from the German Lifebridge registry.
Masyuk, M; Abel, P; Hug, M; Wernly, B; Haneya, A; Sack, S; Sideris, K; Langwieser, N; Graf, T; Fuernau, G; Franz, M; Westenfeld, R; Kelm, M; Felix, SB; Jung, C;
Artif Organs. 2020; 44(12):1259-1266
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Single-use IgE-selective immunoadsorber column for the treatment of severe atopic dermatitis.
Meyersburg, D; Laimer, M; Kugler, A; Mühlthaler, E; Lindlbauer, N; Hitzl, W; Rohde, E; Bauer, JW; Grabmer, C;
J Clin Apher. 2020; 35(1): 50-58.
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Feasibility of Kahoot! as a Real-Time Assessment Tool in (Histo-)pathology Classroom Teaching
Neureiter, D; Klieser, E; Neumayer, B; Winkelmann, P; Urbas, R; Kiesslich, T
ADV MED EDUC PRACT. 2020; 11: 695-705.
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Translational perspectives to treat Epidermolysis bullosa-Where do we stand?
Prodinger, C; Bauer, JW; Laimer, M;
Exp Dermatol. 2020; 29(11):1112-1122
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Balloon Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement After Aortic Valve Repair With HAART 300 Device.
Vogt, F; Marianowicz, J; Jessl, J; Eckner, D; Fischlein, T;
Ann Thorac Surg. 2020; 110(5): e375-e376.
Case Reports
Monocenter Investigation Micra® MRI study (MIMICRY): feasibility study of the magnetic resonance imaging compatibility of a leadless pacemaker system.
Blessberger, H; Kiblboeck, D; Reiter, C; Lambert, T; Kellermair, J; Schmit, P; Fellner, F; Lichtenauer, M; Kypta, A; Steinwender, C; Kammler, J;
Europace. 2019; 21(1):137-141
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Anchored Transponder Guided Lung Radiation Therapy.
Dobelbower, MC; Popple, RA; Minnich, DJ; Nader, DA; Zimmerman, F; Paris, GE; Herth, FJF; Gompelmann, D; Roeder, FF; Parikh, PJ; McDonald, AM;
Pract Radiat Oncol. 2019; 10(1):e37-e44
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Considerations in preparing a multicenter study: Lessons learned from the Epilepsy Monitoring Unit Comfort Questionnaire (EMUCQ) validation feasibility study.
Egger-Rainer, A; Lorenzl, S; Trinka, E;
EPILEPSY BEHAV. 2019; 98(Pt A): 53-58.
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Damage control surgery for perforated diverticulitis: a two center experience with two different abdominal negative pressure therapy devices.
Gasser, E; Alexander, P; Reich-Weinberger, S; Buchner, S; Kogler, P; Zitt, M; Kafka-Ritsch, R; Öfner, D
ACTA CHIR BELG. 2019; 119(6): 370-375.
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Protocolised thromboelastometric-guided haemostatic management in patients with traumatic brain injury: a pilot study.
Gratz, J; Guting, H; Thorn, S; Brazinova, A; Gorlinger, K; Schafer, N; Schochl, H; Stanworth, S; Maegele, M
ANAESTHESIA. 2019; 74(7): 883-890.
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Feasibility of Ski Mountaineering for Patients Following a Total Knee Arthroplasty: A Descriptive Field Study.
Haslinger, S; Huber, D; Morawetz, D; Blank, C; Prossegger, J; Dunnwald, T; Koller, A; Fink, C; Hartl, A; Schobersberger, W
INT J ENV RES PUB HE. 2019; 16(9):
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Correlation of EEG spectra, connectivity, and information theoretical biomarkers with psychological states in the epilepsy monitoring unit - A pilot study.
Höller, Y; Trinka, E; Kalss, G; Schiepek, G; Michaelis, R;
Epilepsy Behav. 2019; 99:106485
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Gene Editing-Mediated Disruption of Epidermolytic Ichthyosis-Associated KRT10 Alleles Restores Filament Stability in Keratinocytes.
March, OP; Lettner, T; Klausegger, A; Ablinger, M; Kocher, T; Hainzl, S; Peking, P; Lackner, N; Rajan, N; Hofbauer, JP; Guttmann-Gruber, C; Bygum, A; Koller, U; Reichelt, J;
J Invest Dermatol. 2019; 139(8): 1699-1710.e6.
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Small Saphenous Vein and Arm Vein as Bypass Grafts for Upper Extremity Ischemia.
Nierlich, P; Enzmann, F; Dabernig, W; San Martin, JE; Akhavan, F; Linni, K; Hölzenbein, T;
Ann Vasc Surg. 2019; 60:264-269
Full papers/articles (Journal)
Transhepatic forceps biopsy after PTCD for histological assessment of bile duct stenoses or occlusions.
Warnken, EM; Uder, M; Stein, H; Wucherer, M; Lell, M; Muschweck, H; Adamus, R;
Z Gastroenterol. 2019; 57(2):-138
Full papers/articles (Journal)
Accelerometer-based atrioventricular synchronous pacing with a ventricular leadless pacemaker: Results from the Micra atrioventricular feasibility studies.
Chinitz, L; Ritter, P; Khelae, SK; Iacopino, S; Garweg, C; Grazia-Bongiorni, M; Neuzil, P; Johansen, JB; Mont, L; Gonzalez, E; Sagi, V; Duray, GZ; Clementy, N; Sheldon, T; Splett, V; Stromberg, K; Wood, N; Steinwender, C
HEART RHYTHM. 2018; 15(9): 1363-1371.
Full papers/articles (Journal)
Specialized group intervention for compulsive exercise in inpatients with eating disorders: feasibility and preliminary outcomes.
Dittmer, N; Voderholzer, U; von der Muhlen, M; Marwitz, M; Fumi, M; Monch, C; Alexandridis, K; Cuntz, U; Jacobi, C; Schlegl, S
J EAT DISORD. 2018; 6: 27
Full papers/articles (Journal)
Ocular ultrasound for monitoring pseudotumor cerebri syndrome.
Lochner, P; Fassbender, K; Lesmeister, M; Nardone, R; Orioli, A; Brigo, F; Stolz, E;
J Neurol. 2018; 265(2):356-361
Full papers/articles (Journal)
A prospective, multicenter pilot study to investigate the feasibility and safety of a 1-year controlled exercise training after adjuvant chemotherapy in colorectal cancer patients.
Piringer, G; Fridrik, M; Fridrik, A; Leiherer, A; Zabernigg, A; Greil, R; Eisterer, W; Tschmelitsch, J; Lang, A; Frantal, S; Burgstaller, S; Gnant, M; Thaler, J;
Support Care Cancer. 2018; 26(4):1345-1352
Full papers/articles (Journal)
Temporary Explant of a Transcutaneous Bone Conduction Hearing Implant for Imaging of the Pituitary Gland.
Roesch, S; Kugler, A; Schlattau, A; Rasp, G;
Otol Neurotol. 2018; 39(7): e557-e560.
Case Reports
Development of a complex intervention to improve participation of nursing home residents with joint contractures: a mixed-method study.
Saal, S; Meyer, G; Beutner, K; Klingshirn, H; Strobl, R; Grill, E; Mann, E; Köpke, S; Bleijlevens, MHC; Bartoszek, G; Stephan, AJ; Hirt, J; Müller, M;
BMC Geriatr. 2018; 18(1): 61
Full papers/articles (Journal)
Supervised versus autonomous exercise training in breast cancer patients: A multicenter randomized clinical trial.
Westphal, T; Rinnerthaler, G; Gampenrieder, SP; Niebauer, J; Thaler, J; Pfob, M; Fuchs, D; Riedmann, M; Mayr, B; Reich, B; Melchardt, T; Mlineritsch, B; Pleyer, L; Greil, R;
Cancer Med. 2018; 7(12):596-5972
Full papers/articles (Journal)
Hybrid techniques and patients" safety in implementing transoral sublingual thyroidectomy.
Witzel, K; Benhidjeb, T; Kaminski, C; Messenbaeck, FG; Weitzendorfer, M;
Endocrine. 2018; 60(1): 50-55.
Full papers/articles (Journal)
Photodynamic therapy with polyhematoporphyrin for malignant biliary obstruction: A nationwide retrospective study of 150 consecutive applications.
Dolak, W; Schwaighofer, H; Hellmich, B; Stadler, B; Spaun, G; Plieschnegger, W; Hebenstreit, A; Weber-Eibel, J; Siebert, F; Emmanuel, K; Knoflach, P; Gschwantler, M; Vogel, W; Trauner, M; Püspök, A;
United European Gastroenterol J. 2017; 5(1): 104-110.
Full papers/articles (Journal)
Epilepsy monitoring - The patients' views: A qualitative study based on Kolcaba's Comfort Theory.
Egger-Rainer, A; Trinka, E; Höfler, J; Dieplinger, AM;
Epilepsy Behav. 2017; 68: 208-215.
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Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy with Capecitabine, Oxaliplatin and Bevacizumab Followed by Concomitant Chemoradiation and Surgical Resection in Locally Advanced Rectal Cancer with High Risk of Recurrence - A Phase II Study.
Eisterer, W; Piringer, G; DE Vries, A; Öfner, D; Greil, R; Tschmelitsch, J; Samonigg, H; Sölkner, L; Gnant, M; Thaler, J;
Anticancer Res. 2017; 37(5):2683-2691
Full papers/articles (Journal)
"Snare-Ride": A Bailout Technique to Catheterize Target Vessels With Unfriendly Anatomy in Branched Endovascular Aortic Repair.
Ferreira, M; Katsargyris, A; Rodrigues, E; Ferreira, D; Cunha, R; Bicalho, G; Oderich, G; Verhoeven, ELG
J Endovasc Ther. 2017; 24(4):556-558
Full papers/articles (Journal)
The International College of Neuro-Psychopharmacology (CINP) Treatment Guidelines for Bipolar Disorder in Adults (CINP-BD-2017), Part 2: Review, Grading of the Evidence, and a Precise Algorithm.
Fountoulakis, KN; Yatham, L; Grunze, H; Vieta, E; Young, A; Blier, P; Kasper, S; Moeller, HJ
Int J Neuropsychopharmacol. 2017; 20(2):121-179
Preoperative glycated hemoglobin and coronary surgery: need for different cut-offs for a continuous variable
Gatti, G; Biancari, F; Santarpino, G
ANN TRANSL MED. 2017; 5(17): 368
New laparoscopic approach to the pudendal nerve for neuromodulation based on an anatomic study.
Konschake, M; Brenner, E; Moriggl, B; Hormann, R; Bauer, S; Foditsch, E; Janetschek, G; Kunzel, KH; Sievert, KD; Zimmermann, R
Neurourol Urodyn. 2017; 36(4):1069-1075
Full papers/articles (Journal)
Multicenter experience with the new SOFIA Plus catheter as a primary local aspiration catheter for acute stroke thrombectomy.
Möhlenbruch, MA; Kabbasch, C; Kowoll, A; Broussalis, E; Sonnberger, M; Müller, M; Wiesmann, M; Trenkler, J; Killer-Oberpfalzer, M; Weber, W; Mpotsaris, A; Bendszus, M; Stampfl, S;
J Neurointerv Surg. 2017; 9(12):1223-1227
Full papers/articles (Journal)
Sutureless Sorin Perceval Aortic Valve Implantation.
Pfeiffer, S; Fischlein, T; Santarpino, G;
Semin Thorac Cardiovasc Surg. 2017; 29(1):1-7
Full papers/articles (Journal)
Testing patients during seizures: A European consensus procedure developed by a joint taskforce of the ILAE - Commission on European Affairs and the European Epilepsy Monitoring Unit Association
Beniczky, S; Neufeld, M; Diehl, B; Dobesberger, J; Trinka, E; Mameniskiene, R; Rheims, S; Gil-Nagel, A; Craiu, D; Pressler, R; Krysl, D; Lebedinsky, A; Tassi, L; Rubboli, G; Ryvlin, P
EPILEPSIA. 2016; 57(9): 1363-1368.
Full papers/articles (Journal)
Bleomycin in older early-stage favorable Hodgkin lymphoma patients: analysis of the German Hodgkin Study Group (GHSG) HD10 and HD13 trials.
Böll, B; Goergen, H; Behringer, K; Bröckelmann, PJ; Hitz, F; Kerkhoff, A; Greil, R; von Tresckow, B; Eichenauer, DA; Bürkle, C; Borchmann, S; Fuchs, M; Diehl, V; Engert, A; Borchmann, P;
Blood. 2016; 127(18):218-292
Full papers/articles (Journal)
Arterialized Venous Bone Flaps: An Experimental Investigation.
Borumandi, F; Higgins, JP; Buerger, H; Vasilyeva, A; Benlidayi, ME; Sencar, L; Gaggl, A;
Sci Rep. 2016; 6: 31970
Full papers/articles (Journal)
Skeletal muscle proteins: a new approach to delimitate the time since death.
Foditsch, EE; Saenger, AM; Monticelli, FC;
Int J Legal Med. 2016; 130(2):433-440
Full papers/articles (Journal)
Impact of strategies to reduce polypharmacy on clinically relevant endpoints: a systematic review and meta-analysis.
Johansson, T; Abuzahra, ME; Keller, S; Mann, E; Faller, B; Sommerauer, C; Höck, J; Löffler, C; Köchling, A; Schuler, J; Flamm, M; Sönnichsen, A;
Br J Clin Pharmacol. 2016; 82(2): 532-548.
Clinical safety of an MRI conditional implantable cardioverter defibrillator system: A prospective Monocenter ICD-Magnetic resonance Imaging feasibility study (MIMI).
Kypta, A; Blessberger, H; Hoenig, S; Saleh, K; Lambert, T; Kammler, J; Fellner, F; Lichtenauer, M; Steinwender, C;
J Magn Reson Imaging. 2016; 43(3):574-584
Full papers/articles (Journal)
Rail or roll: a new, convenient and safe way to position self-gripping meshes in open inguinal hernia repair.
Lechner, MN; Jäger, T; Buchner, S; Köhler, G; Öfner, D; Mayer, F;
Hernia. 2016; 20(3): 417-422.
Full papers/articles (Journal)
Natural Orifice Transluminal Endoscopic Surgery-Assisted Laparoscopic Transvesical Bladder Diverticulectomy: Feasibility Study, Points of Technique, and Case Series with Medium-Term Follow-Up.
Magdy, A; Drerup, M; Bauer, S; Colleselli, D; Hruby, S; Sievert, KD; Mitterberger, M; Janetschek, G;
J Endourol. 2016; 30(5): 526-531.
Full papers/articles (Journal)
Inpatient and Day Hospital Treatment of Patients with Depression and Job-related Burnout.
Meyer, LK; Lange, S; Behringer, J; Söllner, W;
Z Psychosom Med Psychother. 2016; 62(2):13-49
Full papers/articles (Journal)
Vascular complications in plating of the proximal femur: review.
Neubauer, T; Grechenig, S; Leitner, L; Auffarth, A; Plecko, M;
Arch Orthop Trauma Surg. 2016; 136(4): 539-551.
Full papers/articles (Journal)
A Gene Gun-mediated Nonviral RNA trans-splicing Strategy for Col7a1 Repair.
Peking, P; Koller, U; Hainzl, S; Kitzmueller, S; Kocher, T; Mayr, E; Nyström, A; Lener, T; Reichelt, J; Bauer, JW; Murauer, EM;
Mol Ther Nucleic Acids. 2016; 5: e287
Full papers/articles (Journal)
[Mucosal manifestations of epidermolysis bullosa : Clinical presentation and management].
Prodinger, C; Diem, A; Bauer, JW; Laimer, M;
Hautarzt. 2016; 67(10): 806-815.
Real-Time Monitoring of Psychotherapeutic Processes: Concept and Compliance.
Schiepek, G; Aichhorn, W; Gruber, M; Strunk, G; Bachler, E; Aas, B;
Front Psychol. 2016; 7: 604
Full papers/articles (Journal)
Systemic Case Formulation, Individualized Process Monitoring, and State Dynamics in a Case of Dissociative Identity Disorder.
Schiepek, GK; Stöger-Schmidinger, B; Aichhorn, W; Schöller, H; Aas, B;
Front Psychol. 2016; 7: 1545
Case Reports
Advances in Gene/Cell Therapy in Epidermolysis Bullosa.
Murauer, EM; Koller, U; Pellegrini, G; De Luca, M; Bauer, JW;
Keio J Med. 2015; 64(2): 21-25.
Stentless pericardial valve for acute aortic valve endocarditis with annular destruction.
Pfeiffer, S; Santarpino, G; Fischlein, T;
J Cardiovasc Med (Hagerstown). 2015; 16(4): 318-319.
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Case Reports
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Case Reports
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Full papers/articles (Journal)