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chosen keywordCancellous bone grafting

Cancellous allogenic and autologous bone grafting ensure comparable tunnel filling results in two-staged revision ACL surgery.
Prall, WC; Kusmenkov, T; Schmidt, B; Furmetz, J; Haasters, F; Naendrup, JH; Bocker, W; Shafizadeh, S; Mayr, HO; Pfeiffer, TR
Arch Orthop Trauma Surg. 2020; 140(9):1211-1219
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The missing effect of human recombinant Bone Morphogenetic Proteins BMP-2 and BMP-7 in surgical treatment of aseptic forearm nonunion.
von Rüden, C; Morgenstern, M; Hierholzer, C; Hackl, S; Gradinger, FL; Woltmann, A; Bühren, V; Friederichs, J;
Injury. 2016; 47(4): 919-924.
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