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Gewähltes Keyword: iron oxide

Unexpected high incidence of hepatocellular carcinoma in cirrhotic patients with sustained virologic response following interferon-free direct-acting antiviral treatment.
Kozbial, K; Moser, S; Schwarzer, R; Laferl, H; Al-Zoairy, R; Stauber, R; Stättermayer, AF; Beinhardt, S; Graziadei, I; Freissmuth, C; Maieron, A; Gschwantler, M; Strasser, M; Peck-Radosalvjevic, M; Trauner, M; Hofer, H; Ferenci, P;
J Hepatol. 2016; 65(4): 856-858.
Positive contrast of SPIO-labeled cells by off-resonant reconstruction of 3D radial half-echo bSSFP.
Diwoky, C; Liebmann, D; Neumayer, B; Reinisch, A; Knoll, F; Strunk, D; Stollberger, R;
NMR Biomed. 2015; 28(1):79-88
Originalarbeiten (Zeitschrift)
Dual-Source computed tomography of the chest in the surgical planning of repeated cardiac surgery.
Nikolaou, K; Vicol, C; Vogt, F; Kirchin, M; Saam, T; Müller-Starck, J; Reiser, MF; Rist, C;
J Cardiovasc Surg (Torino). 2012; 53(2): 247-255.
Originalarbeiten (Zeitschrift)
Thiolated polyacrylic acid-modified iron oxide nanoparticles for in vitro labeling and MRI of stem cells.
Vetter, A; Reinisch, A; Strunk, D; Kremser, C; Hahn, HW; Huck, CW; Ostermann, T; Leithner, K; Bernkop-Schnurch, A
J DRUG TARGET. 2011; 19(7): 56-72.
Originalarbeiten (Zeitschrift)
Non-invasive tracking of human haemopoietic CD34(+) stem cells in vivo in immunodeficient mice by using magnetic resonance imaging.
Niemeyer, M; Oostendorp, RA; Kremer, M; Hippauf, S; Jacobs, VR; Baurecht, H; Ludwig, G; Piontek, G; Bekker-Ruz, V; Timmer, S; Rummeny, EJ; Kiechle, M; Beer, AJ;
Eur Radiol. 2010; 20(9): 2184-2193.
Originalarbeiten (Zeitschrift)