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Gewähltes Keyword: Intracortical inhibition

TMS for the functional evaluation of cannabis effects and for treatment of cannabis addiction: A review.
Nardone, R; Sebastianelli, L; Versace, V; Ferrazzoli, D; Brigo, F; Schwenker, K; Saltuari, L; Trinka, E;
Psychiatry Res. 2022; 310: 114431
Classification accuracy of TMS for the diagnosis of mild cognitive impairment.
Benussi, A; Grassi, M; Palluzzi, F; Cantoni, V; Cotelli, MS; Premi, E; Di Lorenzo, F; Pellicciari, MC; Ranieri, F; Musumeci, G; Marra, C; Manganotti, P; Nardone, R; Di Lazzaro, V; Koch, G; Borroni, B
BRAIN STIMUL. 2021; 14(2): 241-249.
Originalarbeiten (Zeitschrift)
Cholinergic transmission is impaired in patients with idiopathic normal-pressure hydrocephalus: a TMS study.
Nardone, R; Golaszewski, S; Schwenker, K; Brigo, F; Maccarrone, M; Versace, V; Sebastianelli, L; Saltuari, L; Höller, Y;
J Neural Transm (Vienna). 2019; 126(8):1073-1080
Originalarbeiten (Zeitschrift)
Transcranial magnetic stimulation in myoclonus of different aetiologies.
Nardone, R; Versace, V; Höller, Y; Sebastianelli, L; Brigo, F; Lochner, P; Golaszewski, S; Saltuari, L; Trinka, E;
Brain Res Bull. 2018; 140: 258-269.
Intracortical inhibitory and excitatory circuits in subjects with minimal hepatic encephalopathy: a TMS study.
Nardone, R; De Blasi, P; Höller, Y; Brigo, F; Golaszewski, S; Frey, VN; Orioli, A; Trinka, E;
Metab Brain Dis. 2016; 31(5):1065-1070
Originalarbeiten (Zeitschrift)
Epistaxis During a Single-Pulse Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation Session: A Previously Unreported Side Effect.
Nardone, R; Höller, Y; Brigo, F; Trinka, E;
Brain Stimul. 2016; 9(3): 455-456.
Effects of passive pedaling exercise on the intracortical inhibition in subjects with spinal cord injury.
Nardone, R; Langthaler, PB; Bathke, AC; Höller, Y; Brigo, F; Lochner, P; Christova, M; Trinka, E;
Brain Res Bull. 2016; 124:144-149
Originalarbeiten (Zeitschrift)
Spinal cord injury affects I-wave facilitation in human motor cortex.
Nardone, R; Höller, Y; Bathke, AC; Orioli, A; Schwenker, K; Frey, V; Golaszewski, S; Brigo, F; Trinka, E;
Brain Res Bull. 2015; 116:93-97
Originalarbeiten (Zeitschrift)
Descending motor pathways and cortical physiology after spinal cord injury assessed by transcranial magnetic stimulation: a systematic review.
Nardone, R; Höller, Y; Brigo, F; Orioli, A; Tezzon, F; Schwenker, K; Christova, M; Golaszewski, S; Trinka, E;
Brain Res. 2015; 1619:139-154
Electrical stimulation during skill training with a therapeutic glove enhances the induction of cortical plasticity and has a positive effect on motor memory.
Christova, M; Rafolt, D; Golaszewski, S; Nardone, R; Gallasch, E
Behav Brain Res. 2014; 270:171-178
Originalarbeiten (Zeitschrift)
Transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS)/repetitive TMS in mild cognitive impairment and Alzheimer"s disease.
Nardone, R; Tezzon, F; Höller, Y; Golaszewski, S; Trinka, E; Brigo, F;
Acta Neurol Scand. 2014; 129(6):351-366
Fatigue-induced motor cortex excitability changes in subjects with spinal cord injury.
Nardone, R; Höller, Y; Brigo, F; Höller, P; Christova, M; Tezzon, F; Golaszewski, S; Trinka, E;
Brain Res Bull. 2013; 99: 9-12.
Originalarbeiten (Zeitschrift)
Optical illusion alters M1 excitability after mirror therapy: a TMS study.
Läppchen, CH; Ringer, T; Blessin, J; Seidel, G; Grieshammer, S; Lange, R; Hamzei, F;
J Neurophysiol. 2012; 108(10): 2857-2861.
Originalarbeiten (Zeitschrift)
Short latency afferent inhibition differs among the subtypes of mild cognitive impairment
Nardone, R; Bergmann, J; Christova, M; Caleri, F; Tezzon, F; Ladurner, G; Trinka, E; Golaszewski, S
J NEURAL TRANSM. 2012; 119(4): 463-471.
Originalarbeiten (Zeitschrift)
Cortical excitability changes in patients with sleep-wake disturbances after traumatic brain injury.
Nardone, R; Bergmann, J; Kunz, A; Caleri, F; Seidl, M; Tezzon, F; Gerstenbrand, F; Trinka, E; Golaszewski, S;
J Neurotrauma. 2011; 28(7): 1165-1171.
Originalarbeiten (Zeitschrift)
Functional involvement of the cerebral cortex following paramedian bithalamic infarction
Nardone, R; Bergmann, J; Kronbichler, M; De Blasi, P; Caleri, F; Tezzon, F; Ladurner, G; Golaszewski, S
NEUROCASE. 2010; 16(4): 286-292.
Modafinil reverses hypoexcitability of the motor cortex in narcoleptic patients: a TMS study.
Nardone, R; Bergmann, J; Lochner, P; Caleri, F; Kunz, A; Staffen, W; Tezzon, F; Ladurner, G; Trinka, E; Golaszewski, S;
Sleep Med. 2010; 11(9): 870-875.
Originalarbeiten (Zeitschrift)
Cabergoline reverses cortical hyperexcitability in patients with restless legs syndrome.
Nardone, R; Ausserer, H; Bratti, A; Covi, M; Lochner, P; Marth, R; Tezzon, F
ACTA NEUROL SCAND. 2006; 114(4): 244-249.
Originalarbeiten (Zeitschrift)
Transcranial magnetic stimulation study in hereditary spastic paraparesis.
Nardone, R; Tezzon, F
EUR NEUROL. 2003; 49(4): 234-237.
Originalarbeiten (Zeitschrift)