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Gewähltes Keyword: Alzheimerxxxs disease

Early functional connectivity deficits and progressive microstructural alterations in the TgF344-AD rat model of Alzheimer"s Disease: A longitudinal MRI study.
Anckaerts, C; Blockx, I; Summer, P; Michael, J; Hamaide, J; Kreutzer, C; Boutin, H; Couillard-Després, S; Verhoye, M; Van der Linden, A;
Neurobiol Dis. 2019; 124:93-107
Originalarbeiten (Zeitschrift)
[Parkinson"s disease, Alzheimer"s disease and oncological diseases in residential geriatric care : Pain frequency and selected healthcare features in comparison].
Kutschar, P; Lex, K; Osterbrink, J; Lorenzl, S
Schmerz. 2018; 32(5):356-363
Originalarbeiten (Zeitschrift)
FUNDAMANT: an interventional 72-week phase 1 follow-up study of AADvac1, an active immunotherapy against tau protein pathology in Alzheimers disease.
Novak, P; Schmidt, R; Kontsekova, E; Kovacech, B; Smolek, T; Katina, S; Fialova, L; Prcina, M; Parrak, V; Dal-Bianco, P; Brunner, M; Staffen, W; Rainer, M; Ondrus, M; Ropele, S; Smisek, M; Sivak, R; Zilka, N; Winblad, B; Novak, M;
Alzheimers Res Ther. 2018; 10(1): 108
Originalarbeiten (Zeitschrift)
Decoupling of Local Metabolic Activity and Functional Connectivity Links to Amyloid in Alzheimer"s Disease.
Scherr, M; Pasquini, L; Benson, G; Nuttall, R; Gruber, M; Neitzel, J; Brandl, F; Sorg, C;
J Alzheimers Dis. 2018; 64(2): 405-415.
Originalarbeiten (Zeitschrift)
Doublecortin expression in CD8+ T-cells and microglia at sites of amyloid-β plaques: A potential role in shaping plaque pathology?
Unger, MS; Marschallinger, J; Kaindl, J; Klein, B; Johnson, M; Khundakar, AA; Roßner, S; Heneka, MT; Couillard-Despres, S; Rockenstein, E; Masliah, E; Attems, J; Aigner, L;
Alzheimers Dement. 2018; 14(8): 1022-1037.
Originalarbeiten (Zeitschrift)
Microglia prevent peripheral immune cell invasion and promote an anti-inflammatory environment in the brain of APP-PS1 transgenic mice.
Unger, MS; Schernthaner, P; Marschallinger, J; Mrowetz, H; Aigner, L
J NEUROINFLAMM. 2018; 15(1): 274
Originalarbeiten (Zeitschrift)
Early Presymptomatic Changes in the Proteome of Mitochondria-Associated Membrane in the APP/PS1 Mouse Model of Alzheimer"s Disease.
Volgyi, K; Badics, K; Sialana, FJ; Gulyassy, P; Udvari, E; Kis, V; Drahos, L; Lubec, G; Kekesi, KA; Juhasz, G
MOL NEUROBIOL. 2018; 55(10): 7839-7857.
Originalarbeiten (Zeitschrift)
Individual Correspondence of Amyloid-β and Intrinsic Connectivity in the Posterior Default Mode Network Across Stages of Alzheimer"s Disease.
Pasquini, L; Benson, G; Grothe, MJ; Utz, L; Myers, NE; Yakushev, I; Grimmer, T; Scherr, M; Sorg, C
J ALZHEIMERS DIS. 2017; 58(3): 763-773.
Originalarbeiten (Zeitschrift)
Increased Intrinsic Activity of Medial-Temporal Lobe Subregions is Associated with Decreased Cortical Thickness of Medial-Parietal Areas in Patients with Alzheimer"s Disease Dementia.
Pasquini, L; Scherr, M; Tahmasian, M; Myers, NE; Ortner, M; Kurz, A; Forstl, H; Zimmer, C; Grimmer, T; Akhrif, A; Wohlschlager, AM; Riedl, V; Song, C
J Alzheimers Dis. 2016; 51(1):313-326
Originalarbeiten (Zeitschrift)
Early Changes in Hippocampal Neurogenesis in Transgenic Mouse Models for Alzheimerxxxs Disease
Unger, MS; Marschallinger, J; Kaindl, J; Hofling, C; Rossner, S; Heneka, MT; Van der Linden, A; Aigner, L
MOL NEUROBIOL. 2016; 53(8): 5796-5806.
Originalarbeiten (Zeitschrift)
Neurostimulation in Alzheimer"s disease: from basic research to clinical applications.
Nardone, R; Höller, Y; Tezzon, F; Christova, M; Schwenker, K; Golaszewski, S; Trinka, E; Brigo, F;
Neurol Sci. 2015; 36(5): 689-700.
Originalarbeiten (Zeitschrift)
Link between hippocampusxxx raised local and eased global intrinsic connectivity in AD
Pasquini, L; Scherr, M; Tahmasian, M; Meng, C; Myers, NE; Ortner, M; Muhlau, M; Kurz, A; Forstl, H; Zimmer, C; Grimmer, T; Wohlschlager, AM; Riedl, V; Sorg, C
ALZHEIMERS DEMENT. 2015; 11(5): 475-484.
Originalarbeiten (Zeitschrift)
Increased Acetylation of Histone H4 at Lysine 12 (H4K12) in Monocytes of Transgenic Alzheimers Mice and in Human Patients.
Plagg, B; Ehrlich, D; Kniewallner, KM; Marksteiner, J; Humpel, C;
Curr Alzheimer Res. 2015; 12(8): 752-760.
Originalarbeiten (Zeitschrift)
Platelet dysfunction in hypercholesterolemia mice, two Alzheimers disease mouse models and in human patients with Alzheimers disease.
Plagg, B; Marksteiner, J; Kniewallner, KM; Humpel, C;
Biogerontology. 2015; 16(4): 543-558.
Originalarbeiten (Zeitschrift)
Transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS)/repetitive TMS in mild cognitive impairment and Alzheimer"s disease.
Nardone, R; Tezzon, F; Höller, Y; Golaszewski, S; Trinka, E; Brigo, F;
Acta Neurol Scand. 2014; 129(6):351-366
Oxidative stress and neurodegeneration: the yeast model system
Breitenbach, M; Ralser, M; Perrone, GG; Iglseder, B; Rinnerthaler, M; Dawes, IW
FRONT BIOSCI-LANDMRK. 2013; 18: 1174-1193.
Originalarbeiten (Zeitschrift)
Memantine effects measured with the Relevant Outcome Scale for Alzheimer"s disease in an open-label, single-arm, multicenter clinical study.
Holthoff, V; Ferris, S; Gauthier, S; Ihl, R; Robert, P; Winblad, B; Sternberg, K; Tennigkeit, F;
Int J Geriatr Psychiatry. 2013; 28(2): 164-172.
Originalarbeiten (Zeitschrift)
Noninvasive molecular imaging of neuroinflammation.
Jacobs, AH; Tavitian, B;
J Cereb Blood Flow Metab. 2012; 32(7):1393-1415
Impaired Ideomotor Limb Apraxia in Cortical and Subcortical Dementia: A Comparison of Alzheimerxxxs and Huntingtonxxxs Disease
Holl, AK; Ille, R; Wilkinson, L; Otti, DV; Hodl, E; Herranhof, B; Reisinger, KM; Muller, N; Painold, A; Holl, EM; Letmaier, M; Bonelli, RM
NEURODEGENER DIS. 2011; 8(4): 208-215.
Originalarbeiten (Zeitschrift)
Astrocyte Function is Modified by Alzheimerxxxs Disease-like Pathology in Aged Mice
Peters, O; Schipke, CG; Philipps, A; Haas, B; Pannasch, U; Wang, LP; Benedetti, B; Kingston, AE; Kettenmann, H
J ALZHEIMERS DIS. 2009; 18(1): 177-189.
Originalarbeiten (Zeitschrift)
Abnormal short latency afferent inhibition in early Alzheimerxxxs disease: a transcranial magnetic demonstration
Nardone, R; Bergmann, J; Kronbichler, M; Kunz, A; Klein, S; Caleri, F; Tezzon, F; Ladurner, G; Golaszewski, S
J NEURAL TRANSM. 2008; 115(11): 1557-1562.
Originalarbeiten (Zeitschrift)
Cholinergic dysfunction in subcortical ischaemic vascular dementia: a transcranial magnetic stimulation study.
Nardone, R; Bergmann, J; Tezzon, F; Ladurner, G; Golaszewski, S;
J NEURAL TRANSM. 2008; 115(5): 737-743.
Originalarbeiten (Zeitschrift)
Motor cortex inhibitory circuits in dementia with Lewy bodies and in Alzheimer"s disease.
Nardone, R; Bratti, A; Tezzon, F
J NEURAL TRANSM. 2006; 113(11): 1679-1684.
Originalarbeiten (Zeitschrift)
Reduced short latency afferent inhibition in patients with Down syndrome and Alzheimer-type dementia.
Nardone, R; Marth, R; Ausserer, H; Bratti, A; Tezzon, F
CLIN NEUROPHYSIOL. 2006; 117(10): 2204-2210.
Originalarbeiten (Zeitschrift)
The Bayer activities of daily living scale (B-ABL)
Hindmarch, I; Lehfeld, H; de Jongh, P; Erzigkeit, H
DEMENT GERIATR COGN. 1998; 9: 20-26.
Originalarbeiten (Zeitschrift)