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Research Database PMU-SQQUID

PMU SQQUID (Scientific Qualitative & Quantitative Integrated Database) is the Research Information System of the Paracelsus Medical University. Here all researches are listed with their scientific CV and all their publications. Also all scientific organizational units of PMU Salzburg, the University Clinic Salzburg and the University Clinic Nuremberg can be found here.

New Publications (Top 20% SCI Journal Category/5 PMU-Scorepoints)

Speech intelligibility changes the temporal evolution of neural speech tracking.
Chen, YP; Schmidt, F; Keitel, A; Rösch, S; Hauswald, A; Weisz, N;
Neuroimage. 2023; 119894
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Resolving colistin resistance and heteroresistance in Enterobacter species.
Doijad, SP; Gisch, N; Frantz, R; Kumbhar, BV; Falgenhauer, J; Imirzalioglu, C; Falgenhauer, L; Mischnik, A; Rupp, J; Behnke, M; Buhl, M; Eisenbeis, S; Gastmeier, P; Gölz, H; Häcker, GA; Käding, N; Kern, WV; Kola, A; Kramme, E; Peter, S; Rohde, AM; Seifert, H; Tacconelli, E; Vehreschild, MJGT; Walker, SV; Zweigner, J; Schwudke, D; Chakraborty, T;
Nat Commun. 2023; 14(1):140
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High prevalence of increased posterior tibial slope in ACL revision surgery demands a patient-specific approach.
Beel, W; Schuster, P; Michalski, S; Mayer, P; Schlumberger, M; Hielscher, L; Richter, J;
Knee Surg Sports Traumatol Arthrosc. 2023;
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Dietary restriction in senolysis and prevention and treatment of disease
Aminzadeh-Gohari, S; Kofler, B; Herzog, C
Small airways obstruction and its risk factors in the Burden of Obstructive Lung Disease (BOLD) study: a multinational cross-sectional study.
Knox-Brown, B; Patel, J; Potts, J; Ahmed, R; Aquart-Stewart, A; Cherkaski, HH; Denguezli, M; Elbiaze, M; Elsony, A; Franssen, FME; Ghobain, MA; Harrabi, I; Janson, C; Jõgi, R; Juvekar, S; Lawin, H; Mannino, D; Mortimer, K; Nafees, AA; Nielsen, R; Obaseki, D; Paraguas, SNM; Rashid, A; Loh, LC; Salvi, S; Seemungal, T; Studnicka, M; Tan, WC; Wouters, EEFM; Barbara, C; Gislason, T; Gunasekera, K; Burney, P; Amaral, AFS;
Lancet Glob Health. 2023; 11(1):e69-e82
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Patient-reported outcomes for the Intergroup Sentinel Mamma study (INSEMA): A randomised trial with persistent impact of axillary surgery on arm and breast symptoms in patients with early breast cancer.
Reimer, T; Stachs, A; Veselinovic, K; Polata, S; Müller, T; Kühn, T; Heil, J; Ataseven, B; Reitsamer, R; Hildebrandt, G; Knauer, M; Golatta, M; Stefek, A; Zahm, DM; Thill, M; Nekljudova, V; Krug, D; Loibl, S; Gerber, B;
EClinicalMedicine. 2023; 55:101756
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