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Influence of multicomponent apheresis on donors" haematological and coagulation parameters, iron storage and platelet function.
Macher, S; Sipurzynski-Budraβ, S; Rosskopf, K; Semmelrock, M; Prüller, F; Griesbacher, A; Lanzer, G; Schallmoser, K;
Vox Sang. 2012; 103(3):194-200
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Schallmoser Katharina


Background and Objectives Multicomponent collection (MCC) enables production and processing of various blood components during one apheresis session. In this prospective crossover study, the effects of donating platelets (PLTs) and packed red blood cells (PRBCs) on donors blood cell count, coagulation, PLT function and iron state were analysed. Materials and Methods Forty-eight MCCs were performed using two different cell separators (Fenwal Amicus (R), CaridianBCT Trima Accel (R)). Two units of platelet concentrates and one unit of PRBCs were collected during each session. Full blood cell count and iron status were obtained on day 0 before and after apheresis, day 2, day 14 and day 42. PLT function was analysed by aggregometry and rotation thromboelastometry in parallel with coagulation tests before and after MCC and at day 2. Results Multicomponent collection was well tolerated without adverse side effects. Blood cell count and iron parameters declined and most of them (haemoglobin, haematocrit, transferrin, transferrin saturation and ferritin) were significantly below baseline values until at least day 42 after donation. Absent iron stores were seen in 31.3% of the donors. In contrast, PLTs significantly exceeded pre-donation values after 14 days and remained significantly increased for 42 days. After 2 days, coagulation parameters were only slightly (P > 0.05) altered, whereas PLT function was significantly reduced. Conclusion Multicomponent collection is an obviously safe procedure; however, the significant long-term impact on the donors blood count and iron store, as well as impaired PLT function, has to be considered in regard to donor safety.

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