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Localization of smoothelin in avian smooth muscle and identification of a vascular-specific isoform.
Wehrens, XH; Mies, B; Gimona, M; Ramaekers, FC; Van Eys, GJ; Small, JV;
FEBS Lett. 1997; 405(3): 315-320.
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Gimona Mario


Smoothelin is a smooth muscle-specific protein of minor abundance first identified via a monoclonal antibody obtained using an avian gizzard extract as antigen. Dual labelling of ultrathin sections with antibodies to smoothelin together with antibodies to other smooth muscle proteins showed that smoothelin was co-distributed with filamin and desmin in the cytoskeleton domain of the smooth muscle cell. From the finding that smoothelin, unlike desmin, was readily extracted by Triton X-100 as well as under conditions that solubilized myosin, beta-actin and filamin, we conclude that smoothelin is most likely associated with the actin cytoskeleton. Western blot analysis of gizzard smooth muscle tissue revealed an immunoreactive protein band with an apparent molecular weight of 59 kDa that separated into 3-4 isolated variants, while avian vascular muscle showed a polypeptide band of 95 kDa. These results point to the presence of specific isoforms in visceral and vascular smooth muscles. The 59 kDa isoform was shown to be distinct from the 60 kDa filamin-binding protein, described by Maekawa and Sakai (FEBS Lett. 221, 68-72, 1987). As compared to other smooth muscle markers, such as calponin and SM22, smoothelin appeared very late during differentiation in the chick gizzard, on about the 18th embryonic day. (C) 1997 Federation of European Biochemical Societies.

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