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Case report: laparoscopic ureteropyelostomy and distal ureterectomy for management of duplication with ectopia.
Pinggera, GM; Mitterberger, M; Pallwein, L; Frauscher, F; Herwig, R; Varkarakis, J; Peschel, R; Strasser, H; Bartsch, G;
J Endourol. 2007; 21(6):614-617
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Mitterberger Michael


Purpose: To evaluate the role of laparoscopic ureteropyelostomy and subtotal ureterectomy for management of an ectopic ureter to the prostatic urethra. Case Report: A 54- year- old man presented with complaints of paravertebral pain and recurrent prostatitis with elevation of the serum prostate specific antigen concentration. Diagnostic evaluation revealed right renal duplication with an ectopic ureter to the prostatic urethra. Using a four- port transperitoneal laparoscopic technique, a laparoscopic ureteropyelostomy and subtotal ureterectomy were performed. Diagnostic followup documented successful treatment with the minimally invasive technique. Conclusions: Laparoscopic ureteropyelostomy and subtotal ureterectomy provide effective treatment for this rare condition. The minimally invasive technique may also have clinical applications in the pediatric population.

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