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Connectivity Analysis during Rubber Hand Illusion-A Pilot TMS-EEG Study in a Patient with SCI.
Frey, VN; Thomschewski, A; Langthaler, PB; Kunz, AB; Höller, Y; Trinka, E; Nardone, R;
Neural Plast. 2021; 2021: 6695530
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Frey Vanessa Natalie
Kunz Alexander
Nardone Raffaele
Thomschewski Aljoscha
Trinka Eugen


Bodily self-perception is an important concept for several neurological disorders, including spinal cord injury (SCI). Changing ones bodily self-perception, e.g., via rubber hand illusion (RHI), induces alterations of bottom-up and top-down pathways and with this the connectivity between involved brain areas. We aim to examine whether (1) this process can be manipulated by changing cortical excitability, (2) connectivity between relevant brain areas differ when the RHI cannot be evoked, and (3) how this projection differs in a patient with SCI.