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Detection of an acute asymptomatic HBsAg negative hepatitis B virus infection in a blood donor by HBV DNA testing.
Weber, B; Mühlbacher, A; Melchior, W;
J CLIN VIROL. 2005; 32(1): 6-70.
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The issue of HBV DNA screening on blood donations is controversially discussed since the economic impact of post-transfusion hepatitis B is expected to be relatively low. We report on a case of HBsAg negative unapparent acute HBV infection, which was detected by HBV NAT testing on 96-member maxi-pools with a commercially available NAT assay, which has a detection threshold of 3 IU/mL of plasma. The presence of an HBsAg escape mutant could be excluded by sequencing the amplified DNA. Follow-up testing showed the presence of an acute HBV infection (anti-HBc-IgM positive) and finally anti-HBs seroconversion. Although the reduction of the diagnostic window with NAT screening on maxi-pools may be relatively low, it may help to improve the residual risk of blood donation, especially in asymptomatic HBV infection, where the HBsAg positive period may be very short and low levels of circulating surface antigen are present. It would also permit to detect occult HBV infection in chronic carriers who are HBsAg negative. Since the viral load in chronic isolated anti-HBc positive carriers is low. there is a potential risk for failure of HBV DNA detection with pool-PCR in blood donors. Anti-HBc screening would reduce the residual risk. (C) 2004 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.

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