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Transient ischaemic attacks in two cases of internal carotid artery hypoplasia.
Nardone, R; Venturi, A; Ausserer, H; Buffone, E; Covi, M; Lochner, P; Psenner, K; Tezzon, F
NEUROL SCI. 2005; 26(4): 282-284.


Nardone Raffaele


Congenital anomalies of the internal carotid arteries (ICA) and cerebral arteries have not been frequently reported. Moreover, in the literature there is no clear association between hypoplastic carotid and cerebral vessel systems and the occurrence of cerebral ischaemia. We report two cases of unilateral hypoplasia of the ICA affecting two young patients suffering from an episode of minor stroke and from recurrent transient ischaemic attacks, respectively. Congenital variations in the configuration and size of the carotid and cerebral arteries should not always be considered benign conditions and may predispose to cerebral ischaemia in young adults.

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Carotid Artery, Internal/abnormalities*



Ischemic Attack, Transient/diagnosis

Ischemic Attack, Transient/etiology*

Magnetic Resonance Angiography


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