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uCyt+/ImmunoCyt in the detection of recurrent urothelial carcinoma: an update on 1991 analyses.
Mian, C; Maier, K; Comploj, E; Lodde, M; Berner, L; Lusuardi, L; Palermo, S; Vittadello, F; Pycha, A;
Cancer. 2006; 108(1): 60-65.
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Lusuardi Lukas


BACKGROUND. The authors provide an update on the clinical value and role of the uCyt+/ImmunoCyt((TM)) test as a noninvasive tool for the detection of recurrent urothelial carcinoma. METHODS. Between January 2002 and October 2004, 942 patients (mean age, 72.6 yrs; range, 32-87 yrs) were enrolled in this prospective study. These patients mostly had been followed for superficial urothelial carcinoma (UC) confined to the mucosa and lamina propria (pathologic tumor [pT] classification pTa, pT1, and pTis [carcinoma in situ]) for a mean of 15.62 months (range, 4-28 mos). Voided urinary cytology and the uCyt+/ImmunoCyt test for all patients were performed on liquid-based cytology slides. Patients underwent subsequent cystoscopy when cytology or uCyt+/ImmunoCyt results were positive and when they underwent biopsy evaluation of any suspicious lesion. Altogether, 1991 uCyt+/ImmunoCyt analyses were performed. RESULTS. Two hundred ninety-eight patients who had adequate samples available were diagnosed with histologically proven UC. The sensitivity of cytology increased from 8.3% for Grade 1 tumors to 75.3% for Grade 3 tumors; whereas, with the uCyt+/ImmunoCyt, the sensitivity was 79.3% for Grade 1 tumors, 84.1% for Grade 2 tumors, and 92.1% for Grade 3 tumors. For cytology and uCyt+/ImmunoCyt combined, the sensitivity was 79.3% for Grade 1 tumors, 90.9% for Grade 2 tumors, and 98.9% for Grade 3 tumors. CONCLUSIONS. The current data confirmed the clinical usefulness of the uCyt+/ImmunoCyt test in the follow-up of patients with recurrent UC. Used as a noninvasive tool, cytology escorted by uCyt+/ImmunoCyt may reduce the morbidity and cost of follow-up for patients who have a low risk of recurrence while avoiding superfluous cystoscopic examinations. However, additional studies will be necessary to establish and compare the morbidity and cost of each method.

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