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[Clinical relevance and indications for cardiac magnetic resonance imaging 2013: an interdisciplinary expert statement].
Hergan, K; Globits, S; Schuchlenz, H; Kaiser, B; Fiegl, N; Artmann, A; Hawlisch, K; Newrkla, S; Gessner, M; Bernt, R; Schuler, J; Friedrich, G; Trieb, T; Wolf, F; Reiter, G; Sorantin, E; Loewe, C; Gamillscheg, A
Rofo. 2013; 185(3):209-218


Hergan Klaus
Schuler Jochen


During the last years the indications of Cardiac Magnetic Resonance Imaging (CMRI) have been continuously expanded. However, the acceptance of the method by cardiologists and radiologists does not correlate with respect to the diagnostic potential. Several factors, such as expensive equipment, relatively long examination times, high technical know how and lack of remuneration, limit the application of CMRI in everyday clinical practice. Furthermore, doctors tend to apply more conventional, well established diagnostic procedures, the access to the method is still limited and there exist difficulties in the interdisciplinary collaboration. The interdisciplinary Austrian approach to Cardiac Imaging is aimed to improve the aforementioned problems and to support the implementation of CMRI in the diagnostic tree of cardiac diseases thus enabling a cost efficient management of patients in cardiology.

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