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Whole-body scintigraphy in melanoma patients: comparison of 99Tcm-tetrofosmin and 201Tl.
Rettenbacher, L; Koller, J; Kässmann, H; Forstner, R; Sedlmayer, F; Holzmannhofer, J; Galvan, G;
NUCL MED COMMUN. 2000; 21(11): 1001-1008.
Originalarbeiten (Zeitschrift)


Forstner Rosemarie
Kässmann Helmut
Koller Josef
Rettenbacher Lukas
Sedlmayer Felix


The aim of this study was to determine the diagnostic value of Tc-99(m)-tetrofosmin whole-body imaging in comparison to Tl-201 scintigraphy in patients with metastatic melanoma. In 27 patients with known or suspected melanoma metastases we performed Tl-201 scintigraphy and Tc-99(m)-tetrofosmin scintigraphy using a 1-day protocol. In five patients with known locoregional metastasis the in vivo uptake kinetics of both radiotracers were compared. The final diagnosis was confirmed by surgical histology in 39 lesions (group I) and computed tomography (CT) and clinical course in 14 lesions (group II). In group I, containing mainly locoregional metastases, Tl-201 scintigraphy correctly identified 36 of 39 metastases and Tc-99(m)-tetrofosmin 35 of 39 resulting in a sensitivity of 92% and 90% respectively. The T/B ratios of Tl-201 (1.4-4.0, mean 2.15) were statistically significantly higher in comparison to tetrofosmin (1.3-3.0, mean 1.88). However, both radiotracers showed similar uptake and washout kinetics with a maximum of tracer uptake between 1 and 5 min p.i. In group I, containing mainly cerebral and pulmonary metastases, both methods correctly identified six of 14 metastases resulting in a sensitivity of only 43%. We conclude that the uptake of Tc-99(m)-tetrofosmin and Tl-201 in melanoma metastases is very similar. Tne T/B ratios with Tc-99(m)-tetrofosmin are significantly lower than with Tl-201. In locoregional melanoma metastases the sensitivity of tetrofosmin scintigraphy is identical with Tl-201 imaging and amounts to 90%. In cerebral and lung metastases the sensitivity of both methods is limited when using whole-body scintigraphy. ((C) 2000 Lippincott Williams *** Wilkins).

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