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Methodological approaches and magnitude of the clinical unmet need associated with amotivation in mood disorders.
Calabrese, JR; Fava, M; Garibaldi, G; Grunze, H; Krystal, AD; Laughren, T; Macfadden, W; Marin, R; Nierenberg, AA; Tohen, M;
J Affect Disord. 2014; 168:439-451
Originalarbeiten (Zeitschrift)


Grunze Heinz


There is growing research interest in studying motivational deficits in different neuropsychiatric disorders because these symptoms appear to be more common than originally reported and negatively impact long-term functional outcomes. However, there is considerable ambiguity in the terminology used to describe motivational deficits in the scientific literature. For the purposes of this manuscript, the term "amotivation" will be utilised in the context of mood disorders, since this is considered a more inclusive/appropriate term for this patient population. Other challenges impacting the study of amotivation in mood disorders, include: appropriate patient population selection; managing or controlling for potential confounding factors; the lack of gold-standard diagnostic criteria and assessment scales; and determination of the most appropriate study duration.

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