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Radiotherapy for hormone-sensitive prostate cancer with synchronous low burden of distant metastases.
Muller, AC; Aebersold, DM; Albrecht, C; Bohmer, D; Flentje, M; Ganswindt, U; Ghadjar, P; Schmidt-Hegemann, NS; Hocht, S; Holscher, T; Niehoff, P; Pinkawa, M; Sedlmayer, F; Wolf, F; Zamboglou, C; Zips, D; Wiegel, T
STRAHLENTHER ONKOL. 2022; 198(8): 683-689.


Albrecht Clemens
Sedlmayer Felix
Wolf Frank


Purpose The DEGRO Expert Commission on Prostate Cancer has revised the indication for radiation therapy of the primary prostate tumor in patients with synchronous distant metastases with low metastatic burden. Methods The current literature in the PubMed database was reviewed regarding randomized evidence on radiotherapy of the primary prostate tumor with synchronous low metastatic burden. Results In total, two randomized trials were identified. The larger study, the STAMPEDE trial, demonstrated an absolute survival benefit of 8% after 3 years for patients with low metastatic burden treated with standard of care (SOC) and additional radiotherapy (RT) (EQD2 <= 72 Gy) of the primary tumor. Differences in the smaller Horrad trial were not statistically significant, although risk reduction in the subgroup (< 5 bone metastases) was equal to STAMPEDE. The STOPCAP meta-analysis of both trials demonstrated the benefit of local radiotherapy for up to 4 bone lesions and an additional subanalysis of STAMPEDE also substantiated this finding in cases with M1a-only metastases. Conclusion Therefore, due to the survival benefit after 3 years, current practice is changing. New palliative SOC is radiotherapy of the primary tumor in synchronously metastasized prostate cancer with low metastatic burden (defined as <= 4 bone metastases, with or without distant nodes) or in case of distant nodes only detected by conventional imaging.

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