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Carbon Monoxide Diffusing Capacity (DL
Stana, M; Grambozov, B; Gaisberger, C; Karner, J; Ruznic, E; Berchtold, J; Zellinger, B; Moosbrugger, R; Studnicka, M; Fastner, G; Sedlmayer, F; Zehentmayr, F;
Diagnostics (Basel). 2022; 12(5):
Originalarbeiten (Zeitschrift)


Fastner Gerd
Gaisberger Christoph
Grambozov Brane
Karner Josef
Sedlmayer Felix
Stana Markus
Studnicka Michael
Zehentmayr Franz
Zellinger Barbara


Curatively intended chemo-radio-immunotherapy for non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) stage III may lead to post-therapeutic pulmonary function (PF) impairment. We hypothesized that the decrease in global PF corresponds to the increase in tissue density in follow-up CTs. Hence, the study aim was to correlate the dynamics in radiographic alterations to carbon monoxide diffusing capacity (DLCO) and FEV1, which may contribute to a better understanding of radiation-induced lung disease.

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non-small cell lung cancer
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carbon monoxide diffusing capacity
high dose radiation
radiation induced lung disease