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High Dose Thoracic Re-Irradiation and Chemo-Immunotherapy for Centrally Recurrent NSCLC.
Grambozov, B; Stana, M; Kaiser, B; Karner, J; Gerum, S; Ruznic, E; Zellinger, B; Moosbrugger, R; Studnicka, M; Fastner, G; Sedlmayer, F; Zehentmayr, F;
Cancers (Basel). 2022; 14(3):


Fastner Gerd
Gerum Sabine
Grambozov Brane
Karner Josef
Sedlmayer Felix
Stana Markus
Studnicka Michael
Zehentmayr Franz
Zellinger Barbara


Thoracic re-irradiation for recurrent lung cancer dates back four decades, when the first small series on 29 patients receiving palliative doses was published. With 5-year overall survival rates of 57% in PDL-1 positive patients after primary chemo-radio-immunotherapy, the number of patients who experience loco-regional relapse will increase in the near future. In this context, centrally recurring lung tumors pose a major treatment challenge. Hence, the aim of the current review is to compile the available evidence on curatively intended thoracic re-irradiation for this special clinical situation.

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