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High-throughput multiplex PCR genotyping for 35 red blood cell antigens in blood donors.
Jungbauer, C; Hobel, CM; Schwartz, DW; Mayr, WR;
Vox Sang. 2012; 102(3):23-42
Originalarbeiten (Zeitschrift)


Jungbauer Christof


One to two per cent of patients in need of red cell transfusion carry irregular antibodies to red blood cell (RBC) antigens and have to be supplied with specially selected blood units. To be able to respond to those requests, blood centres have to screen a significant number of donors for a variety of antigens serologically, which is a costly and through the shortage of reagents, also limited procedure. To make this procedure more efficient, the Austrian Red Cross has developed a genotyping assay as an alternative approach for high throughput RBC typing.

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