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Radiation exposure per thrombectomy attempt in modern endovascular stroke treatment in the anterior circulation.
Weyland, CS; Seker, F; Potreck, A; Hametner, C; Ringleb, PA; Mohlenbruch, MA; Bendszus, M; Pfaff, JAR
Eur Radiol. 2020; 30(9):5039-5047
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Pfaff Johannes


Objective To quantify radiation exposure (RE) of endovascular stroke treatment (EST) in the anterior circulation per thrombectomy attempt and determine causes for interventions associated with high RE. Methods A retrospective single-center study of an institutional review board-approved stroke database of patients receiving EST for large vessel occlusions in the anterior circulation between January 2013 and April 2018 to evaluate reference levels (RL) per thrombectomy attempt. ESTs with RE above the RL were analyzed to determine causes for high RE. Results Overall, n = 544 patients (occlusion location, M1 and M2 segments of the middle cerebral artery 53.5% and 27.2%, carotid artery 17.6%; successful recanalization rate 85.7%) were analyzed. In the overall population, DAP (in Gy cm(2), median (IQR)) was 113.7 (68.9-181.7) with a median fluoroscopy time of 31 min (IQR, 17-53) and a median of 2 (IQR, 1-4) thrombectomy attempts. RE increased significantly with every thrombectomy attempt (DAP(1), 68.7 (51.2-106.8); DAP(2), 106.4 (84.8-115.6); p value(1vs2), < 0.001; DAP(3), 130.2 (89.1-183.6); p value(2vs3), 0.044; DAP(4), 169.9 (128.4-224.1); p value(3vs4), 0.001; and DAP(5), 227.6 (146.3-294.6); p value(4vs5), 0.019). Procedures exceeding the 90th percentile of the attempt-dependent radiation exposure level were associated with procedural complications (n = 17/52, 29.8%) or a difficult vascular access (n = 8/52, 14%). Conclusions Radiation exposure in endovascular stroke treatment is depending on the number of thrombectomy attempts. Radiation exposure doubles when three attempts and triples when five attempts are necessary compared with single-maneuver interventions. Procedural complications and difficult vascular access were associated with a high radiation exposure in this collective.

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