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Radiation exposure and fluoroscopy time in mechanical thrombectomy of anterior circulation ischemic stroke depending on the interventionalist"s experience-a retrospective single center experience.
Weyland, CS; Hemmerich, F; Mohlenbruch, MA; Bendszus, M; Pfaff, JAR
Eur Radiol. 2020; 30(3):1564-1570
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Pfaff Johannes


Purpose To quantify the influence of interventionalistxxxs experience on procedure time, radiation exposure, and fluoroscopy time during mechanical thrombectomy (MT) in the anterior circulation. Methods Retrospective analysis of an institutional review board-approved stroke database of a comprehensive stroke center focusing on radiation exposure (as per dose area product in Gy x cm(2), median [IQR]), procedure, and fluoroscopy time (in minutes, median [IQR]) in patients receiving MT in anterior circulation ischemic stroke. Procedures have been assigned according to the interventionalistxxxs experience in MT into three sequential groups: A = 1-25 procedures, B = 26-50 procedures, and C = more than 50 procedures. Results Overall, 696 patients have been included in this analysis (A, n = 152; B, n = 151; C, n = 393). Procedure times (A, 86 [54-131]; B, 67 [48-103], p value 0.006), fluoroscopy times (A, 39 [25-72]; B, 32 [20-53], p value 0.001) as well as radiation exposure (A, 148.13 [89.58-243.37]; B, 111.60 [70.49-180.57], p value 0.001) were significantly shorter, respectively lower in group B than in group A. Procedure times (C, 59 [36-99]), fluoroscopy times (C, 31 [16-53]), and radiation exposure (C, 113.91 [68.48-182.88]) in group C were also significantly shorter/lower than in group A (all p values < 0.0001), but comparable with group B (p values 0.071, 0.809, and 0.934). Conclusion This retrospective analysis demonstrates a significant influence of interventionalistxxxs experience on procedure time, fluoroscopy time, and radiation exposure in mechanical thrombectomy in the anterior circulation.

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