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Bone segment transport for defects of the tibia Technique with unilateral fixator and plate
Suda, AJ
UNFALLCHIRURG. 2020; 123(9): 687-693.
Originalarbeiten (Zeitschrift)



Various options are available for treatment of bone defects of the tibia. Bone segment transport is carried out relatively rarely because the surgical technique is not easy and there is a learning curve.
This article gives an overview of the history, indications, planning and surgical technique of bone segment transport of the tibia.
A technique using unilateral external fixation in combination with a locking plate osteosynthesis is described.
The technique and results are explained exemplified by a case report and in particular pitfalls during surgery and the aftercare concept are outlined.
Bone segment transport of the tibia using an external fixator and a locking plate is a reliable and practicable technique for treatment of bone defects of the tibia.

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