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Cerebral localized marginal zone lymphoma presenting as hypothalamic-pituitary region disorder.
Broussalis, E; Kraus, J; Kunz, AB; Luthringshausen, G; McCoy, M; Muss, W; Hutarew, G; Ladurner, G; Trinka, E; Killer-Oberpfalzer, M;
Case Rep Neurol. 2011; 3(2):129-135
Originalarbeiten (Zeitschrift)


Hutarew Georg
Killer-Oberpfalzer Monika
Kraus Jörg
Kunz Alexander
Luthringshausen Gernot
McCoy Mark R.
Müller-Thies-Broussalis Erasmia
Muss Wolfgang
Trinka Eugen


Marginal zone B-cell lymphoma is a rare disease which can be considerably difficult to recognize and diagnose when signs of systemic involvement are absent.
We report the case of a 57-year-old woman with initial olfactory disturbance, followed by psychosis, diabetes insipidus and hypothalamic eating disorder as an uncommon clinical presentation of marginal zone B-cell lymphoma.
Marginal zone B-cell lymphoma should be considered as a potential differential diagnosis in patients with hypothalamic disturbances.