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Behavioural change or "business as usual"? Characterising the reaction behaviour of winter (sport) tourists to climate change in two German destinations
Witting, M; Bischof, M; Schmude, J
Originalarbeiten (Zeitschrift)


Bischof Michael


Climate change affects both the supply and the demand side of winter tourism. So far, few demand-side studies exist in the field of climate change impact research. Those investigating the touristsxxx behavioural response to climate change concentrated exclusively on ski tourists in various countries, except for the highly vulnerable German market. This study conducted a survey (n= 751) in two German destinations to investigate the reaction behaviour of winter tourists to climate change, differentiated according to day and overnight guests. Findings show that not only weather, snow and operating conditions determine the reaction behaviour, but also lifestyle or sociodemographic aspects.

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climate change
explorative study
logistic mixed models
optimal ski day
reaction behaviour
winter (sport) tourism