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Performance of post-mortem CT compared to autopsy in children.
Krentz, BV; Alamo, L; Grimm, J; Dédouit, F; Bruguier, C; Chevallier, C; Egger, C; Da Silva, LFF; Grabherr, S;
Int J Legal Med. 2016; 130(4):108-1099
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Grimm Jochen


Radiological techniques such as non-enhanced post-mortem computed tomography (PMCT) play an increasingly important role in death investigations, especially in cases of non-medicolegal context of death, where the consent of the next of kin is required to perform autopsy. Such consent is often difficult to obtain for deceased children, and radiological methods may be an acceptable alternative. The aim of our study was to evaluate the performance of PMCT explorations compared to medicolegal conventional autopsies in children and its potential usefulness in non-medicolegal situations.

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Cause of Death


Child, Preschool


Forensic Pathology/methods*



Infant, Newborn


Multidetector Computed Tomography*

Retrospective Studies

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