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A novel humanized mouse model to study the function of human cutaneous memory T cells in vivo in human skin.
Klicznik, MM; Benedetti, A; Gail, LM; Varkhande, SR; Holly, R; Laimer, M; Stoecklinger, A; Sir, A; Reitsamer, R; Neuper, T; Horejs-Hoeck, J; Rosenblum, MD; Campbell, DJ; Murauer, EM; Gratz, IK;
Sci Rep. 2020; 10(1): 11164
Originalarbeiten (Zeitschrift)


Benedetti Ariane
Gratz Iris Karina
Laimer Martin
Murauer Eva Maria
Reitsamer Roland
Sir Andreas


Human skin contains a population of memory T cells that supports tissue homeostasis and provides protective immunity. The study of human memory T cells is often restricted to in vitro studies and to human PBMC serving as primary cell source. Because the tissue environment impacts the phenotype and function of memory T cells, it is crucial to study these cells within their tissue. Here we utilized immunodeficient NOD-scid IL2rγ