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Cerebral HSV-1 Vasculitis as a Fatal Complication of Immunosuppression in Non-Hodgkin´s Lymphoma: A Case Report and Review of the Literature.
Nardone, R; Carnicelli, L; Brigo, F; Pikija, S; Hauer, L; Sellner, J
PATHOGENS. 2020; 9(3):


Nardone Raffaele
Pikija Slaven
Sellner Larissa


Patients with lymphoma are predisposed to infection because of the immunocompromised state related to the disease itself and as a consequence of chemo-/radiotherapy. Here, we report a case of Herpes-simplex virus encephalitis (HSE) in an immunosuppressed patient with splenic marginal zone lymphoma (SMZL), a rare indolent variant of non-Hodgkin´s lymphoma (NHL). The course was complicated febrile neutropenia and HSV-1-related cerebral vasculitis causing progressive ischemic stroke. This case illustrates the expanding spectrum of atypical clinical and radiological manifestations of HSE in patients treated with myelotoxic drugs. Moreover, we summarize the few central nervous system manifestations of SMZL reported in the literature and discuss distinct causes of neurological deterioration in patients with NHL.

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viral encephalitis
cerebral vasculitis
opportunistic infection
splenic marginal cell lymphoma
Non-Hodgkinxxxs lymphoma