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An alternative technique for the exact sizing of glenoid bone defects.
Auffarth, A; Matis, N; Koller, H; Resch, H;
Clin Imaging. 2012; 36(5): 574-576.
Originalarbeiten (Zeitschrift)


Auffarth Alexander
Koller Heiko
Matis Nicholas
Resch Herbert


In posttraumatic shoulder dislocation, the size of a glenoid rim defect can determine the probability of recurrent dislocations. Most attempts to assess the size of such defects are based on the width of a defect in relation to glenoid length or diameter. So far, no method exactly calculating the area of articular surface missing has been reported. With the use of software originally designed for architectural purposes, the exact percentage of a glenoid defect was measured on three-dimensional computed tomography images.

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Glenoid defect measurement
Recurrent shoulder dislocation
Three-dimensional computed tomography