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Joint-preserving treatment for type 3 sequelae following fracture of the proximal humerus with small head fragments.
Ortmaier, R; Moroder, P; Blocher, M; Auffarth, A; Wutte, C; Freude, T; Resch, H; Bogner, R;
J Orthop Sci. 2019; 24(4): 618-623.
Originalarbeiten (Zeitschrift)


Auffarth, MSc Alexander
Bogner Robert
Freude Thomas
Hübner Martina
Ortmaier Reinhold
Resch Herbert
Wutte Christof


Although nonunions of the proximal humerus are rare, they cause significant disability to patients. Surgical reconstruction is challenging, especially with small and excavated head fragments. A promising surgical option is open reduction and stabilization using the Humerusblock device along with tension wires. The aim of this retrospective investigation was to evaluate the clinical and radiological results of this procedure.