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Intravenous brivaracetam in status epilepticus: A retrospective single-center study.
Kalss, G; Rohracher, A; Leitinger, M; Pilz, G; Novak, HF; Neuray, C; Kreidenhuber, R; Höfler, J; Kuchukhidze, G; Trinka, E;
Epilepsia. 2018; 59 Suppl 2: 228-233.


Astner-Rohracher Alexandra
Höfler Julia
Kalss Gudrun
Kreidenhuber Rudolf
Kuchukhidze Giorgi
Leitinger Markus
Novak Helmut
Pilz Georg
Trinka Eugen


10%-30% higher. Due to its more lipophilic characteristics, it might have a quicker penetration across the blood-brain barrier and potentially also a stronger anticonvulsant effect. Thus, we aimed to explore its usefulness in the treatment of status epilepticus (SE). We retrospectively assessed treatment response and adverse events in adjunctive treatment with intravenous BRV in patients with SE from January 2016 to July 2017 at our institution. Seven patients aged median 68 years (range = 29-79) were treated with intravenous BRV. Three patients had SE with coma and four without. SE arose de novo in two patients; etiology was remote symptomatic in four patients and progressive symptomatic in one patient. The most frequent etiology was remote vascular in two patients. BRV was administered after median four antiepileptic drugs (range = 2-11). Time of treatment initiation ranged from 0.5 hours to 105 days (median = 10.5 hours). Immediate clinical and electrophysiological improvement was observed in two patients (29%). Median loading dose was 100 mg intravenously over 15 minutes (range = 50-200 mg), titrated up to a median dose of 100 mg/d (range = 100-300). Median Glasgow Outcome Scale score was 3 (range = 3-5), with an improvement in 86% of patients compared to admission. We observed no adverse events regarding cardiorespiratory function. BRV might have potential as a novel antiepileptic drug in early stages of SE. Its potential may lie its ability to cross the blood-brain barrier more quickly than LEV and its favorable safety profile. Prospective studies for the use of BRV in SE are required.

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