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Human Adult Neurogenesis: Evidence and Remaining Questions
Kempermann, G; Gage, FH; Aigner, L; Song, HJ; Curtis, MA; Thuret, S; Kuhn, HG; Jessberger, S; Frankland, PW; Cameron, HA; Gould, E; Hen, R; Abrous, DN; Toni, N; Schinder, AF; Zhao, XY; Lucassen, PJ; Frisen, J
CELL STEM CELL. 2018; 23(1): 25-30.


Aigner Ludwig


Renewed discussion about whether or not adult neurogenesis exists in the human hippocampus, and the nature and strength of the supporting evidence, has been reignited by two prominently published reports with opposite conclusions. Here, we summarize the state of the field and argue that there is currently no reason to abandon the idea that adult-generated neurons make important functional contributions to neural plasticity and cognition across the human lifespan.