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Standardisied Computer-based Organised Reporting of EEG (SCORE) - A structuring method to report EEG-findings
Schmitt, FC; Aurlien, H; Brogger, JC; Hirsch, LJ; Schomer, DL; Trinka, E; Pressler, RM; Wennberg, R; Visser, GH; Eisermann, M; Diehl, B; Lesser, RP; Kaplan, PW; Tich, SNT; Lee, JW; Martins-da-Silva, A; Stefan, H; Neufeld, M; Rubboli, G; Fabricius, M; Gardella, E; Terney, D; Meritam, P; Eichele, T; Asano, E; Cox, F; Boas, WV; Mameniskiene, R; Marusic, P; Zarubova, J; Rosen, I; Fuglsang-Frederiksen, A; Ikeda, A; MacDonald, DB; Terada, K; Ugawa, Y; Zhou, D; Herman, ST; Beniczky, S
KLIN NEUROPHYSIOL. 2018; 49(2): E1-E18.
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Trinka Eugen


A taskforce formed in 2013 by the International Federation of Clinical Neurophysiology developed an EEG terminology with international consensus. In the following, the result - the second version of "Standardized Computer-based Organized Reporting of EEG" (SCORE) will be summarised. The terminology was tested in clinical practice using a software package (SCORE-EEG) applied to over 12,000 EEGs. The selection of terms is context-dependent: the initial selection determines which further options are available. A report is automatically generated and individual features are fed into a database. SCORE contains specialised modules for reporting on epileptic seizures, as well as for characteristic neonatal and intensive care EEG features. SCORE is a useful tool not only for outpatient, clinical and research settings, but also for quality control, data sharing and education.

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