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Strunk, D; Lozano, M; Marks, DC; Loh, YS; Gstraunthaler, G; Schennach, H; Rohde, E; Laner-Plamberger, S; Öller, M; Nystedt, J; Lotfi, R; Rojewski, M; Schrezenmeier, H; Bieback, K; Schäfer, R; Bakchoul, T; Waidmann, M; Jonsdottir-Buch, SM; Montazeri, H; Sigurjonsson, OE; Iudicone, P; Fioravanti, D; Pierelli, L; Introna, M; Capelli, C; Falanga, A; Takanashi, M; López-Villar, O; Burnouf, T; Reems, JA; Pierce, J; Preslar, AM; Schallmoser, K;
Vox Sang. 2018; 113(1):e1-e25


Laner-Plamberger Sandra
Öller Michaela
Rohde Eva
Schallmoser Katharina
Strunk Dirk


Physical performance is a key factor in most of the actions that determine success in soccer competitions. The present meta-analysis aimed to determine whether, and to what extent different conditioning programmes implemented in addition to regular soccer training are able to enhance the performance of high-velocity soccer-related tasks. Study groups were categorised according to type of performance measurement: (A) vertical jump ability, (B) linear sprint performance, (C), change of direction with ball, (D) change of direction without ball, (E) repeated sprint ability, and (F) kicking performance. Subgroup analyses were done with reference to the type of conditioning programme applied: (A) resistance training, (B) plyometric, (C) sprint and/or change of direction, and (D) combined methods. The standardised mean differences (SMD) along with 95% confidence intervals (95% CI) were calculated using the Review Manager 5.3 software. The application of a conditioning programme was associated with a significant improvement in vertical jump ability (SMD=0.64 [95% CI: 0.50-0.77]), linear sprint (SMD=-0.79 [95% CI: -0.61 to -0.96]), change of direction with ball (SMD=-0.78 [95% CI: -0.42 to -1.15]), change of direction without ball (SMD=-0.83 [95% CI: -0.61 to -1.05]), repeated sprint ability (SMD=-0.51 [95% CI: -0.19 to -0.84]), and kicking performance (SMD=0.78 [95% CI: 0.34-1.22]). No clear differences among the different conditioning programmes were observed. The implementation of a conditioning programme in addition to regular soccer training enhances the performance of high-velocity soccer-related tasks.

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Association football
change of direction
kicking performance
plyometric training
repeated sprint ability
resistance training
strength and conditioning
vertical jump