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Effects of Phytocompounds on Beta-Cell Viability and Function
Jakab, M; Kittl, M; Beyreis, M; Tumurkhuu, M; Jav, S; Fürst, J; Helm, K; Gaisberger, M; Pitschmann, A; Glasl, S; Ritter, M
SAAPCON 2016; 5th Biennal Conference of South Asian Association of Physiologists (SAAP) in conjunction with 2nd Annual Conference of the Physiological Society of Nepal (PSN); 10-12 November, 2016; Dhulikhel, Nepal. 2016.


Beyreis Marlena
Gaisberger Martin
Helm Katharina
Jakab Martin
Kittl Michael
Ritter Markus