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The role of the medial ligaments in lateral stabilization of the ankle joint: an in vitro study
Ziai, P; Benca, E; Skrbensky, GV; Wenzel, F; Auffarth, A; Krpo, S; Windhager, R; Buchhorn, T
KNEE SURG SPORT TR A. 2015; 23(7): 1900-1906.
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Auffarth Alexander


The deltoid ligament complex is known as medial stabilizer in the ankle against pronation/eversion. Lateral dual-ligament laxity often results in chronic ankle instability with recurring ankle sprain trauma. The goal of this study is to examine the lateral stabilizing role of the deltoid ligament complex against supination/inversion in case of existing lateral ligament instability.

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Ankle Injuries/etiology

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Ankle Joint/physiopathology*




Joint Instability/physiopathology*

Ligaments, Articular/injuries

Ligaments, Articular/physiopathology*


Torsion, Mechanical

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