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Transition issues for children with diffuse cortical malformations, multifocal postnatal lesions, (infectious and traumatic) and Lennox-Gastaut and similar syndromes.
Camfield, PR; Bahi-Buisson, N; Trinka, E
EPILEPSIA. 2014; 55 Suppl 3: 24-28.
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Trinka Eugen


Patients with epilepsy may have diffuse, serious brain disorders including genetically determined, multilobar malformations, traumatic brain injury, encephalitis and meningitis, and the many causes of Lennox-Gastaut syndrome. Transition to adult care needs to consider concomitant intellectual disability, refractory epilepsy, underlying cause, and other nonneurologic but significant problems, especially for genetic etiologies. Adult epilepsy care coupled with dedicated primary/family care is essential. A multidisciplinary setting may be optimal to address the many issues of clinical care, decision making, custody, and ongoing supervision.

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